Mightiest Majin

The phrase “What’s yours is mine” has never been so literal. By tapping into the full power of those you’ve absorbed, a new Majin is born. Super Majin? No, you’ve gone far beyond that. Starting now, you’re the Mightiest Majin!

  • Race. Majin
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Corporeal/Cognitive), Raging (Level 2), High Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 4), Size Increasing (Level 1), Strainless, Dedicated Transformation, Power High (Level 3)

Compiled Power. When you enter this Transformation, you may use the effects of Stolen Heritage as an Out-of-Sequence Action. The Trait you gain access to remains until you leave this Transformation and can be used in addition to another benefit from Stolen Heritage. This Transformation is also treated as an Alternate Form for the sake of the Stolen Heritage Trait.

For every 2 stacks of the Absorption Manifested Power you possess, increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/SP) of this Transformation by +1(T). You cannot increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/SP) by more than +3(T) through this effect.

Big Eater. Once per Combat Encounter, if you would lose the Opposed Cognitive Save made by an Absorbed Character as part of the Absorbed Combat Condition, you may choose instead to automatically win.

Your Absorbed Characters only increase their Cognitive Saving Throws by +1(T) for every 2 Absorbed Characters you have after the first, from the Absorbed Combat Condition.

Manifested Might. Once every two Combat Rounds, when you use the Power Up Maneuver, you may select one of your Manifested Powers. Treat the number of stacks for that Manifested Power as if it was +1 higher for any Traits or effects while benefiting from the Power Up Maneuver.

At the start of each Combat Round while in this Transformation, regain +3(bT) Life Points and Ki Points.

Mightiest Majin Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Mightiest Majin Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Terror of the Universe. Remove the Power High Aspect and the Strainless Aspect from this Transformation, but gain the Natural Form Aspect.
  • Combined Power, Unstoppable. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/IN/SP) for this Transformation by +1(T) and gain +1 level of the Durable Form Aspect. Additionally, increase the amount of Life Points and Ki Points you regain through the Manifested Might Trait to +5(bT).

Legendary Trait

Captured Potential. When you successfully gain a stack of the Absorption Manifested Power, you may gain +1 stack of a Manifested Power possessed by one of your Absorbed Characters that you meet the Racial Requirements for (except Mutation, Cybernetic Enhancements, Pure Resolve, Strongest Warrior, Majin Mark or Warlock). If any Traits within that Manifested Power give you any options, you must select the same options as the Absorbed Character. If the Absorbed Character is ejected, you lose access to that Manifested Power.

This effect does not stack. If you would gain a stack of a Manifested Power when gaining a new stack of the Absorption Manifested Power, you lose access to the previous Manifested Power gained through Captured Potential.

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