Dark Demon

Your Makaio character has the twisted and corrupted power to use contained dark energies to transform into the powerful Dark Demon form. Your appearance changes slightly, the most noticeable change being the energy aura around you, and your eyes. Your blood red aura, stained with black, whips around you, lashing out wildly, and your blood red eyes mirror the void inside your soul.

  • Race. Makaio
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stress Test. 10
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Morale), Durable Form (Level *).

Dark Energy. You can form a pool of Dark Energy. At the start of each of your turns, you may convert up to 2(bT) Ki Points into Dark Energy and when you gain Ki Points through the Kiri Drain Maneuver, you may gain Dark Energy equal to 1/2 of the Ki Points gained. Your maximum amount of Dark Energy is equal to 1/4 of your Maximum Ki Point Pool.

When making any type of Attacking Maneuver, you may spend up to 5(bT) Dark Energy to gain a free Ki Wager equal to the amount spent. Additionally, once per Combat Round, when making any type of Signature Technique, you may spend 5(bT) Dark Energy to add one additional Advantage to that Signature Technique for that Attacking Maneuver. If you already have an Advantage that can have multiple ranks, you can increase its rank by +1 instead.

Swelling Darkness. When you enter the Dark Demon Alternate Form, you start in Darkness 1 as depicted on the Darkness Table. To enter a higher level of Darkness, you must spend One Action and a number of Dark Energy equal to the Dark Energy Cost listed on the Darkness Table. When entering a higher level of Darkness, you must immediately make a Stress Test (using the increased Stress Test Requirement).

Darkness TableDarkness 1Darkness 2Darkness 3
Dark Energy Cost8(bT)16(bT)
Durable FormLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Legend Realized ToP2+3+4+
Stress Test+4+8
Attribute Bonus+2+4+6

This Transformation has a level of the Durable Form Aspect equal to its current level of Darkness. When entering a new level of Darkness, you may gain the effects of Legend Realized if you meet the base Tier of Power listed on the Darkness Table under ‘Legend Realized ToP’.

Increase your Stress Test Requirement for Dark Demon and Attribute Modifier Bonus of the Attributes marked with an asterisk (*) by the amounts listed on the table.

Shadow Magic. Once per Combat Encounter, when using any type of attacking maneuver, you may gain a number of free Energy Charges equal to your current Darkness Level. If you do not meet the Legend Realized ToP requirement for that transformation (see – Darkness Table), you must spend 2(bT) Dark Energy for each Energy Charge.

While you are at your maximum number of Dark Energy, you gain Superiority on all Combat Rolls.

Dark Factor Essence. If your base Tier of Power is 5+ and you have mastered the first stage of the Demon God Transformation, this Transformation gains the God Ki Aspect and the Demon God’s Wrath, Kiri Kasap and Corrupted Divinity Traits while selected by the Limit Break x Survivor Trait of Ascended Form.

While in the Ascended Form Transformation, reduce the Stress Test increase from Darkness 2 to +2 and from Darkness 3 to +4.

Dark Demon Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Dark Demon Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Great Darkness. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus for each level of Darkness by x2. If your base Tier of Power does not meet the listed Tier of Power on the Darkness Table for that level of Darkness, they only gain a bonus of +2 instead. If your base Tier of Power does meet the listed Tier of Power on the Darkness Table for that level of Darkness, while in that level of Darkness you also gain an Attribute Modifier Bonus (IN) of +x, where x is equal to the level of Darkness.

    Additionally, if your base Tier of Power is higher than the listed Tier of Power on the Darkness Table for a level of Darkness, you may enter that level of Darkness instead of Darkness 1 when you transform into Dark Demon. The Stress Test to enter this Transformation changes accordingly.
  • Quick Gathering. Increase the amount of Ki Points you can convert to Dark Energy at the start of each of your turns by +2(T) and reduce the Dark Energy Cost of entering a higher level of Darkness by 1/2.
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