Namekians are natural healers and strong warriors, able to recover from physical damage quickly and even regrow lost limbs. With such powerful physical properties, it is no surprise to learn that Namekians can extend their limbs beyond their normal lengths and grow many times their normal size. Namekians also have amazing hearing and it is rumored that some can hear across the universe. In addition to the aforementioned abilities, Namekians have great resistance to colder climates and they rarely eat, if at all, and typically only drink water.

Peaceful warriors coupled with unmatched senses, Namekians are strong and reliable fighters. Universal in combat, Namekians cover all the bases from physical strength, powerful energy, an impenetrable defender, they are the jack of all trades in the universe.

Personality. Namekians are strong silent characters who speak only when something needs to be conveyed and rarely hold social conversation. They are completely content being alone for long periods of time and typically prefer to be alone rather than in large groups or crowds. Most Namekians have stern or grumpy attitude towards outsiders and are indifferent to the people they don’t know. Namekians are also very blunt and directly honest about their opinions of people and situations – often seemingly confrontational. During battle they can show a visible smugness or even sociable competitiveness although it seldom turns in overconfidence.

Namekians can be stubborn and don’t understand more sympathetic emotions such as romance or affection, but even with their indifferences towards strangers they still seek to protect life beyond kinfolk and friends. This makes Namekian’s overall personality seem more cautious than rude or harsh. Namekains are stalwart guardians willing to protect their people and allies from harm even through self-sacrifice.

 Physical description. Humanoid creatures with slug-like physical features Namekains are an instantly recognizable species. They have various shades of light and dark green skin, lined with carina, covering the areas between their main muscles. Located on the main muscles themselves are patches of pinkish-orange smooth skin. These patches cover the shoulders, forearms, stomach, thighs, knees, and calves. It is understood that these patches form when a Namekian reaches maturity. The patches allow for the extended growth of muscles which give Namekians the ability to stretch way beyond the normal limits of other races. These patches or muscle groups act like springs that can extend to increase the length of a Namekian’s appendages. Namekians have two antennae that protrude from their foreheads these antennae help increase Namekians’ senses giving them nearly superhuman perception. They also have pointy ears giving them an unmatched hearing. Both the ears and antennae are sensitive, if you pull on their antennae it disorients them and causes pain. High-pitched sounds will also disorient them and causes them pain.

Namekians are roughly the size of humans, they can have a height of 6’0” to 7’0” and weight roughly 150 pounds on average. There are seemingly overweight Namekians, but this only seems to happen when a Namekain enters the last half of their elderly years. Namekians can live nearly five hundred years only becoming elderly round four hundred. All Namekains are considered males, however, the species has no gender and reproduce by regurgitating eggs. Their offspring hatch from these eggs and typically taken on features and personalities inherited from their parent. The parent even has some control over the physical features and mentalities for their offspring, able to decide their general temperament.

Namekains don’t sleep instead they use a form of photosynthesis when they meditate, this restores their physical energies and mimics sleep. They require small amounts of water to sustain themselves and only eat solid foods for pleasure. Consuming water also heals Namekains wounds, though it only heals the physical presence of the wound where the pain and discomfort of the wound will persist normally. Namekains have natural regenerative powers that allow them to not only heal their wounds and even rapidly regrow lost appendages but allow mend other’s wounds.

Society. The Namekian society it very tight-knit and small with most of its members descends from a handful of ancient Namekians. It is thought that the race began from a single Namekian who produced many offspring via eggs and thus gave birth to the species. Namekians are very peaceful and won’t act offensively even when faced with harm or threats. Disciplined and reserved Namekians are gentle farmers and gurus.

Namekians have a castes based society where each Namekian belongs to specific birth type. The known castes are the dragon clan, the warrior clan, and the corrupted offshoot castes known as the demon clan. The warrior clan are strong fighters who taught martial arts for the protection of others and a branch of the clan are known as priests, helpful healers, and apothecaries. The dragon clan are powerful in the mystic arts and have the arcane ability to create magical dragonballs. The demon clan is only known to have existed through the evil behavior of King Piccolo who created the subset clan for the purpose of malevolent deeds when he attempted to take over Earth. Most of the living Namekians belong to the warrior or priest clans. The warrior clan is believed to have become nearly extinct with only a few members. When Guru repopulated the species, he chose to limit the warrior clan linage by only allowing a limited amount of his children to be part of the clan.

In the distant past, it is believed Namekian society was very different. At some point in their history, the Namekians were a space-faring and trading civilization. With starships, advance technologies and off-world commerce the Namekians were well known on the galactic scale. However, after a terrible planet-wide cataclysm they became extremely recluse. The cataclysm completely decimated their civilization and massacred the populace. It is believed after this cataclysm there were only three Namekians left alive. A Namekian known as Grand Elder Guru, a dissident named Lord Slug who was exiled into deep space and a nameless Namekian sent to planet Earth. After the cataclysm and the repopulation efforts of Grand Elder Guru, there are roughly one hundred Namekians alive.

Homeworld. Planet Namek is the original homeworld of the Namekian people. From here, in a distant past, the Namekian empire spanned to various other worlds. Namek is a large world in a trinary star system. Meaning Namek has three suns and it is never dark on the planet. The sky is a green-blue hue with white-green clouds always dotting the atmosphere. The landscape mainly consists of island chains and there are no main or large landmasses. The grass and flora are all blue, the planet is covered in Ajisa, the single tree species found on Namek – Ajisa are tall beautiful blue trees. Namek has normal Earth-like gravity and the air consist of oxygen, enough for Earthlings and other races to breathe normally.

There was a great cataclysm in the Namekian past, and it destroyed nearly all the plant life and broke the land into hundreds of islands. The Namekian people were all but wiped out. What remained was a ghost of the former planet and civilization. Namek was later destroyed by an Arcosian who attacked the planet seeking the dragonballs. The Namekians found themselves a new planet to inhabit cleverly named New Namek. This second Namek is much like the first, but with less flora and larger landmasses.

History. It is rumored the whole species started from a single Namekian who lived alone on planet Namek. This Namekian sought to purge himself of tribulations and through mediation he split his being into two separate entities. These two entities then began the Namekian civilization leading them to became space-traveling traders and explorers.

At some point, a group of Namekian explorers discovered a crystalline planet, this planet unknown to them was a super dragonball. The explorers after many attempts managed to break off a small piece of the ball. They returned to their homeworld and shared the discovery with the populace. One of the two original Namekians used the shard to create the dragonballs of Namek. This Namekian shared his powers with others and thus the dragon clan was born. Sometime afterward all the Namekian people were called back to the planet for an unknown reason. Then a cataclysm stuck the planet-destroying the landscape and slaughtering all the Namekian people save three, Grand Elder Guru, Lord Slug who was banished and a nameless Namekian who was sent to planet Earth to escape the cataclysm.

It is hypothesized the warrior clan founder called all the Namekians back and attempted to use the dragon balls to assimilate all the Namekian people into a few select warriors. They were stopped, but in the process, the planet and species were decimated. After the cataclysm Guru repopulated the species and the civilization began again. Guru chose to limit the warrior clan and only the strongest willed of his sons were of the warrior caste – to ensure there would always to someone to protect the dragonballs since they were nearly indestructible and no Namekian could destroy them. The Namekians then became peaceful farmers working to restore their once beautiful planet. To avoid the mishaps of their ancestors they protected the dragonballs and only allowed those of the noblest degree to collect them.

Many years later the planet was attacked by a ruthless Arcosian named Frieza who was seeking the dragonballs. Freiza ultimately destroyed the planet and killed all the Namekians. Thankfully, during a grim and fierce against a powerful Saiyan Frieza was defeated and the Namek dragonballs were used to restore the Namekian people and teleport them to Earth. They were given safe refuge on Earth for some time, but they used the dragonballs to locate a new home planet. Here the Namekians live in pace and continue their farming lifestyle growing Ajisa.

Names. Namekians have a variety of naming conventions some are named after musical instruments while others have names derived from their native language – they do not have surnames. Namekians don’t have any defining genders, however, their names are typically male in nature.

Names: Banjo, Cargo, Nail, Maima, Toomlin, Tsuburi

Namekian Aptitudes
Attribute Score Increase. Both your Insight and Tenacity scores increase by three (+3), your spirit score is increased by two (+2).

Age. Namekians reach maturity around eight years old and from there age extremely slowly. Namekains only maintain physically fit for fighting until around age three hundred.

Health Modifier. Four (+4)

Size. The average height for a Namekain is around 6’0” and they weight around 150 pounds. They can weight anywhere from 150 pounds to 300 pounds.

Dexterity. Your base speed is two (2) squares or six (6) yards.

Z-Soul. Namekian character will typically have a z-soul related to peace, guardianship, wisdom, enlightenment or the practice of arts.

Exceptional Hearing. You have superior hearing and can hear better than nearly any known living creature. When making any type of skill check or other check related to hearing you’ll score a critical on natural result of eight (8) or better. High-pitched sounds will also disorient you when face with such sounds you will gain the combat condition impediment.

Antennae. As a Namekian you have two antennae rooted on your forehead. When making any type of clairvoyant or other related checks to sensing presences you’ll score a critical on natural result of eight (8) or better. If your antenna is pulled or twisted, you will be disoriented by the distress and gain the combat condition impediment.

Namekian Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
– Skills – Select two of the following: Craft, Clairvoyant, Knowledge, Medicine or Perception

Namekian Racial Traits. There are two subspecies or types of Namekians you can select when creating a character. You can play as either a warrior type or a priest type Namekian. Both types have the following traits in addition to their own.

Namekian Clairvoyance (Namekian Trait). Namekians can communicate telepathically with known kinfolk. You can use telepathy to speak using your mind to other Namekian kinfolks. No one else can hear your conversation, it is a one on one communication. You must know the individual you wish to communicate with. At power level one (1) you can communicate with one individual anywhere on the planet you are currently located on. Once you reach power level four (4) you can communicate with two (2) different individuals and you can communicate with non-Namekian characters. At power level eight (8) you can communicate with three (3) different individuals and these individuals can be located on other planets. Starting at power level twelve (12) you can communicate with four (4) individuals at a time, even if they are in different physical dimensions such as HFIL or other world. At power sixteen (16) you can communicate with up to six (6) individuals at once allowing all six to communicate through you.

Cellular Proliferation (Namekian Trait). Also known as Sai-Sei, you can recover from extremely grievous wounds, even amputated limbs. Using Cellular proliferation, you can use the healing surge maneuver even if it has already been used during the round. Cellular proliferation cost five (+5) ki points. Increase the ki point cost by five (+5) for each tier of power reached. Using Cellular proliferation gives you the combat condition impediment. (Actions & Combat)

Additionally, as a Namekian you can recovery from combat and wounds very quickly. Increase the effects of instant, short and long recovery by twenty-five (25%).

Nobiru-Ude (Namekian Trait). You can also elongate your arms and legs, at will, increasing your melee attack range to three (3) squares. When using Norbiru-Ude physical attacks cost an additional three (+3) ki points more than normal and provoke a counteraction. The target must be within a clear line of sight. The attack cannot cross the path of another combatant or any type of terrain or other obstacles. Increase the ki point cost of Nobiru-Ude by three (+3) for each tier of power reached.

Gigantification (Namekian Trait). A Namekian transformation that also allows you to grow to usually enormous size. This ability takes considerable energy to preform but grants your character increased physical strength and power. (Giant Form)

Namekian Unite (Namekian Trait). A form of assimilation this type of fusion ability allows a Namekian to absorb another Namekian. The strength, energy, memories and intelligence of both are fused together creating a more powerful character. (Fusion)

Magical Materialization (Namekian Trait). Namekians have great influence of the arcane arts and use this power to create physical matter. You gain the ability magical materialization. (Magical)

Namekain Subspecies Traits. There are two Namekain subspecies (clans) you can choose from – warrior or priest. As a warrior Namekain you have the trait dynamic combatant. Priest Namekain characters gain the trait cellular mending.

Namekian Warrior Traits

Dynamic Combatant (Namekian Warrior Trait). Adept and skilled fighters trained in the martial arts. A Namekian that is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and ki control. Increase your Strength, Spirit and Agility scores increase by one (+1) at character creation.

One of the most intelligent fighters in the universe Namekian warriors can devise clever and accurate attacks to use against enemies. They can learn their target’s tactics during combat and capitalize on their weakness. When you fail to successfully strike (miss) a target, increase your next strike roll against the same target by two (+2). This effect is cumulative and will stack for each fail strike roll taken against the same target. You can increase this strike roll bonus up a total of eight (+8) and no higher from this effect. Any amassed strike roll bonuses will carry from attack to attack and from round to round until you successfully strike the target. If you successfully strike the target or strike a different target at any point you will lose all accumulated strike roll bonuses and the effect will start over.

Namekian Priest Traits

Cellular Mending (Namekian Priest Trait). Specializing in mystical abilities and healing powers Namekian priests are powerful and supportive. Known to heal even the most grievous of wounds and restore a person’s strength. Place your hands on a target, use one (1) actions and spend six (6) ki points, the target can use the healing surge maneuver even if they already used it during the round; this maneuver provokes a counteraction against you. Increases the effects of a target’s healing surge by +1d6. Increase this bonus by +1d6 for each tier of power reached. Increase the ki point cost of cellular mending by six (+6) for each tier of power reached.

Namekian Starting Equipment.

When creating a Namekian character you can choose from the following gear and equipment, in addition to any items you purchase or are granted. You will select either item ‘1’ or ‘2’ from the list below.

  • (1) Combat Clothes
  • (1) Energy Booster X or (2) Power Booster S
  • (1) Spiritualist kit or (2) Martial combat kit
  • 2d10 worth of staring wealth

Dynamic Statistics. You can use the following table to randomly determine your Namekian character’s features.

MaturityAdulthoodMiddle ageElderly
50+ years 100-199 years 200-299 years 300+ years
TypeBase HeightHeight ModifierBase WeightWeight Modifer
Namekian 6’0” +2d10 inches 150lb. +2d10 lb.

Random Attribute hierarchy. Using the same rules for primary, secondary, tertiary, you will roll a die and the natural result will correspond to an attribute from the chart below. Make three separate rolls, one for primary, secondary and tertiary – reroll any doubles, discard results of eight through ten and roll again. The remaining attributes start at two (2) like normal.

Natural ResultAttribute
1 Insight
2 Agility
3 Spirit
4 Personality
5 Potency
6 Strength
7 Tenacity
8 Scholarship 

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