Dark Demon

Your Makaio character has the twisted and corrupted power to use contained dark energies to transform into the powerful Dark Demon form. Your appearance changes slightly, the most noticeable change being the energy aura around you, and your eyes. Your blood red aura, stained with black, whips around you, lashing out wildly, and your blood red eyes mirror the void inside your soul.

  • Race. Makaio
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stress Test. 10
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Morale).

Dark Energy. Increase your Stress Test by +1 at the start of each Combat Round. During your turn, you may spend One Action and an amount of Ki Points equal to 1/2 of Dark Demon’s Stress Test to increase the Stress Test of Dark Demon by any amount up to your Tier of Power.

Once per Combat Encounter, when Dark Demon reaches a Stress Test of 17 and again when you reach a Stress Test of 24, you may activate Legend Realized as if you have entered a new transformation, if you are Tier of Power 3+ and Tier of Power 4+ respectively.

For each time the Stress Test of Dark Demon has increased by +2, increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses by +1. To easily keep track of your bonuses, adhere to the table below.

Stress TestAttribute Modifier Bonuses
Each time it increases by +2+1 Higher

Shadow Magic. Dark energy flows through you and increases your abilities. While using Dark Demon, at the start of every Combat Round after increasing your Stress Test, you may roll your Stress Test. If you fail, your return to your normal state and suffer from Stress Exhaustion as usual. If you pass, all combatants within 6 squares of you must make an Opposed Morale Saving Throw against you. If they win, nothing happens. If they lose, they have Impediment on all Strike Rolls against you during this Combat Round.

Increase the effect of Cosmic Efficiency by 1/4 of Dark Demon’s Stress Test (rounded up). When making any type of attack, increase the Wound Roll by 1/2 of Dark Demon’s Stress Test (rounded down).

When you use Kiri Drain, you may increase the Stress Test of Dark Demon by +1 for each target that loses Ki Points.

Swelling Darkness. Once per Combat Round, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent within 6 squares of you with any kind of attack, you may target that character and all other combatants within 4 squares of them. They must make Dodge Rolls against your initial Strike Roll, the target you successfully struck (hit) must roll a second Dodge Roll (they suffer from Diminishing Defense). If they manage to beat your Strike Roll, they suffer no damage. If they lose to your Strike Roll, they suffer Lethal Damage equal to the current Stress Test for Dark Demon. Reduce your Stress Test by 1/4 (rounded up) after using this effect of Swelling Darkness.

Unnatural Power. This transformation cannot benefit from the Natural Form Aspect. When you attempt to enter this Alternate Form, you may choose to increase its Stress Test by +2(T). If you fail, follow the typical rules for Stress Exhaustion. If you succeed, this transformation retains the higher Stress Test and gains a level of the Durable Form Aspect.

Dark Demon Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Dark Demon transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Power from Darkness. Your initial Attribute Modifier Bonus is increased by +2.
  • Consuming Shadows. Swelling Darkness can be used twice per Combat Round. Additionally, reduce your Stress Test by an amount between 1(T) and 4(T) instead of reducing it by 1/4 when you use the effects of Swelling Darkness.
  • Mastered Control. Dark Demon gains an Attribute Modifier Bonus of +1 to Insight. Your Attribute Modifier Bonus for Insight is only increased by +1 each time your Stress Test is increased by +4, instead of by +2.
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