In the Dragon Universe, many figures play important roles – they rule planets, they train the warriors of tomorrow and they stand as gods that represent both creation and destruction. Through this set of Optional Rules, you can add those Roles into your DBU campaign.

Roles are an additional set of responsibilities, permissions, traits and (sometimes) pieces of equipment that represent a character filling that listed role. While it may increase a character’s options in combat, a Role also requires them to act in accordance with the responsibilities it carries with it.

Below is a list of Roles that can be taken on by characters. As an ARC, you can use these tools to help make important NPC figureheads in your games but you can also give them to your players. Though, you should be careful when handing out Roles to your players – consider their responsibilities and if a character seems like a good fit, as many Roles grant powerful benefits.

Roles fall into two categories: Mortal Roles and Divine Roles. Mortal Roles are the typical Roles you may find in the living world, while Divine Roles are considered ‘Gods’.

When characters die, they typically do not keep their bodies and therefore cannot participate in any type of Combat Encounter or training. A Divine Role has the ability to allow someone to both keep their body and skip the line for judgment by King Yemma – as long as they were not killed by a Demon or a character with the Soul Denier Racial Trait. Divine Roles also always maintain their body when they die.

Additionally, Divine Roles can sense God Ki even if they do not have access to it.

Mortal Roles


With immense wealth, anything is possible. While others may settle matters with flying fists and mountain-shaking blows, you have a different kind of power: the power to wave a fat wad of cash in the face of your opponents.

Either inheriting a vast fortune or accumulating it yourself, the path to becoming a Billionaire is as simple as becoming an unfathomably rich figure. What many people may save up over a lifetime, you can casually use in a day with no repercussions.

The only potential responsibilities of this Role is to whatever way you gained your finance. Perhaps, if it was family, you are beholden to a family creed or if it was a business then you must spend time dealing with shareholders and participating in the workings of your money-maker.

Monetary Influence. Once per Combat Round, you may spend One Action to target an Opponent and make an Offer. An Offer requires you to make an Opposed Skill Check – your Persuasion against the target’s Intuition. If you win, you must give 2 Basic Items, pieces of Apparel, Weapons or Vehicles to the targeted Opponent (they may declare up to two of these categories to refuse – such as Weapons or Vehicles). If you successfully make this exchange, the Opponent becomes an Ally for the remainder of the Combat Encounter. If you fail, increase their Wound Rolls against you by +1d4(T) until the end of their next turn.

Increase the Dice Score of your Persuasion, Bluff and Intimidate Skill Checks by +2.

Endless Supply. After each Combat Encounter, you may automatically gain up to 2 Basic Items, pieces of Apparel, Weapons or Vehicles with a Craft TN of Hard or less. You may reduce the amount you gain by -1 to increase the Craft TN to Very Hard.

Gain +30 Dev Points to create a Base when you gain this Role. Additionally, gain +2 Minions (made with the Minion Creation rules).


Among your race, you were born special – far more powerful than others of your kind. You are not quite a mutant, but you also possess something that mutants do not: Social Status. Usually, beyond just your power, you will be born into the higher echelons of your society and hold a position of significant importance. A great example of an Elite is our Saiyan Prince: Vegeta IV.

Traditionally, you must be born as an Elite – though, potentially, some may be able to rise in the ranks of their society if their power reaches that of an Elite.

While Elites do not have any specific responsibilities, they are beholden to their people and, as such, should aspire towards a greatness for their people – even if that requires them to cull members of their own species who do not meet their vision (such as a Saiyan who lost the ability to fight).

Superior Pride. When you gain this Role, gain 8 Attribute Points to spend immediately. You cannot increase any one Attribute by more than +4 Attribute Points.

Once per Combat Encounter, if you would fail a Saving Throw (including a Steadfast Save), you may choose to automatically succeed instead. If it was an Opposed Saving Throw, you can only use this effect if you were not the one to initiate the effect.

Elite Training. You may either:

  • Gain a Spellbook Ability that has a TP Cost of 15 or lower.
  • Gain 15 TP that must be spent to create a Signature Technique (any remaining TP is lost).

A Saiyan who gains this Role also gains Mastery for the first stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form.

Royal Gift. If you gained this Role at Character Creation, gain an additional +2 Equipment Points. If you gained this Role at any other time, you may instead gain a High Grade piece of Apparel with +1 Quality for each Tier of Power you had gained at the time you gained the Role.

Galactic Patrol Member

You are a member of the cosmic police force, the Galactic Patrol. Fighting evil, capturing criminals and protecting the masses are your duties. While most members of the Galactic Patrol are not exceptionally strong in the grand scheme of the Dragon Ball Universe, they will still fight tooth and nail for the sake of justice.

Becoming a Galactic Patrol Member is the same as entering any police force, though obviously the requirements are much more difficult and requires at least some understanding of the galaxy and the languages spoken within it.

A member of the Galactic Patrol must always strive to be an upstanding member of society, withhold the laws that the Galactic Patrol enforces, follow the commands of the Galactic King and fight evil wherever it rears its head – even if they cannot hope to stand up to it.

Determination for Justice. While facing a character with an Evil Z-Soul who has a higher base Tier of Power (ToP) than you, increase all of your Combat Rolls by +x(T) where x is equal to the difference in your base ToP.

Patrol Equipment. When you first gain this Role, you gain:

  • Galactic Patrol Outfit – A Standard Grade Armor with the Layered, Unique Decal and Team Outfit Qualities. The Galactic Patrol Outfit has two unique abilities: it does not have an Apparel Penalty and the Unique Decal Quality (representing their symbol) grants its bonus to both the Persuasion and Intimidate Skills.
  • A Ranged Weapon of any Category (except Ballistic).
  • A Stun Gun.
  • A Galactic Receiver.
  • Jetboots – a unique Accessory that can be worn alongside other Accessories but functions, otherwise, identical to the Jetpack Accessory.
  • Extinction Bomb – a unique Basic Item that allows a Galactic Patrolman to wipe out an entire species on a planet! It is not used lightly and it can only kill characters who are Power Level 0 (see – Power Level 0, ARC Guide) – any character with a Power Level of 1+ is completely unaffected by this device.

Demon Clansmen

A being of Pure Evil, you are a corrupted being with no trace of remorse for the wanton destruction you’ve wrought as a result of your pitch-black heart. There is no limit to your villainy.

The way to become a Demon Clansmen is simple: be so unforgivably evil that your very essence changes.

You are free from all responsibilities, bound by no philosophy beyond your own. However, to remain a Demon Clansmen, you must maintain your position as a being of pure evil. Even a small amount of good would result in you losing access to this Role.

Sinister Mutation. Your truly evil nature means that you feel revitalized and empowered by the destruction you bring, and your position as a Demon Clan member means that those you or your minions kill cannot ascend to the afterlife and are left trapped in limbo. Once per Combat Round, if you knock an opponent through a Health Threshold, you gain +1 Demon Point. Whenever you make an Attacking Maneuver, you may spend a Demon Point to increase the Strike Roll of that Attacking Maneuver by +2(bT).

A Namekian who gains this Role will change their Subrace to that of the Demon Clan Subrace. Your option for the Soul Denier Racial Trait must be the same Subrace you were before you gained this Role, if it changed as a result of gaining this Role.

Enemy of Good. Increase your Wound Rolls against characters with the Good Z-Soul by +1d4(bT).

Double all Damage you inflict against the Nimbus Vehicle.


They may be known by many names, but the Hermit Role belongs to those who are masters of a style of martial arts – they may utilize both powerful Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities. Dedicating their lives to their craft, Hermits are some of the most influential teachers and some of the best mentors in the Dragon Ball Universe, as can be seen in the most obvious example of the Role: Master Roshi.

To become a Hermit, you must have trained for decades and truly mastered your craft. A respected figure in your circle, your particular style of combat is so famous among those who seek to hone their skills that your Signature Techniques are talk of legend.

While your responsibilities are few, you must possess a passion (even if a begrudging one) for teaching the next generation and seeing your style blossom in the warriors of tomorrow.

True Signature Technique. When you gain this Role, gain +20 Technique Points – when you gain these Technique Points you may immediately make a Signature Technique using your total number of Technique Points. After this, you may select any of your Signature Techniques and choose to designate it as a True Signature Technique. When you use a True Signature Technique, you may spend an additional Action to make that Signature Technique an Ultimate Signature Technique if it wasn’t already and, if your True Signature Technique is an Ultimate Signature Technique, gain an additional +1 Energy Charge.

When you are selected as a Mentor for Downtime by your Student, your Student may also use Technique Training without spending Downtime Points. If they do, you are also considered the Mentor for their Technique Training but they must use this Downtime Activity to gain one of your Signature Techniques or Magical Abilities (of your choice).

Gain the Master of Martial Arts Talent, even if you do not meet the Prerequisites for it.

Iconic Gi. Your school has a unique and memorable outfit! If you have an hour outside of a Combat Encounter where you can return to your home, you may gain +1 Iconic Gi to give to a Student (or a Master who was once your Student).

Your Iconic Gi is a piece of Combat Clothing of the Standard Quality. You may select any 3 Qualities for your Iconic Gi to possess.

Legendary Mentor. At any point, you may declare a willing character as your Student. If you do, that Student gains a bonus of +1(T) to Morale Saving Throws while you are their ally in a Combat Encounter.

A student must overcome their master’s teachings. If, at any point, you believe your Student has mastered your craft, you may choose to declare that they are a Master as long as they are willing to accept it. A Master is no longer a Student for any Traits or effects, but they gain access to the Hermit Training Talent (shown below).

You must select the choices for Hermit Training when you first become a Hermit and they remain the same for all Masters.

Hermit Training
– The Hermit you trained from selects two Attributes – increase the Attribute Score of those Attributes by +2.
– The Hermit you trained from selects one Signature Technique they have access to (if they possess a True Signature Technique, they must select that option)  – while you are wearing their Iconic Gi, when you use the selected Signature Technique, gain +1 free Energy Charge.
– The Iconic Gi from the Hermit who named you a Master becomes High Quality while you are wearing it.
Prerequisite – ARC Permission (You can only gain this Talent through training with a Hermit – you do not spend a Character Perk to gain this Talent)


A ruler of a large group of people, usually a planet or perhaps an entire system. A Ruler is exactly what it sounds like – a figurehead that demands the respect and control of all those under them. They lead and change the fate of their people with their decisions.

There are many ways to become a Ruler. You could gain the Role due to inheriting it from a parent, you may gain it through overthrowing an existing Ruler and taking on their position and you may even simply gain the role of King due to being granted a position by a greater Ruler. It may even be an elected position, more like that of a president.

As a Ruler, you have immense power over your people but as their leader, it’s your responsibility to govern those same people. A large chunk of your time must be spent actively dealing with their problems and as such, you cannot spend much time outside of your kingdom’s domain. If you would gain any Downtime, reduce the amount of Downtime Points you would gain by -1 DT.

Elite Soldiers. When you gain this Role, you may make up to 2 Ascended Minions (as if they were chosen for the Ascended Minion Talent), following typical Minion Creation rules.

Each of your Minions gain +1 Action to use during their next turn if during your turn, you do not use any Attacking Maneuvers.

Royal Decree. If you would use the Command Maneuver, you may select any number of Minions you possess with its effects – rather than just one.

Gain +30 Dev Points to create a Base when you gain this Role. If you are the Ruler of a planet or multiple planets, this Base may gain the Planetary Base Special Base Quality.


Carrying a Crystal Ball and spying the past, present and future from their safe abode. The Fortuneteller’s Role is one that handles all matters, being a guide for those who come to meet them. Beyond that, due to their vast mysticism, they have strong connections to the afterlife.

Through intense spiritual connection, gaining the proper Magical Abilities, and forming the proper social connections among beings of the afterlife – theoretically any figure could become a Fortuneteller, steep though the requirements may be.

While there are no direct responsibilities, the Fortuneteller may be used by the Divine Roles of the Dragon Universe to carry out important tasks (such as leading the dead back to the living world).

Future Sight. Once per Combat Round, if an Ally is targeted by an Attacking Maneuver, you may spend your Counter Action to warn them. A warned Ally increases their Dodge Roll by +4(T) against that Attacking Maneuver.

Additionally, gain a Crystal Ball.

Afterlife Business. Once per character, you may allow a targeted dead character to return to the living world for 24 hours.

You may freely travel to and from the afterlife while outside of a Combat Encounter. The amount of time this takes at any given time is decided by your ARC.


Far above the common people of Earth, you reside beneath only the Guardian. This role is often accompanied by the Hermit Role, though not necessarily. For one reason or another, you are one of the few beings on the planet who are aware of the Senzu Bean and the only one entrusted with its growth.

You are responsible for overseeing those who would climb your tower and who may strive to reach the realm of the Guardian above, typically through the use of the Power Pole you possess. A keen judgment and an eye for the hearts of those around you is crucial.

Senzu Growth. Every 3 months, you may create a Small Bag of Senzu Beans. For each additional month spent cultivating the Senzu Beans, increase the size of the Bag of Senzu Beans created by +1 category. For instance, if 5 months were used to create the Bag of Senzu Beans, it would be a Large Bag of Senzu Beans.

Sagely Goods. Upon gaining this Role, you gain access to the Power Pole. You may give any other character a Flying Nimbus Special Item and/or a Ultra Divine Water Special Ingredient.

Divine Roles


Each planet has a ‘God’ or an ‘Elder’ that looks out for the planet’s well-being and future. That is the Guardian, a being of pure good who exists at the highest point over the world they govern.

A Guardian is chosen by their predecessor, though they must have a heart of pure good to properly take on the position. As the protector and overseer of a planet, they must do all in their power to protect it while not directly involving themselves in the matters of the ‘normal people’, if it can be avoided. Of course, training warriors and having them face the threats to the world you govern is acceptable, but only in extreme circumstances should you intervene in this manner.

Divine Overseer. Gain the Second Sight Magical Ability, if you do not already possess it (you must still meet the prerequisites to use this Magical Ability). Additionally, you gain a pool of 30 Technique Points to spend on any number of Magical Abilities or their Advancements. Any leftover Technique Points are retained and can be spent at a later date, but they can only be used for Magical Abilities or their Advancements.

While outside of a Combat Encounter, you may spend 1/4 of your Ki Points and ten minutes to possess an NPC whose Power Level is lower than yours. If you do, you lose access to all of your Body-Category Racial Traits, gain access to their Body Racial Traits and your Size Category becomes the possessed character’s Size Category for the duration of the possession. Otherwise, continue to use your Attributes, Mind-Category Racial Traits, Talents, Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities as normal. Any damage inflicted while you are possessing an NPC will be inflicted to both the NPC and you. If you or the NPC is Defeated, the possession ends and you leave their body, appearing on an adjacent square to the previously possessed NPC of your choice. You may leave the body of a possessed NPC by spending One Action during a Combat Encounter, or freely while outside of one.

You may freely travel to and from the afterlife while outside of a Combat Encounter. The amount of time this takes at any given time is decided by your ARC.

Potential of the People. You gain 20 Base Points to create a Base. This Base may also have the Environmental Positioning (Upper Atmosphere) Base Quality for free.

Additionally, when you first gain this role, you may choose one of two benefits:

  • Potential Seeker. Once per Character, you may grant a character +1 stack of Unlock Potential.
  • Chamber of Power. The Base granted by this Role has the Room of Spirit and Time Base Quality.

Cardinal Kai

The Universe is divided into four directional quadrants: North, South, West and East. Each of these quadrants is overseen by a Cardinal Kai, their title typically being derived by the cardinal direction of their quadrant. Cardinal Kais are often given their own planet in Otherworld, where they can perform their duties in peace.

This position is traditionally given to a Shinjin, and assigned through a lottery whenever one is free. The responsibilities of a Cardinal Kai are incredibly important, being tasked with observing and ensuring the safety of their quadrant. While they are prohibited from interfering directly, they are allowed to develop powerful techniques to teach to the fallen warriors who seek them out to use, so they may act to protect others in their stead.

Fist of the Kaio. When you first gain this role, create an Ultimate Signature Technique with a TP Cost of 20 or lower. It gains one Advantage for free, but that Advantage must only be available to Ultimate Signature Techniques.

Additionally, gain access to one Enhancement Power with a Tier of Power Requirement of 2 or lower.

If you would be selected as the Mentor for the Technique Training or Acquire New Transformation Downtime Activities and you are teaching a character either the Signature Technique or Enhancement Power you gained through this, they may also increase 3 Attribute Scores of your choice by +2. This effect can only be used once per character.

Galactic Overseer. If you have access to (or when you would gain access to) the Telepathy Magical Ability, gain access to the Wide-Range Telepathy. When using the Telepathy Magical Ability, you may target an ally within your Melee Range who is making physical contact with you, or a character you have currently targeted with the Second Sight ability, you may instead allow that character to use the Magical Ability as if they were you (including all Advancements).

Increase the Dice Score of any Skill Checks made with all Skills that use your Insight Modifier by +1d4.

Kaioshin Disciple/Attendant

The Attendent of a Kaioshin is the one who serves and assists their Kaioshin directly, while a Disciple learns from and may eventually replace their Kaioshin. Regardless, both of these roles are highly respected positions, and those who have them carry them with honor.

To become an attendant or disciple, you simply need to be picked by a Kaioshin. Chosen to serve, or train as a successor, you enter into the Kaioshin’s service at the Kaioshin’s behest.

The job of an attendant is simple, they are to aid their Kaioshin in any way they can. Making tea, reminding them of the time, or protecting them if the need arises. Though the attendant’s responsibilities are simple, they are demanding, requiring the attendant’s full attention. The responsibilities of a disciple, on the other hand, can be quite daunting, being tasked with learning all that the Kaioshin position requires and undergoing special training.

Abilities of the Apprentice. Increase your Strike and Wound Rolls against an Opponent with God Ki by +1(T) and +2(T) respectively. Once per Combat Round, if you successfully use the Block or Deflect options of the Parry Maneuver to defend against an attack from an Opponent with God Ki, you may use the Power Up Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

Gain access to the Healing Hands Magical Ability and, if your race is Shinjin, gain access to the Kai Kai Magical Ability (see – Kaioshin).

Next in Line. Gain the Kaioshin Garb Apparel (see – Kaioshin).

You gain access to one of the following Special Items (decided by your ARC):

  • A set of Potara Earrings.
  • Z-Sword.


The Kaioshin are the watchers and guiding forces of the universe. They create the impetus for new life, and govern over Otherworld. It is a position of the highest order, sometimes being held by only a single person. Though, in some universes, there are multiple Kaioshin.

Kaioshin are chosen from the very best of Shinjin, most commonly from one born of the golden fruit. However, some Kaioshin choose less prominent individuals to take their place.

The responsibilities of a Kaioshin are potentially more important than those of any other. It is their divine duty to watch over their universe and work in tandem with the God of Destruction to keep it safe. Kaioshin are to never interfere with the lives of mortals in all but the most dire of scenarios.

Universal Overseer. Reduce the Technique Point Cost of all Magical Abilities and Advancements by -1/2. This applies retroactively, meaning that you regain 1/2 of the Technique Points spent on any Magical Ability you have learned by spending Technique Points. 

Increase the Dice Score for all of your Knowledge Skill Checks by +1d8 and the Dice Score for all Skill Checks by +2.

You are bound to the life of the God of Destruction of your universe. If the God of Destruction from your universe dies, you will also immediately die.

Perks of Godhood. Gain the Kaioshin Garb (detailed below), the Heavenly Training Talent, access to the Kai Kai Magical Ability (detailed below), a set of Potara Earrings and you become an Owner of the Kaioshin Planet.

You benefit from the God Ki Aspect, even when not in a Transformation.

Kaioshin Garb

Category. Standard Clothing
Grade. High
Qualities. Divine Apparel, Mystical and Combat Ready.

Kai Kai

  • Ki Point Cost. 10 KP
  • Technique Point Cost. 20 TP
  • Prerequisite. Clairvoyance Skill Rank 3+

This ability allows you to teleport instantly to any Square within the Battle Ground or to any location you are aware of. As an Instant Action, select one Square or location you are aware of. You can instantly place yourself on that Square or in that location.

When you use this Magical Ability, you can make a Physical Strike Roll against any number of characters within your Melee Range, you roll once opposed by each of their Dodge Rolls independently. If they are hit, they are immediately brought with you to your chosen location, instantly being placed on a Square within your Melee Range after you have arrived – do not roll Wound. If you use Kai Kai within a grapple and your opponent successfully uses their Dodge Roll to avoid being teleported, the grapple immediately ends and the Grappled character is freed.

Spellbook Advancement: Kai Kai

Kai Kai Transporter
  • Technique Point Cost. 5 TP
  • Prerequisite. Clairvoyance Skill Rank 5+

Instead of moving yourself with Kai Kai, you may target a character within 8 Squares of you. They must make an Opposed Save, their Impulsive against your Cognitive. If they win, nothing happens. If you win, you may move them as if they were using your Kai Kai Magical Ability (including all Advancements).

You may instead select a Basic Item, Special Item, Ingredient or Weapon possessed by an Opponent (you must be aware they possess the item). If you do, and you successfully win the Opposed Save, you may transport that selected target to one of your free hands.

God of Destruction

Before creation comes destruction. These are the words which a God of Destruction lives by. They are a universe’s most powerful warrior, capable of completely erasing planets and individual with mere gestures. As much as they are respected, they are equally feared. They are almost always seen with their attendants.

Becoming a God of Destruction is no easy task. You must be one of the strongest beings in your universe, as well as receive training from the current God of Destruction to use the energy of destruction.

Gods of Destruction have strict responsibilities. They must pave the way for new life to be born, and protect the universe from extreme threats. They must also train with their attendants to ensure that they remain strong, and make sure to use their power wisely.

Universal Destroyer. Reduce the Ki Point Cost of all Attacking Maneuvers and Magical Abilities by -1/2 after all other reductions. If an Opponent does not possess the God Ki Aspect, increase your Combat Rolls by +2(T) against that Opponent.

Increase the Dice Score for all Skill Checks for the Intimidation Skill by +1d4 and the Dice Score for all Skill Checks that use your Personality Modifier by +2.

You are bound to the lives of the Kaioshin of your universe. If all Kaioshin from your universe die, you will also immediately die.

Perks of the Destroyer. Gain the Destruction Garb (detailed below), the Heavenly Training and Destruction Training Talents, access to the Hakai Magical Ability, an Earring of the Destroyer (detailed below) and gain +20 Base Points to make a Base. This Base is isolated from the remainder of the universe on a small planet.

You benefit from the God Ki Aspect, even when not in a Transformation. Additionally, gain access to the God Aura and Ultra Ego Transformations. You can use two Transformations with the God Ki Aspect at the same time, as long as they would typically be able to be used in conjunction with one another (for example, a Legendary Form and an Enhancement Power) and reduce the Stress Test Requirement from all Transformations with the God Ki Aspect by -1(bT) (this effect does not stack if multiple Transformations with the God Ki Aspect are used in conjunction with one another).

If your base Tier of Power is 7+ (or when you would reach Power Level 30 if it was not upon gaining this role), immediately gain the Full Angelic Training Talent.

Angel Tutor. You gain access to a Minion known as an Angel Minion. Angel Minions are not created through the Minion Creation rules, have 5 Skill Ranks in up to 4 Skills of your choice, 2 Skill Ranks in all remaining Skills and all of their Attribute Scores are 32 but they do not possess any Talents. The Angel Minions base Tier of Power is permanently +1 higher than yours, even if you would increase your own. Angel Minions possess every Magical Ability in the Spellbook and all Advancements (except Instant Transmission). An Angel Minion cannot enter a Combat Encounter and automatically avoids all Attacking Maneuvers and the effects of all Magical Abilities that target them. Additionally, Angel Minions cannot suffer Negative Combat Conditions, effects of the Battle Environment or Battle Weather and are permanently in the Perfected Ultra Instinct Transformation (with all Masteries). Your ARC controls your Angel Minion, but outside of a Combat Encounter, you may request them to:

  • Make a Skill Check in your place.
  • Use a Magical Ability.
  • Take you (and any willing Allies you choose) to a location you are aware of, even if it is outside of the universe, in a different timeline, point of time or in another dimension. Although this is an incredibly fast mode of transportation, it is not instantaneous.
  • Reverse time (this may undo a Combat Encounter).
  • Act as a Mentor during Downtime to you or up to 2 other characters of your choice.
  • Anything else you can imagine (that is approved by your ARC).

If a God of Destruction is replaced, the new God of Destruction gains their Angel Minion instead.

Destruction Garb

Category. Combat Clothing
Grade. High
Qualities. Divine Apparel, Master’s Garb, Unbreakable

Earring of the Destroyer (Accessory)

Earring of the Destroyer (N/A). Increase your Wound Roll (or any Damage inflicted) when using the Hakai Magical Ability by +4(T). This is before any calculations.

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