Genes from countless warriors build up your bio mass and yet it’s so hard to draw out the power of each one. If you could, however, wouldn’t you be the perfect warrior? Of course, this Manifested Power agrees. Each time you gain this Manifested Power, your body warps into a new stage of evolution as you draw out more and more of the latent power hidden within your genes! The appearance of each form differs from Bio-Android to Bio-Android and it’s up to you and your ARC to decide how big the change each time is…!

Perfection can be gained any number of ways and it is up to you and your ARC to discuss the method through which you enter these higher stages of evolution. Do you need to consume certain beings? Is training enough to satiate your need to evolve? Perhaps it is an emotional change, brought on by the loss of those important to you? Whatever the case, discuss these triggers during Character Creation and set down a rule for how you will gain this Manifested Power.

  • Race. Bio-Android
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks: 1 for each ToP starting from ToP2
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
+2 +2 +2 +2

Atavism. Gain one additional Genetic Trait from one of the races you selected for each instance of Perfection you have gained.

Superior Offense. Increase your Strike and Wound rolls by +1d6 for every action spent on the attack maneuver. Increase the Dice Category by one category for each instance of Perfection you have gained other than the first. As an example, with two instances of Perfection, a normal attack would gain a bonus of +1d8 while a Blitz Maneuver would gain a bonus of +2d8.

Genetic Combinations. Gain one trait from the Genepool Trait List for each instance of Perfection you have gained, as long as you have selected at least one of the races listed in that trait through Genetic Splicing. You cannot select a single Genepool Trait more than once.

Genepool Trait List

Armored Carapace (Arcosian/Android/Custom Race). Reduce all damage you take by -1(T) for each instance of Perfection you possess to a maximum of -3(T). Reduce all Direct Damage to Standard Damage. You lose the benefits of Armored Carapace if you are below the Injured Health Threshold.

Perfect Learner (Shinjin/Majin/Custom Race). When you make a Signature Technique or Magical Ability, reduce its Technique Point cost by -1(T).

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): If you are making a Signature Technique or Magical Ability that you have already seen, reduce its Technique Point cost by -2(T) instead.

Fight or Flight (Saiyan/Earthling/Custom Race). Increase all Dodge and Wound Rolls by +1(T) for each Health Threshold you are under, to a maximum of +3(T). When you are below the Wounded Health Threshold, you have Superiority on either Dodge or Wound Rolls (you decide).

Perfect Control (Earthling/Shinjin/Custom Race). When using a Signature Technique or Magical Ability, you can reduce its Ki Point cost by 1/2 of your Force, Spirit or Insight Modifier – whichever is higher, to a minimum of 2(T) Ki Points. This stacks with other talents and traits that reduce Ki Point cost, but you calculate for Perfect Control after all other reductions. However, regardless of the minimum required from other sources you must always pay at least a minimum of 2(T) Ki Points.

Perfect Control’s minimum ki point requirement can not cause you to spend a higher amount of Ki Points than the base Ki Point cost of an action. In that case, simply pay the base Ki Point cost instead.

Mighty Transformation (Saiyan/Arcosian/Tuffle/Custom Race). Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonuses of all transformations by +1. This includes the first stack of any Manifested Powers you have access to. If a transformation has multiple stages, each stage gains this bonus.

Karyon Core (Namekian/Majin/Custom Race). When your Life Points are reduced to 0 by any attack that did not deal damage equal to at least 25% of your Life Point Total, you may attempt to regenerate (this effect takes place before the Undying Determination Talent). Roll a Corporeal Saving Throw, TN Hard. If you fail, nothing happens. If you succeed, immediately activate a Healing Surge Maneuver even if you have activated one before. This allows you to avoid being defeated and continue to fight. You can only use the Karyon Core trait a number of times per Combat Encounter equal to 1/2 of your Tier of Power (rounded down).

Junior Creation (Namekian/Android/Tuffle/Custom Race). Spend up to three actions. For each action you spend, create one Minion and spend 3(T) Ki Points. These minions are not created by the Minion Creation rules and are instead miniature replicas of you. They have your base Attribute Modifiers, Talents, Skills, Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities. They do not possess your Racial Traits or Transformations. Reduce their Combat Rolls by -1(T) and treat them as one Tier of Power lower than you.

You can spend an additional 3(T) Ki Points when creating a Minion through Junior Creation to treat them as the same Tier of Power as you.

Perfected Ultimate Attack (Tuffle/Earthling/Saiyan/Custom Race). Once per Combat Encounter, when you declare you are using a Signature Technique, you may declare that it is a Perfect Technique.  For each time you perform the Energy Charge Maneuver on this technique, it gains +1(T) to the Wound Roll, up to a max of +3(T).  If it is a Super Signature, it becomes an Ultimate Technique until the end of the Combat Encounter.

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