Explosive Power

Efficiency is the key. Pure power requires massive amounts of energy to maintain, but unleashing it in short bursts allows you to take advantage of the best of both worlds. When you combine efficiency with power, your strength surpasses all others.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 12
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 3+
  • Aspects. Perfect Ki Control, Strainless, Heartbeat, Weakening Form

Zero Warning. Once per Combat Round, if you would enter this Enhancement Power (if you are not currently using an Attacking Maneuver) or use the Power Up Maneuver while in this Transformation, you may immediately make a Basic Attack Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action. All Attacking Maneuvers made as an Out-of-Sequence Action have their Strike Roll and Wound Roll increased by +1(T) and +2(T) respectively.

When making an Attacking Maneuver, you may increase the Attribute Modifier Bonuses (FO/IN/SP) of this Transformation by +2(T) for the duration of that Attacking Maneuver.

If you have used the Energy Charge Maneuver 3 times in a single Combat Round, you may use the Attacking Maneuver selected for that Energy Charge Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action immediately after the third Energy Charge Maneuver.

Efficiency is Power. When making any type of Attacking Maneuver while Holding Back, you may ignore all Holding Back stacks you currently possess for that Attacking Maneuver.

You may ignore the Tier of Power Requirement for any Transformation used in conjunction with this Enhancement Power.

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