Rules. It costs Two Actions to enter a Vehicle during combat. When you first enter a Vehicle, you must pass a Piloting Skill Check, TN Medium. If you fail, you are unable to pilot it. If you succeed, you can control it. Each time you are successfully dealt damage, you must make the Piloting Skill Check again. If you fail, you lose Two Actions during your next turn. If you pass, nothing happens. Increase the TN to Hard if you are piloting a Battle Jacket.

When piloting a vehicle, you do not use your own Attributes. Each Vehicle/Battle Jacket has its own Agility Modifier and Force Modifier, which are mainly used for rolls. You cannot make any of your normal attacks while piloting a Vehicle or Battle Jacket and you do not receive any damage from attacks aimed at you either, unless they are from a Called Shot Maneuver aimed at you. If a Vehicle you are piloting is destroyed, you are violently ejected and must make an Impulsive Saving Throw, TN Hard. If you pass, you receive 2d10(T) Lethal Damage. If you fail, you receive 4d10(T) Lethal Damage. This damage can not be reduced by any means.

When attempting to Dodge or Strike, you will roll using the Agility Modifier of the Vehicle/Battle Jacket as the complete roll. For each Proficiency rank you have in Piloting, increase the roll by +2.

While piloting a Vehicle, the only Attacking Maneuver (other than using Ranged Weapons) you can use is the Blitz Maneuver. Whenever you do so, inflict damage to your Vehicle equal to 1/4 (rounded up) of the damage your opponent suffers from this attack. When dealing damage with a Blitz Maneuver, use the Vehicle’s Force Modifier.

While piloting a Battle Jacket, you are able to use any type of Attacking Maneuver, including grapples, Blitz and standard Physical Attacks. The only exception to this is that you cannot use Energy Attacks and you cannot use Signature Techniques. When making any type of Wound Roll, other than with a Ranged Weapon, use the Battle Jacket’s Force Modifier. You cannot Ki Wager when piloting a vehicle or Battle Jacket.

Although you do not use your own statistics when piloting a Vehicle/Battle Jacket, and traits gained via transformations and your Racial Traits do not apply to any actions taken with a Vehicle/Battle Jacket, any relevant talents still apply.

When a Battle Jacket is required to roll any Saving Throws, they use your Saving Throws.

Creation. When you attempt to create a vehicle or Battle Jacket, you must follow the Crafting System but you select your TN. Depending on the TN selected, you gain a number of Creation Points (CP) that can be used to create Vehicles or Battle Jackets.

TNCP Gained
Very Easy+6
Very Hard+18
Nearly Impossible+21

Step One. You need to decide if you’re making a Vehicle or a Battle Jacket.

Step Two. As the next step for creating Vehicles/Battle Jackets, you must select their size. Their size correlates to a few factors, but the most important thing to note is that each size has a Size Category Equivalent. When interacting between characters of different sizes, this is the Size Category your vehicle or Battle Jacket is regarded as. The capacity shown represents the maximum number of characters who can be inside of it comfortably at any given time. Your Size also represents the amount of Life Points your Vehicle or Battle Jacket has.

Only characters whose Size Category is lower than that of a Vehicle/Battle Jacket can ride it.

SizeSize Category EquivalentCapacityLife PointsCP Cost
XLGiganticOne Hundred40(T)4
XXLGiganticOne Thousand50(T)5

Step Three. Pick an option from the table below to represent the output of your Vehicle and how fast it is. Battle Jackets also gain their Force Modifier through this.

OutputSquares of MovementAgility ModifierForce ModifierCP Cost
Very Low4sq+1(T)+1(T)2
Extremely High20sq+5(T)+5(T)6

Step Four. You can spend any remaining CP to gain the below traits. You cannot gain a trait more than once unless it specifies that you can.

  • Hikou (1 CP). The machine can fly, ignoring all forms of difficult terrain.
  • Open (1 CP). The Vehicle/Battle Jacket either has an open roof or can open up a door. While piloting it, you may use your own attacks and Signature Attacks as normal.
  • Space Travel (1 CP). This ship can fly in space, allowing for intergalactic travel. The time it takes to travel between planets depends on the output of the vehicle.
  • Life Systems (1 CP). This Vehicle allows you to remain safe from all outside environments, including oceanic depths and deep space. If you are required to travel for an extensive period, you can be put into a state of suspended animation until you land.
  • Living Space (1 CP). This Vehicle has all the amenities of a home. This can mean separate rooms in larger vehicles and tends to include a bathroom, kitchen and dedicated living room. Requires the vehicle to be at least L size.
  • Remote Controlled (1 CP). This Vehicle can be called remotely by spending One Action. It will arrive at the start of the next Combat Round in a square of your choosing within your Melee Range.
  • Gravity Chamber (4 CP). This Vehicle has its own artificial gravity simulator that allows for intense training while inside of it. Requires the vehicle to be at least L size.
  • Scanner (1 CP). When you are looking for a specific item, you may spend One Action to use an inbuilt scanner to gain Superiority on your Perception Skill Check.
  • Weaponry (2 CP). This Vehicle has Ranged Weapons installed in it. Create a Ranged Weapon. You can use it while piloting this Vehicle. You can gain this trait any number of times.
  • Armor Plating (1 CP). Reduce all damage this Vehicle takes by 1 for each Size larger than S it is. Requires the vehicle to be at least M size. You can purchase Armor Plating up to three times.
  • Turbo Boost (1 CP). Once per Combat Encounter, as an Instant Action, you can activate Turbo Boost to treat your Output as if it was two categories higher until the end of your next turn.
  • Transforming (2 CP). This vehicle can turn into a Battle Jacket. When you first select this trait, create a separate Battle Jacket that has the same total CP Cost as your vehicle but also possesses the ‘Transforming’ trait without having to pay its CP cost. The size must remain the same. Any damage taken as a Vehicle is retained as a Battle Jacket and vice-versa.
  • Dynamic (X CP). Speak with your ARC to create a dynamic ability for your vehicle, such as travelling through time.

Battle Jacket Traits. The same as above but these traits can only be purchased for Battle Jackets.

  • Melee Weaponry (1 CP). Create one Melee Weapon using the rules on Gear & Equipment. Your Battle Jacket can use that weaponry. You can gain this trait any number of times.
  • Reinforced Construct (1 CP). Increase your Battle Jacket’s Life Points by +10(T). You can take this trait twice.
  • Energy Utilization (2 CP). You may use Energy attacks via your Battle Jacket, using its Force Modifier. Additionally, create one Signature Technique of the Ki Manipulation Foundation for your Battle Jacket. You have a pool of 15 Technique Points to use in creating this Signature Technique.

    Your Battle Jacket does not need to spend Ki Points but can only use basic Energy Attacks and the one Signature Technique created for it. 
  • Connected Construct (3 CP). You may Ki Wager through your Battle Jacket.
  • Elongated Limbs (1 CP). You can treat your Melee Range as +2 when attacking.
  • Combination (3 CP). This Battle Jacket can combine with other piloted Battle Jackets that have the Combination Trait by spending One Action to request combining with the other Battle Jacket pilots. If they decline or are over 6 squares away, the combination fails. If they accept and are within range, the combination goes through.

    Increase this Battle Jacket’s Force Modifier by +1(T) for each Battle Jacket it has combined with and it gains all of their traits. For every two Battle Jackets you combine with, increase the size of your Battle Jacket by one category.
Example Vehicles

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