Giant Form

The racial trait Gigantification allows Namekian characters to use giant form. Giant form increases your physical size by nearly ten times normal, making you grow to enormous stature. By using your regenerative abilities, you alter your body’s volume and size by invigorating the cells throughout your body to increase their size. However, this transformation can be quite painful due to the excessive stress added to your body.

Although this transformation does not actually increase your power level, it does increase your physical strength and power. It also makes you much heavier and more durable without impacting your speed. Even though your speed is not changed, your ability to dodge attacks is reduced due to your sheer size. Overall, Giant Form gives you great offensive power and your physical blows are very deadly.

  • Race. Namekian
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 6
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects: Size Increasing (Level *).

Accelerated Growth. When entering this transformation or by spending One Action during your turn, you can choose the level of the Size Increasing Aspect possessed by this transformation. If you have the ‘Surging Strength’ Talent, you can change the level of the Size Increasing Aspect as an Instant Action.

The bonus to your Force Modifier indicated by an asterisk (*) is equal to +n(T), where n is the current level of your Size Increasing Aspect. Increase your Stress Test by +1(T) for each level of the Size Increasing Aspect this transformation has.

Cellular Enhancement. Once per turn, when you successfully hit a target, you can choose to inflict additional damage equal to the amount of Life Points you have recovered this Combat Round from the trait Cellular Proliferation.

Massive Arms (Warrior Clan Namekian Only). For each level of the Size Increasing Aspect:

  • Increase the range gained by Nobiru-Ude by 2 squares.
  • Increase the Life Points of your arms by +3(T).
  • Increase the Lethal Damage dealt by the Arm of Namek’s Arm Restraint ability by +1(T).

Expansive Healing (Dragon Clan Namekian Only). Increase the number of targets you can select with Cellular Mending by +1 for each level of the Size Increasing Aspect you possess. Increase the Ki Point cost for Cellular Mending by +4(T) for each additional character.

Growing Evil (Demon Clan Namekian Only). When you use the Dark Vassals trait to create a Minion while in Giant Form, their Size Category can be any Size Category up to your current Size Category.

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