Divine Halo

  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Race. Kaio
  • Stress Test. Ten (10)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. None

Divine Empowerment. When you use the Maneuver Empower you are select to transfer a number of Ki Points equal to either your Potency or Spirit modifier, your choice. Additionally, when you use Divine Empowerment increase the amount of Ki Points you transfer to the target by your Power Level.

Circle of Light. Once per round, when you use any type of Technique, including attacks, your Halo can copy the technique you use and target(s) the same or another target(s). This second technique does NOT cost an additional Maneuver or Action, but rather is “used” as the same time as your original technique. Your Halo’s technique is identical to your original technique; Ki Point cost, any Ki wagers, and any modifiers. However, your Halo’s technique Ki Point cost and any damage it might inflict are reduced by one-fourth (1/4). Moreover, if your Halo’s technique causes any damage, that damage is always counts as Standard Damage regardless of any other modifiers. You can NOT use Circle of Light with attacks that have an Area of Effect ability.

When you use Circle of Light to preform the Kaio trait Spare the Perishing increase the bonus healing effect of the trait, for both target(s), by two (+2T). Reduce the Ki Point cost to use Spare the Perishing on your second target by one-half (1/2).

Restorative Light. While using Divine Halo you are swelling with godly energies, you are unable to fully harness this energy, but you can release it with each attack you make. When making any type of attack, if you successful damage a target, you can choose to release your godly energies. When you do you and any/all Allies within two (2) squares of you will restore 1d6+1(T) Life Points. Each time you use Restorative Light increase the Stress Test Value of Divine Halo by one (+1).

Twofold. At the start of each round of combat, you must take a Stress Test for Divine Halo. If you are using Divine Halo in conjunction with an Alternate Form increase the Alternate Form’s Stress Test by Divine Halo’s current Stress Test value, plus two (+2) and then make your test. If you are using both an Alternate Form and an Enhancement Power, instead increase the Enhancement Power’s Stress Test by four (+4) plus Divine Halo’s Stress Test value then make your test.

If you are using more than one Enhancement Power add four (+4) plus Divine Halo’s Stress Test value to the Enhancement Power with the highest Stress Test value.

Divine Halo Mastery. When you gain Divine Halo Mastery you gain the following benefits. (See – Transformation Rules).

  • Celestial Ascension. Reduce the base Stress Test value of Divine Halo by two (-2) and reduce the Stress Test value increase while using Divine Halo with an Alternate Form and Enhancement Power by two (-2).
  • Everlasting Divinity. At the start of your turn, while Divine Halo is active, you can choose to use the Surge Maneuver Power Surge at no cost. If you do increase the current Stress Test value of Divine Halo by two (+2).