As an Android, your body contains more advanced technology than the entire Capsule Corporation headquarters. More importantly, you control all of that technology with your own mind. As such, you can force the computer-assisted technology in your body to work at even faster rates than usual, and provide even greater strength. By pushing your body into Overdrive, you can go beyond the specs you were designed with and become something greater, temporarily.

  • Race. Android
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 16
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects: Temporary Form (Level 3), Enhanced Save (Impulsive), Dedicated Transformation

Overclock. Reduce your Critical roll rate by -1 – to a minimum of 7. Additionally, when you use any attacking maneuver, you may increase its Ki Point cost by +2(T) to add a bonus of +1d6(T) onto its Wound Roll.

For each round you are in Overdrive, during the end of your turn, reduce your Life Points by an amount equal to 2x your Power Level.

Over Productive. While using the Overdrive Enhancement Power, you gain a bonus depending on your selected Purpose:

  • Destroyer. Reduce the Ki Point Cost for all attacking maneuvers by -2(T), minimum 2.
  • Protector. During each Combat Round, you may use up to 2 Counter Actions in addition to your standard Counter Action.
  • Companion. Once per Combat Round, you may use the Empower Maneuver as an Instant Action during your turn. You have Superiority on the Empowerment roll.
  • Researcher. All of your Signature Techniques are treated as if they have an additional rank of the Efficiency Advantage, gaining one if they have no ranks in the Advantage.

Full Power Engine. When you gain Ki Points by any means, you can increase the amount you gain by +3(T). If your Ki Points would pass your maximum Ki Point Pool, receive Lethal Damage equal to the surplus. You cannot reduce this damage by any means.

At the end of each Combat Round, you may reduce your Ki Points by up to half the amount of Ki Points you gained this Combat Round. When you leave the Overdrive Enhancement Power due to the effects of Temporary Form or by failing the Stress Test, you may immediately make any type of attack maneuver as an Instant Action. This attack has a free Ki Wager equal to the amount of Ki Points you had lost due to Full Power Engine. If you use this effect of Overdrive, you only have two actions during your next turn.

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