Full Power

100% Power. All Alternate Forms and Legendary Forms can be pushed to their absolute limit. This is represented through an additional stage separate from a Transformation’s typical transformation line known as ‘Full Power’. You gain this additional stage like any other Transformation, through ARC discretion. This additional stage cannot be used as a substitute for another stage in reaching higher stages of a Transformation. For example, with the Super Saiyan Alternate Form, you could use this rule to gain the Full Power Super Saiyan as the second stage of this Transformation – this cannot be used in place of Super Saiyan 2 to reach Super Saiyan 3. Being able to apply this rule also would not bar you from also gaining access to Super Saiyan 2.

The previous stage to Full Power is known as the ‘Maximized Transformation’.

The Full Power stage of any Transformation cannot be selected as a stage of an Alternate Form by the Limit Break x Survivor or True Super Saiyan Traits.

  • Race. Same as the Maximized Transformation.
  • Transformation. Alternate Form or Legendary Form
  • Stage. +1
  • Stress Test. +2
  • Tier of Power Requirement. Same as the Maximized Transformation.

At the Limit. Before you enter Full Power, you must choose a State: either Full Power State or Forced Power State, depicted on the table below. During your turn you can also change from the Full Power State to the Forced Power State by spending One Action.

State TableFull PowerForced Power
Attribute Modifier BonusEqual to the Tier of Power Requirement.2x the Tier of Power Requirement.
Durable Form Aspect+1 Level+1 Level
Draining Aspect+1 Level+3 Levels
Stress Test+4
AspectsBulky Form, Weakening Transformation

When in this Transformation, the Attribute Modifier Bonus is equal to the Tier of Power Requirement for this Transformation while in the Full Power State and equal to 2x that Requirement while in the Forced Power State.

On the State Table, the Draining Aspect and Stress Test Requirement for this Transformation are increased by the listed amount. Additionally, any Aspects listed under the Aspect Row are gained only while in that State.

Full Powered State. Full Power gains all Aspects from the Maximized Transformation, with the exception of the ‘Strainless’ and ‘Natural Form’ Aspects. Additionally, gain the Dedicated Transformation Aspect if this Transformation does not already possess it.

You do not benefit from Legend Realized upon entering this Transformation.

This Transformation’s name is ‘Full Power x’, where x is the name of the Maximized Transformation. Any Resources possessed by the Maximized Transformation are immediately gained by this Transformation. Any options chosen due to the Traits of the Maximized Transformations are also retained for those respective Traits.

Full Power Assault. Once per Combat Encounter, when using a Signature Technique that is also an Attacking Maneuver, you may ignore your Capacity Rate for both the Ki Point Cost of this Attacking Maneuver and any Ki Wager applied to it.

If you do, your Capacity Rate is set to 0 after this Attacking Maneuver for the remainder of the Combat Round and you suffer from the Weakened Combat Condition until the end of your next turn.

Full Power Mastery. This Transformation cannot be Mastered. Instead, its effects of Mastery depend on if the Maximized Transformation is Mastered. If the Maximized Transformation is Mastered, you gain the following benefits:

  • Sustained Form. You do not gain any levels of the Draining Aspect from the Full Power State. This Transformation no longer gains the Dedicated Form Aspect if the Maximized Transformation did not possess it.
  • Lifted Restraint. You benefit from Legend Realized upon entering this Transformation.
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