A Saibaking is a Saibaman above other Saibamen, a true ruler of his kind. Whether they came about from multiple Saibamen merging into one, or a lone Saibaman simply growing in both power and intelligence, one thing is certain: the Saibaking is both strong and caring. They do the best they can to properly ensure their subjects survive, and much like Saibamen themselves, are quite ferocious and fearsome.

  • Race. Saibamen
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 1
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+

King of the Saibamen. All Allies within your Melee Range have the Damage they would receive from Attacking Maneuvers of the Standard or Direct Damage Category reduced by -2(bT).

For every 2 Saibamen that are a Secondary Character for you (see – Unification), increase your base Health Modifier by +1. This counts as if you gained this bonus through a Racial Trait.

Top Grade.  Upon gaining access to this Manifested Power, you gain the effects of the Low Quality and High Quality options for the Soil Quality Racial Trait instead of whatever your original option choice was.

Once per Combat Round, you may use the Intervene Maneuver without spending a Counter Action. If you do, immediately after completing the Attacking Maneuver, you may use a Basic Attack Maneuver or an Acid Attack as an Out-of-Sequence Maneuver against the attacking character.



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