Strongest Warrior

A Faustian bargain that grants you unsurpassed power, in exchange for the last dregs of your life, this power can be granted only by a power beyond mortal strength. You can only gain this Manifested Power by trading away your life span through a wish to an Eternal Dragon.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Powers
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 1
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

Power beyond Possibility. When you first gain access to this Manifested Power, select the strongest mortal character within your universe. Gain Milestones until your Power Level is +2 Power Levels higher than theirs. You gain all of the benefits from leveling up as per usual.

If you did not have access to a Legendary Form when you gained this Manifested Power, you may gain access to one of the following Transformations (you decide):

If your base Tier of Power is 5+ after applying the effects of Power beyond Possibility, you may apply one of these effects depending on the Transformation Type of the gained Transformation:

  • Enhancement Power. Apply the effects of the Enhancement Modification Training Type (see – Downtime) twice to the Transformation gained through Power beyond Possibility.
  • Legendary Form. Obtain Mastery for the Transformation gained through Power beyond Possibility.

Mayfly Infinity. While you are below the Injured Health Threshold, you may spend One Action to reduce your Maximum Life Points by -1/2. If you do, increase your Tier of Power by +1 (see – Breakthrough) and increase all of your Combat Rolls by +1(T).

You may use this effect twice per Combat Encounter. The effects of Mayfly Infinity are permanent and persist between Combat Encounters.

Completed Spellbook. Gain access to all Magical Abilities in the Spellbook, ignoring their Prerequisites. This even applies to the ‘Destruction Training’ Prerequisite.

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