Namekians are natural healers and strong warriors, able to recover from physical damage quickly and even regrow lost limbs. With such powerful physical properties, it is no surprise to learn that Namekians can extend their limbs beyond their normal lengths and grow many times their normal size. Namekians also have amazing hearing and it is rumored that some can hear across the universe. In addition to the aforementioned abilities, Namekians have great resistance to colder climates, and they rarely eat, if at all, typically only drinking water.

Namekian Lore

Namekian Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Both your Tenacity and Insight scores are increased by +3 and either your Force or Spirit score is increased by +2.

Age. Namekians reach maturity around eight years old and from there age extremely slowly. Namekians only maintain physically fit for fighting until around age three hundred.

Health Modifier. +5

Size. The average height for a Namekian is around 6’0” and they weight around 150 pounds. They can weight anywhere from 150 pounds to 300 pounds. Namekian characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Z-Soul. Namekian characters will typically have a Z-soul related to peace, guardianship, wisdom, enlightenment or the practice of arts.

Exceptional Hearing. You have superior hearing and can hear better than nearly any known living creature. When making any type of skill check or other check related to hearing you’ll score a Critical on natural result of eight (8) or better. High-pitched sounds will also disorient you when face with such sounds you will gain the combat condition impediment.

Antennae. As a Namekian you have two antennae rooted on your forehead. When making any type of Clairvoyant or other related checks to sensing presences you’ll score a critical on natural result of eight (8) or better.

Namekian Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
– Skills – Select two of the following: Craft, Clairvoyant, Knowledge, Medicine or Perception

Techniques of Namek (Namekian Trait). Namekians have a host of unique traits that grant more than one benefit or ability. The trait Techniques of Namek grants your character the following: Namekian Clairvoyance, Namekian Unite, and Magical Materialization. 

  • Namekian Clairvoyance. You gain access to the Telepathy Magical Ability. Other Namekian characters do not count towards your maximum number of people you may speak to through Telepathy.
  • Namekian Unite. This type of fusion ability allows a Namekian to absorb another Namekian permanently. The strength of the absorbed Namekian fuels a huge increase in the host Namekian’s power. You may attempt to fuse with a Namekian within your Melee Range at the cost of 3 Actions if they consent to the fusion. When you fuse with another Namekian, you gain an instance of the Super Namekian Manifested Power and you gain a number of Attribute Points to spend immediately equal to the Power Level of the absorbed Namekian. You can gain a stack of the Super Namekian Manifested Power even if you’re at the maximum number of stacks for your Tier of Power and if you don’t meet the Tier of Power requirements.

    If the absorbed Namekian and you were originally one being, you also gain access to their Talents, Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities. Additionally, the Super Namekian Manifested Power increases your SCH/IN/PE Modifiers by +2 as well for this stack.

    If an absorbed Namekian is 5+ Power Levels lower than you, you do not gain a stack of the Super Namekian Manifested Power.
  • Magic Creation. Namekians have a natural inclination towards the arcane arts and can use this power to create physical matter and control it. While any race could learn this ability, it is child’s play for Namekians. You gain the Magical Materialization and Telekinesis Magical Abilities from the Spellbook.

Flexible Biology (Namekian Trait). The physiology of Namekians is fairly unique and allows you access to the following abilities: 

  • Nobiru-Ude. You can elongate your arms and legs at will, increasing your physical attack range by +2 Squares. When using Nobiru-Ude to perform a maneuver, increase the cost of the maneuver by additional +2(T) Ki Points. The target must be within a clear line of sight. The attack cannot cross the path of another combatant or any type of terrain or other obstacles. When using Nobiru-Ude you provoke Counter Maneuvers for your opponents in your Melee Range.
  • Gigantification. A Namekian transformation that allows you to grow to gigantic sizes. You have access to the Giant Form Enhancement Power.
  • Cellular Proliferation. Also known as Sai-Sei, you can recover from extremely grievous wounds, even amputated limbs. Using Cellular Proliferation, you can spend One Action to use a Healing Surge Maneuver even if it has already been used previously. Cellular Proliferation costs 4(T) Ki Points. Using Cellular Proliferation gives you the Combat Condition Impediment on your next Combat Roll.

    Additionally, at the start of each Combat Round, before any character takes a turn, you automatically restore +2(T) Life Points. Increase this effect by your current Tier of Power dice. This effect does not activate if your Life Points or Ki Points are reduced to 0.

Intelligent Fighter (Namekian Trait). One of the most intelligent fighters in the universe, Namekian warriors can devise clever and surprising attacks to use against enemies. They can learn their target’s tactics during combat and capitalize on their weaknesses. When you fail to successfully strike (miss) a target, increase your next Strike Roll against the same target by +2(T). This effect is cumulative and will stack for each failed Strike Roll taken against the same target. You can increase this Strike Roll bonus up a total of +6(T). Any amassed Strike Roll bonuses will carry from attack to attack and from round to round until you successfully strike the target. If you successfully strike (hit) the target or attempt a Strike Roll against a different target at any point you will lose all accumulated Strike Roll bonuses from the Intelligent Fighter Racial Trait and the effect will start over.

Telepathic Warning (Namekian Trait). When you or an ally are targeted for an attack by an enemy, you can spend a Counter Action to roll an Impulsive Saving Throw check, TN Medium. If you are using Telepathic Warning for an ally, the ally must also make a Cognitive Saving Throw check, TN Medium. If you or an ally you are targeting with the effect fail the Saving Throw, nothing happens. If you- or both of you if you targeted an ally- succeed, then your target of Telepathic Warning gains +3(T) to their Dodge Roll against the incoming attack.

Namekian Conviction (Namekian Trait). When you pass a Steadfast Saving Throw, gain Superiority for all of your Combat Rolls until the end of your next turn. When you have passed a Steadfast Saving Throw 3 times during this Combat Encounter, increase your Wound Rolls by +3(T) until the end of the Combat Encounter.

Increase your Steadfast Saving Throws by +2. Reduce this bonus by -1 for each time you’ve used Cellular Proliferation this Combat Encounter.

Warrior Clan Traits

Arm of Namek (Warrior Clan Trait). When you use the Flexible Biology trait’s Nobiru-Ude ability to perform the Grapple Maneuver, you gain an additional +1(T) to your Strike Roll. If you are successful and win the grapple, you can attempt to pin your target following the normal rules of Pinning. The bonus from Arm of the Namek also applies to your Pinning roll. If you successfully pin your target, you can use the following ability:

  • Arm Restraint. If you have successfully Pinned a Grappled character, you can wrap an elongated limb around them. While your target(s) is under the effect of Arm Restraint, they will suffer 3(T) Lethal Damage at the start of each round they are restrained. If the Grappled character suffers any type of damage from an outside source (other than you or themselves), your arms will also suffer the damage. Your arms’ Life Points are 10(T), plus twice your Tenacity Modifier. If your arms’ Life Points reach zero, they count as destroyed and you are considered to have the Combat Condition Prone while missing an arm. Moreover, you can NOT perform Signature Techniques and your Physical Attack Strike Rolls are reduced by -1(T). You can use Flexible Biology’s Cellular Proliferation ability to restore your arms back to normal. If the Grappled character escapes Arm Restraint through any means, your arms’ Life Points are automatically reduced to zero.

Namekian Protector (Warrior Clan Trait). When you perform the Intervene Maneuver, reduce the Difficulty Category for the Impulsive Saving Throw to Easy. Additionally, you gain a benefit depending on the type of Intervene Maneuver you’re using:

  • Wall of Defense. You may spend 4(T) Ki Points to gain the benefits of the Guard Parry Maneuver against this attack.
  • Distant Deflect. Increase your Strike Roll by your entire Agility Modifier instead of 1/2 through Haste for this Strike Roll.

Dragon Clan Traits

Spirit of Namek (Dragon Clan Trait). During combat, at the start of each round (before any character takes a turn), you automatically restore +3(T) Life Points. This effect stacks with Cellular Proliferation. This effect does not activate if either your Life Points or Ki Points are reduced to zero.

Pacifist Magicks (Dragon Clan Trait). When you use a Magical Ability, you may reduce its cost by -3(T), to a minimum of 1(T). This reduction is applied after all other modifiers to the Ki Point cost. Additionally, you gain access to Cellular Mending:

  • Cellular Mending. You can spend One Action to allow a target within your Melee Range to use a Healing Surge Maneuver even if they have already used their Surge Maneuver. Cellular Mending costs 4(T) Ki Points. Using Cellular Mending gives you the Combat Condition Impediment until the start of your next turn. Moreover, the target of Cellular Mending restores +3(T) Life Points at the start of the next Combat Round.

Demon Clan Traits

Dark Vassals (Demon Clan Trait). Being able to asexually reproduce through eggs is a common Namekian ability, but given your twisted nature, you are able to produce offspring mutated by your dark energies. During your turn, you can spend One Action to spit out an egg. This egg will hatch into a Dark Vassal immediately and you will suffer from Impediment until the start of your next turn. Additionally, you receive non-reducible Lethal Damage equal to half the Life Points of the created Minion.

Create a Minion using the Minion Creation rules. These Minions have an additional +2(T) Attribute Points to spend, one Beast-Man Racial Trait and the Intelligent Fighter Racial Trait.

Soul Denier (Demon Clan Trait). Your truly evil nature means that you feel revitalized and empowered by the destruction you bring, and your position as a Demon Clan member means that those you or your minions kill cannot ascend to the afterlife and are left trapped in limbo. When you or one of your minions reduces a character’s Life Points down to 0, immediately activate a Power Surge, even if you have already activated your Surge Maneuver during this Combat Session.

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