Dragon Balls

The namesake of the series and one of the main driving plot elements, it just wouldn’t be the Dragon Universe without the titular Dragon Balls! Through this set of Optional Rules, you can make your own set of Dragon Balls and find some tips for handling the wish-granting orbs.

Dragon Ball Creation

A Namekian of the Dragon Clan Subrace may spend 100 days outside of a Combat Encounter to create a set of Dragon Balls, making them the God of the newly created set of Dragon Balls. If a God would die, the Dragon Balls are rendered inert and unusable.

This method can be expedited by already having a set of Dragon Balls (even if they are currently inert) and a Dragon Statue (see below), but with a dead God. If you do, a new Namekian can take over the role of God of that set of Dragon Balls by making a Use Magic Skill Check, TN Hard. If they fail, they cannot attempt to become the God of this set of Dragon Balls again. If they succeed, they become the God of this set of Dragon Balls.

Upon creating the Dragon Balls, a God can choose a specific chant required to summon the Dragon and a language that is required to be spoken for the Dragon to make any wishes. The Dragon’s design is also chosen at this point, unless someone else was to make the Dragon Statue – in which case, the design will correlate to this. When making a Dragon, consider what kind of personality they will have. This should not generally affect wish making, but it’s more fun to have a Dragon with a unique personality, don’t you think?

Dragons, upon being summoned, are able to grant Wishes. Wishes are, well, exactly what they say on the tin. Ultimately, if a Wish is within a Dragon’s power to grant is up to the ARC, but there are some rules from what we’ve seen in Dragon Ball that helps you limit and control what your Dragon is able to do.

Dragons. Dragons cannot use any Maneuvers in a Combat Encounter, but they can be the target of any Attacking Maneuvers. Dragons have a Size Category of Gigantic, their Defense Value (after all calculations) and Soak Value (after all calculations) are equal to 5(bT) – using the base Tier of Power of their God.

Dragons have a Maximum Life Point Pool equal to 1/4 of their God’s Life Point Pool. If they are killed, the Dragon Balls cannot be used.

A Dragon cannot remain corporeal for too long. They will warn those intending to wish upon them up to 3 times before leaving, regardless of how many Wishes remain.

Any Dragon is played by the ARC, who will decide how long it takes for each Dragon to lose their corporeal form.

After a Dragon has made all of its Wishes or left due to losing its corporeal form, the Dragon Balls will scatter across the planet and remain dormant for a year (based on their planet of origin).

Rules. The rules for using Dragon Balls is simple: gather them together and summon the Dragon by speaking the chant. Then, you can simply make your wish to the Dragon as long as you’re speaking the correct language! Though, there are certain rules regarding this:

  • Each time a Dragon is summoned, they can only grant 1 Wish.
  • A Dragon cannot grant additional power in any form (i.e. granting them any form of Transformation (including Manifested Powers) or increasing their Power Level) to a being whose Power Level surpasses their God. Those below can only have their Power Level increased to match the God.
  • A Dragon cannot kill any being that surpasses the Power Level of their God. To kill a being, the God must possess both a higher base AND current Tier of Power than the target of the Wish when the Wish is made.
  • A Dragon can only revive one person at a time.
  • A Dragon can only revive each person one time. If someone dies a second time, they cannot be revived by this set of Dragon Balls.
  • A Dragon cannot revive anyone who has died of natural causes (i.e. illness or aging).
  • If a being with a greater Power Level than the God of the Dragon is targeted by a Wish, they may reject its effects (this does not count as spending a Wish).

Dragon Power. A God’s power is their Dragon’s power, a Dragon cannot grant anything outside of their God’s power. As such, the easiest way to measure this is Dragon Power: a reflection of your ability as a deity for your Dragon. Your Dragon Power is equal to your base Tier of Power plus any Manifested Powers you possess. For example, Dende may have been Tier of Power 2 during the Cell Saga and had one stack of Unlocked Potential from Guru, therefore making him possess a Dragon Power of 3.

When creating a set of Dragon Balls, their God can choose for there to be between 2 and 7 Dragon Balls. For every Dragon Ball added after the second, treat the Power Level of any God for these Dragon Balls as if it was +1 higher for calculating their base Tier of Power when deciding their Dragon Power.

Upon creating a set of Dragon Balls or becoming a God of a set of Dragon Balls, a God may spend any Dragon Power they possess to control and improve that set of Dragon Balls. A God can spend a short period of time outside of a Combat Encounter to make a Use Magic Skill Check, TN Hard, to empower a Dragon and spend any Dragon Power they possess. If they fail, they cannot attempt this again until a year has passed. If they succeed, they may spend their Dragon Power.

You can spend 1 Dragon Power to:

  • Allow your Dragon to grant +1 Wish upon summoning. You cannot exceed 3 Wishes with this option.
  • Allow your Dragon to be able to revive any number of people at once. If you have 3 Wishes, unless you spend an additional Dragon Power on this option, it will count as 2 Wishes.
  • Allow your Dragon to revive the same people more than once.
  • Allow your Dragon to convert life force into strength. This allows people to gain Power Levels and Manifested Powers through this, though it is inherently bound by their own maximum potential and costs years from their lives to represent what they are capable of – the ARC will decide which Manifested Powers or Power Levels will be granted in accordance with the specific wording of the Wish. If you spend an additional Dragon Power on this option, the wish ‘to be the strongest in the universe’ becomes available, which will allow the Dragon to burn almost all of an individuals remaining years of life to grant them the Strongest Warrior Manifested Power.
  • Prevent a certain Wish from being possible (i.e. make it impossible to wish for immortality). Workarounds and attempts to loophole through this, noticed by the Dragon, will also be denied.

Your ARC may remove any number of these options.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): If you have at least 1 stack of Super Namekian when you become a God for a set of Dragon Balls, you may choose to increase your Dragon Power by +2. If you do, those Dragon Balls do not scatter across the planet but rather scatter throughout the universe. If they are not returned to the planet within a year (based on the length of a year from their original planet) of the Dragon’s summoning, it will be destroyed.

You can spend 2 Dragon Power to remove this effect.

Negative Energy. Each time a Selfless Wish is made on the Dragon Balls, it produces Negative Energy, a natural counterbalance to the Positive Energy used in the Wish. A Selfless Wish will produce up to 3 Negative Energy and a Selfish Wish will produce up to 3 Positive Energy.

The ARC decides how much Negative Energy or Positive Energy each Wish will create, based on the intensity of the Wish. For instance, to bring back everyone killed by a rampage of someone like Cell or Majin Vegeta may produce 3 Negative Energy, while something like King Piccolo wishing for his youth may produce 2 Positive Energy. If a Wish isn’t inherently Selfish or Selfless, then it may produce a quantity of both. Ultimately, this is just an optional tool for ARCs to judge when a set of Dragon Balls may be pushed to their limit.

If the Negative Energy in a set of Dragon Balls exceeds the Positive Energy by 10+, roll a 1d10 whenever the Dragon is summoned. If the Natural Result of that Dice Roll is 4 or lower, then the Dragon Balls will transform into a dark, twisted version of the Dragon, before being transformed into Shadow Dragons.

Dragon Ball-Related Items

Dragon Statue (Hard). Each set of Dragon Balls has a Dragon Statue, the embodiment of the Dragon that dwells within them. The Dragon Statue is a Basic Item that will be destroyed if a Dragon is killed and can be repaired by making a Craft (Basic Items) Skill Check against its Craft TN (shown in brackets above), bringing the Dragon back to life.

Ritual Water. The Ritual Water is a Special Item that, when poured over the Dragon Statue, allows the God of the Dragon Balls to make a Use Magic Skill Check, TN Very Hard. If they fail, nothing happens and the Ritual Water is wasted. If they succeed, their set of Dragon Balls is now able to give a stack of Unlocked Potential and access to the Mystic Legendary Form as part of a wish to have one’s inner potential unlocked.

Additional System Tools for Dragon Balls

Talent: Dragon Ball Crafting

Dragon Ball Crafting
– You may create Dragon Balls as if you were a member of the Dragon Clan.
– Increase all of your Use Magic Skill Checks by +2. Additionally, by increasing the Craft TN by an additional +3, you may apply the Divine Apparel Quality to any piece of Apparel you have created through the Magic Materialization Magical Ability.
Prerequisite – 4+ Skill Ranks in the Use Magic and Crafting (Basic Item) Skills

Bases: Dragon Shrine

Dragon Shrine

  • Dev Point Cost. 2
  • Square Occupancy. 2×2 (Solid)
  • Prerequisite. 3+ Skill Ranks in Use Magic

You may store any Dragon Balls here. Once you would summon the Dragon, treat the base Power Level of the God for this set of Dragon Balls as if it was +5 higher for the duration of this summoning.

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