Arcosian characters are so powerful, even at character creation, you must suppress your powers to reduce the stress to your own body. The appearance of your various forms can range widely although they all share similar features and heights. Some forms have pointed horns, others have curved, and some have no horns. All forms have keratinous plating that covers your body to protect your vital areas. While the mutations of each form will variety and your physical appearance might change drastically you will still maintain traces of personal appearance such as eye shape and skin tone. Regardless of what form you are in your allies will typically be able to tell who you are, though others might not be able to identify you.

Suppression. Unlike other races, an Arcosian character start in an alternate form at character creation. This form is called your suppressed form, this helps reduce the stress to your body. Instead of going from stage one to higher levels, you start in stage four or suppression form, which gives no benefits. You can transform into higher forms to increase your power: from stage four or suppressed form to stage three, from three to stage two , and from two to stage one, then stage one to stage zero. When you attempt to transform into other Metamorphosis Forms you must declare which stage of Metamorphosis you are going to use, stage three, two, one or zero. You do not have to transform into one specific stage to use another; you can go from base to stage one without needing to go through other stages.

You can increase the power of Metamorphosis to the next level (stage) granting you additional bonuses and power. Increase the Stress Test requirements for Metamorphosis by seven (+7) for each stage you are using. As an example, if you attempt to use True Form or stage one you will increase the Stress Test requirement of Metamorphosis from twelve to twenty-six .

Increase the attribute modifiers from Metamorphosis by three (+3) for each stage of Metamorphosis you have activate.

Each stage of Metamorphosis you have active will grant you additional traits and abilities from the Metamorphosis transformation. Each of these bonus traits is listed with a stage requirement that must be meant to gain access to them. As an example, to use the Metamorphosis trait Unrelenting you must be transformed into stage one or True Form.

Each stage of Metamorphosis increases the Tier of Power requirements to access and use the stage by one (+1). Meaning, when you attempt to use Partial Suppression (stage two) you are required to be at least Tier of Power One (1) and if you are using True Form (stage three) you are required to be Tier of Power Two (2).


  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Arcosian
  • Stage: Three (3)
  • Stress Test. Twelve (12)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. One (1)

Charging Form (Stage Three)

  • Frightful Presence. When you transform into any stage of Metamorphosis, all targets within thirty (30) yards or ten (10) squares of you will make a morale check, TN medium. If successful, they can act as normal, if failed, you gain +1d6 to all roll against any target that failed.
  • Fierce Aggression. When you transform into a stage of metamorphosis, at the start of the next round you will go first, ignoring initiative order; you only have one turn for that round and will resume normal initiative order the following round. This cannot occur more than once every three (3) rounds.
  • Tactical Keratinous. Increase the effects of your racial trait keratinous patting by one (+1). Additionally, when suffering direct damage from any source you can reduce the total damage by two (-2) to a minimum of one – this reduction increases by two (+2) for every tier of power reached.

Partial Suppression (Stage Two)

  • Efficient. When using any maneuver, the ki point cost is lowered by one-fourth (1/4). This ability cannot lower or cause the maneuver’s ki point cost to be reduced beyond half its original cost.
  • Power Burst. Replace the maneuver power up with power burst. When you use power burst increase your capacity rate by one-half (1/2). This increase lasts until the end of your next turn.

True Form (Stage One)

  • Bio Suit. Count all direct damage as standard damage. Count all lethal damage as direct damage. Any lethal damage you suffer that is inflicted by your own abilities, techniques or other sources directing related to your character are unaffected by Bio Suit. Apply any changes to a damage type altered by Bio Suit before the damage is changed to a new damage type by the Bio Suit ability.
  • Death Strike. Once per every three (3) rounds, you can make a single non-signature attack, any damage afflicted counts as lethal damage.
  • Unrelenting. If you spend two (2) or more attack actions against a single target the damage of your next attack against the same target, during the same turn, counts as direct.

Super Evolution (Stage Zero)

  • Unforgiving Cruelty. Replace the Death Strike ability from Arcosian True Form with the following. Once per round, you can make a single non-signature attack, any damage afflicted counts as lethal damage. Additionally, if you successfully strike and wound a target with Unforgiving Cruelty that target suffers 1d10 lethal damage at the start of the next round. Increase this damage by +1d10 for each tier of power reached.
  • Keratinous Bio Suit. Increase your soak value by four (+4), increase this effect by four (+4) for each tier of power reached. When a target attacks you or you attempt to attack a target with any type of physical attack inflict two (2) lethal damage to the target, increase this effect by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. Add this damage after all other damage modifiers have been calculated.
  • Juggernaut. Once every three (3) rounds, you can activate Juggernaut to gain immunity to all negative effects, this includes any negative effects imposed on you by your own abilities. When you use Juggernaut roll 2d10 plus your current power level and restore that many Life and Ki points. The effects of Juggernaut last until the end of your next turn.

Restoration. You cannot gain this effect more than once per stage, during a combat encounter. The first time you transform into a stage of metamorphosis, roll 2d10+ plus power level and restore that many health and Ki points. If you are unlucky enough to have lost a limb during combat or some other sort of unfortunate situation. When you transform will also restore lost limbs or any other assorted body parts.

Bodily Fortitude. When reaching a new tier of power, reduce the stress test value for all stages of metamorphosis by two (-2), after all other reductions. This stacks with any other stress test modifier. This can lower your stress test requirements to zero. If the stress test is zero you can maintain that form for as long as you wish inside and outside combat. You will no longer lose the form if you reach zero (0) life points, you become unconscious or count as defeated.

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