There are many warriors out there who rely on their fists and brute force to win fights. You do not stand among them. Channeling great magical power and focusing your abilities on supporting your allies or those you’ve bent to your will, you dominate the battlefield indirectly and turn the tide of battle in your side’s favor through your abilities to manipulate and control rather than your abilities as a warrior.

Either as a corrupted wizard or a great general, in your mind, the battle is won not by those warriors who stand at the front but those who guide from the back.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Powers
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 2
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+

Choice of Contract. When you gain a stack of this Manifested Power, you must choose to gain either the Marvelous Minion trait or the Marvelous Magic trait. You do not gain these traits inherently as part of the Manifested Power and you cannot choose the same trait twice (see – Double Dip).

Marvelous Minion. When you gain access to this trait, you may immediately make a Minion that becomes known as your Marvelous Minion (they cannot also be an Ascended Minion). This minion is not built through the Minion Creation rules but is instead created through typical Character Creation rules as a character with the same Power Level as yours. You may even choose a race for this character and they gain all Racial Traits associated with that race (you must discuss which race you would choose with your ARC, as they may prohibit certain races from being used for Marvelous Minions). Whenever you would gain a Power Level, your Marvelous Minion also gains a Power Level. All of your Minions, including your Marvelous Minion, gain +1 Minion Trait for each stack of Warlock you have access to and if you have 2 stacks of Warlock, treat your Marvelous Minion as if they were +1 Tier of Power higher (see – Breakthrough).

Your Marvelous Minion’s Life Points and Ki Points are not calculated like a normal Minion, instead they gain the Ki Points based on their Power Level and they have a Capacity Rate of that level, unlike most Minions who do not have a Capacity Rate. Calculate the Life Points of a Marvelous Minion as if following the Average Life Points Variant Rule (See – Variant Rules). If a Marvelous Minion is not given an order, your ARC controls them and acts according to their personality but they cannot use any Signature Techniques or Transformations.

If your Marvelous Minion dies through any means, you may gain another Marvelous Minion through parameters that should be discussed with your ARC.

While you possess a Marvelous Minion, your Maximum Life Points are reduced by 1/2 (after calculating your Marvelous Minion’s Life Points), but other minions you possess calculate their Life Points using your Marvelous Minion’s Life Points.

Marvelous Magic. Reduce the Technique Point cost of all Magical Abilities within the Spellbook by -2 for each stack of this Manifested Power. This effect also applies retroactively, meaning you regain any Technique Points spent on Magical Abilities from the Spellbook (you do not gain Technique Points from Magical Abilities gained for free due to Racial Traits, Transformations or Talents). Additionally, whenever you use a Magical Ability, you may choose an ally or one of your minions within 6 squares of you to gain Ki Points equal to 1/2 of the Ki Points you spent to use that Magical Ability. If you have two stacks of the Warlock Manifested power, you may apply this effect to both an ally and a minion within 6 squares of you instead.

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