Giant Form

The racial trait Gigantification allows Namekian characters to use giant form. Giant form increases your physical size by nearly ten times normal, making you grow to enormous stature. By using your regenerative abilities, you alter your body’s volume and size. Invigorating the cells throughout your body to increase their size. However, this transformation can be quite painful due to the excessive stress added to your body.

Although, this transformation does not actually increase your power level it does increase your physical strength and power. It also makes you much heavier and durable without impacting your speed. Even though your speed is not changed your ability to dodge attacks is reduced due to your sheer size. Overall giant form gives you great offensive power and your physical blows are very deadly.

  • Race: Namekian
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Power Stress Test. Eight (8)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. None
  • Gargantuan. Increase your Melee Attack Range by five (+5) squares, if another trait of ability would also increase your attack range double that traits bonus while using this transformation. Increase the range before your Target(s) is considered at Long Range by four (+4) squares. Meaning, if a target(s) is more than twelve (12) squares away from you they count as being at Long Range. Moreover, when making any type of Strike Roll increase your Dice Score by three (+3T). When preforming any type of physical attack if there are other combatant(s) within two (2) squares of your initial target(s) your attack also strikes the adjacent combatant(s). Make only one Strike Roll and compare it against each target'(s) Dodge Roll. Moreover, apply the same effect to Energy attacks against combatants within four (4) squares of your initial target(s).
  • Cellular Aggression. Giant Form increases your Strength and Power attributes by three (+3T) and four (+4T) respectively. These bonuses are list in the table above.
  • Cumbersome. While using Giant Form you are considered to have the Combat Condition Guard Down. As well as the Combat Condition Impediment, ONLY, when you are making Dodge Rolls.
  • Durable. Using this form increases your Soak Value by three (+3T). Treat all incoming Lethal Damage, regardless of its source, as Direct Damage. If another trait conflicts with this trait, or states damage type can NOT be changed, divide the Lethal Damage by two (2). One half counts as Lethal Damage and the other half counts as Direct Damage.


Giant Form Mastery. When you gain Giant Form Mastery you gain the following benefits. (See – Transformation Rules).

  • Attribute Boost. When you master Giant increase the Attribute bonuses to Strength and Potency by one (+1T)
  • Quick Transform. You can transform into Giant Form while using the Movement Maneuver.
  • Uncanny Movement. Ignore the Giant Form trait Cumbersome.