Dark Demon

Your Makaio character has the twisted and corrupted power to use contained dark energies to transformation into the powerful Dark Demon form. The form will slightly change your appearance, the most noticeable change it to the energy aura around and your eyes. The aura will become blood red accented with black and whip and lash out wildly, your eyes will become blood red.

  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Makaio
  • Stress Test. Ten (10)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. None
  • Dark Energy. While using Dark Demon, at the start of every round of combat all combatants within six (6) squares of you must take a Morale Save, medium TN. If they pass nothing happens. If a combatant fails, they count as having combat condition impediment when taking actions against you until the end of the current round.
  • Shadow Magic. Dark energy flows through you and increases your magical powers. If your current stress test value is ten (10) or higher – when using any type of magical ability reduce the ki point cost by one-half (1/2) to a minimum of two (2). Furthermore, when using any type of magical ability increase the damage by +1d8(T)
  • Creeping Corruption. The destructive and corrupting dark energies slowly warp and twist your body into dark energy. You must take a stress test at the start of each round of combat. Each round you successfully pass a stress test, increase the required TN of the test by two (+2), until the character is forced into stress exhaustion. When your Stress Test is increased by Creeping Corruption increase the bonus to your attribute modifiers from Dark Demon by two (+2).
    • During your turn, you can choose to spend one (1) Action and an amount of ki Points equal to Dark Demon’s current Stress Test value to increase your attribute modifiers and Stress Test from Dark Demon by two (+2). You can further increase this effect by two (+2) by paying Ki Points equal to the new modified Stress Test value of Dark Demon. As an example, if your Stress Test is ten (10), you can pay ten (10) Ki Points, and then another twelve (12) points and then another fourteen (14) points, for a total increase of six (+6) to your attribute modifiers. Increasing your Stress Test for Dark Demon to a total for sixteen (16) for thirty-six (36) Ki Points and one (1) Action.
  • Swelling Darkness. In Dark Demon form you are swelling with dark energies and each attack you make releases this energy. When making any type of attack, if you successful damage a target, you can choose to release your dark energy. If you do the target will suffer an amount lethal damage equal to the current Stress Test Value of Dark Demon. Each time you use Swelling Darkness increase the Stress Test Value of Dark Demon by one (+1).

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