Giant Form

The racial trait Gigantification allows Namekian characters to use giant form. Giant form increases your physical size by nearly ten times normal, making you grow to enormous stature. By using your regenerative abilities, you alter your body’s volume and size. Invigorating the cells throughout your body to increase their size. However, this transformation can be quite painful due to the excessive stress added to your body.

Although, this transformation does not actually increase your power level it does increase your physical strength and power. It also makes you much heavier and durable without impacting your speed. Even though your speed is not changed your ability to dodge attacks is reduced due to your sheer size. Overall giant form gives you great offensive power and your physical blows are very deadly.

  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Namekian
  • Power Stress Test. Nine (9)
  • Tier of Power. None
+3 +4
  • Gargantuan. You have the combat modifier superiority against all targets. Additionally, when making an attack your target must make a impulsive saving throw. If the target fails a save, they count as impeded (impediment) until the end of your next turn. Your melee attack range is increased to nine (9) yards.
  • Crushing strike. Once per turn, you can make a special physical attack. Roll an attack as normal. When rolling to wound natural results of seven (7) or more, counts as critical.
  • Durable. Hard and resilient, increase your soak by three (+3). Increase this effect by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. Treat all lethal damage, regardless of its source, as direct damage.
  • Cumbersome. Your dodge modifier is reduced by three (-3), increase this effect by three (-3) for each tier of power reached.