The Majins are a magic-based race with unique abilities that have existed since the beginning of time. Majin are considered a demonic genie or djinn-people, although it doesn’t seem that they are from the dark Demon Realm itself. Generally, Majins are a fun-loving race who like to eat due to their large appetites. One of the most interesting aspects of Majins is their amorphous, shape-changing bodies that allow them to easily mold their flesh, allowing them to effectively dodge attacks and extend and enlarge their limbs. Majins are also known for the ability to assimilate others into their being, wildly transforming them into new entities.

Majins are often viewed by members of other races to be odd or strange, though some do find them interesting due to their power and unusual abilities. Many Majins aspire to become fighters and study a martial art. With their array of odd powers and durability, Majins are stalwart defenders and powerful allies on the battlefield.

Majin Lore

Majin Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Increase your Personality and either your Force or Spirit Score by +3. Increase your Tenacity score by +2.

Age. Majins don’t age; it is thought that they are immortal beings that will not grow older. However, no one is sure if they are immortal or simply live for eons.

Health Modifier. +3

Size. Majins have a height of 3’0” to 8’0” and weigh from 140lb to 700lb. Majin characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Z-Soul. Most tend to focus on having fun and eating. They like to fight, but they fight for fun, not for honor or pride. A Majins’ Z-soul can be related to the following, exploration, entertainment, learning, or culinary.

Majin Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Morale
Skills – Select two of the following: Acrobatics, Athletics, Concealment, Knowledge, Stealth

Rubbery Body (Majin Trait). The magical rubber-like material that makes up a Majin’s body is malleable, durable, and robust. You don’t have the same type of vital organs normal species do. This allows you to not only receive a large amount of damage, but also heal your own wounds. You can recover from extremely grievous wounds, even amputation or dismemberment. You gain the following abilities:

  • Elastic Regeneration. You may spend One Action and 4(T) Ki Points to activate a Healing Surge Maneuver even if you’ve already used your allocated Surge Maneuver. If you use this ability of Elastic Regeneration, suffer from the Impediment Combat Condition on your next Combat Roll.

    Additionally, when you reach a Health Threshold, you may immediately activate a Healing Surge even if you’ve already used your allocated Surge Maneuver, and increase the result by +1d8(T) if you reached the Bloodied Threshold, +2d8(T) if you reached the Injured Threshold, or +3d8(T) if you reached the Wounded Threshold.
  • Stretchy Physique. When performing a Physical Attack, you may increase the range by +2 Squares by spending +2(T) Ki Points. There must be a clear line that doesn’t pass an obstruction between you and the target. You also provoke Counter Actions from opponents in melee range.

    When a character who has Grappled you attempts to Pin you, reduce their roll by -2(T).
  • Bouncy Body. Increase your Soak Value by +2(T) and your Defense Value by +1(T). All Direct Damage you take is considered to be Lethal Damage.

    If you use the Rebound Parry Maneuver, do not reduce your Natural Result of your dice rolls.

Spellbound (Majin Trait). The Majin race are known for their unique, magical abilities. At character creation, you may select two of these abilities:

  • Transfiguration Beam. You may attempt to turn a target into another object – usually food. For Two Actions and 7(T) Ki Points, you may make a Magic Strike Roll against a target that is not at Long Range. Reduce your Strike Roll as if you were making a Called Shot and you cannot benefit from any Extra Dice other than your Tier of Power dice on this Strike Roll. If you successfully strike them, they are turned into the object you wished to turn them into (their Size Category changing appropriately), and then make an opposed Cognitive Save. If one character has a higher Tier of Power, they gain +1(T) to their Cognitive Save for this check. If you win, the target has their number of actions reduced to zero and gains the Prone Combat Condition for 1d4 Combat Rounds, after which they return to normal. If they are within your Melee Range, you may spend One Action to Assimilate them without needing to create a Goo Creature or follow any typical steps of Assimilation. If you lose, the target gains the Candy Combat Condition.

    Opponents cannot Guard against the Transfiguration Beam but they can use the Parry Maneuver’s Deflect ability.
  • Animation Ray. You may spend One Action and 5(T) Ki Points to turn an inanimate object into a Minion. Use the Minion Creation Rules. You can return the minion to being an inanimate object as an Instant Action.
  • Quick Sleep. You may spend One Action to quickly sleep. Gain the benefits of Combat Recovery.
  • Goop Throw. Once per Combat Round, you may throw a piece of your body at another character by spending One Action and receiving 3(T) Lethal Damage, which cannot be reduced by any means. Make a Physical Strike Roll against a target that is not at Long Range. If they successfully dodge, nothing happens. If they are hit, the goop attempts to wrap around them and they must make an Impulsive Saving Throw, TN Medium. If they pass, they suffer from the Guard Down Combat Condition on their next Dodge Roll. If they fail, they gain the Prone Combat Condition and cannot lose it until they destroy the goop. The goop has 10(T) Life Points and any damage inflicted to the prone character by anyone other than yourself is also inflicted to the goop.
  • Detached Limbs. When you make an attack, it can originate from one of your Goo Creatures rather than you. Use the Goo Creature’s Strike Roll but use your Wound Roll. Before they roll to dodge, your opponent must roll an Impulsive Saving Throw, TN Hard. If they pass, nothing happens. If they fail, they suffer from the Guard Down Combat Condition against this attack.
  • Magical Being. While they’re Magical Abilities that anyone can learn, your natural inclination towards these abilities allows you to use them freely. At character creation you gain the following Magical Abilities for free: Magical Materialization, Telekinesis, and Healing Wave.

Majin See, Majin Do (Majin Trait). Once per Combat Encounter, you may use a Signature Technique or Magical Ability that has been used by another character in this Combat Encounter. Increase the Ki Point cost of the Signature Technique or Magical Ability by +2(T).

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): At the end of the Combat Encounter, you may create a Signature Technique or Magical Ability that you used from another character during this Combat Encounter. Reduce its Technique Point cost by -5.

Do not increase the Ki Point cost or reduce the Technique Point cost if the copied Signature Technique or Magical Ability is already a result of a Signature Technique or Magical Ability being copied.

From Goop (Majin Trait).

Majins are not made of the same flesh and bone as most races. Their flexible body can be best described as a humanoid pile of goop with a texture similar to chewing gum. This uniqueness, however, affords them the ability to separate portions of their body to be used for a variety of abilities.

You may spend up to Three Actions to create a Goo Creature. For every Action spent, pay 4(T) Ki Points and create one Goo Creature. Goo Creatures are unique Minions that do not have Ki Points, do not follow the Minion rules for deciding Life Points, possess a Tier of Power equal to yours and do not go through Character Creation. They additionally cannot take any actions to make any kind of attacking maneuver.

When you are knocked through a Health Threshold, or if your Life Points are reduced to 0, by an opponent’s attack that dealt Lethal Damage, you may make a Goo Creature immediately without paying the Ki Point or Action cost.

Goo Creature Aptitudes
Strike: Starts at 2 and increases by +3(T).
Dodge: Starts at 2 and increases by +3(T).
Size: Small.
Corporeal Save: Starts at 2 and increases by +3(T).
Stealth Proficiency: Starts at Experienced and gains one Proficiency for each ToP.
Ground Speed: Starts at 2 and increases by 4(T)
Life Points: Starts at 12 and increases by 10(T)

If your Life Points are reduced to 0, although you are defeated, you may continue to control your Goo Creatures as if you have used the Command Maneuver for them (this also applies to Mini Majins). Goo Creatures can spend One Action to activate one of the following abilities:

  • Mini Majin. They can transform into a miniature version of the Majin character, no longer being classified as a Goo Creature for effects related to them. They are Minions that have your base Attribute Modifiers, Talents, Skills, Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities. They do not possess your Racial Traits or Transformations. Reduce their Combat Rolls by -1(T) and treat them as one Tier of Power lower than you. They gain typical Minion Life/Ki Points. Any damage they had received as a Goo Creature is removed from their new Life Point Pool.

    When creating a Mini Majin, you may spend 4(T) Ki Points to remove the penalty to their Combat Rolls.
  • Gathering Regeneration. You may recall your Goo Creature to you, reducing its Life Points to 0, and you gain Life Points equal to 1/2 of what it had. This does not allow you to exceed your Life Point Limit. Once per Combat Encounter, if your Life Points are reduced to 0, you may use this action to instead cause your Goo Creatures to fuse together and revive you. Your Life Points become equal to 1/2 of the combined Life Points of the combined Goo Creatures, then you may activate a Healing Surge that benefits from Elastic Regeneration’s bonus depending on what Health Thresholds you are below.
  • Assimilation. Your Goo Creature may attempt to engulf a character, allowing you to absorb them. The Goo Creature rolls a Grapple Maneuver to try to capture a target. If the target beats the Goo Creature, they avoid being absorbed and may make an out-of-sequence, basic attack of any type against the Goo. If the Goo Creature wins, they have failed and are grappled.

    Using the Goo Creature’s Corporeal Saving Throw, make an opposed Corporeal Saving Throw against the Grappled character. If the target beats the Goo Creature, they avoid being absorbed and may make an out-of-sequence, basic attack of any type against the Goo Creature. If the Goo Creature wins, the target is absorbed into the Goo Creature and it returns to you. Combat is paused as the target becomes an Absorbed Character and you gain a stack of the Absorption Manifested Power associated with that character. Notably, if an absorbed character is 5+ Power Levels below your current Power Level, you don’t gain the benefits stated above; instead you will simply restore 2d10(T) worth of Life and Ki points and reduce their Life Points to 0.
    Escaping Assimilation. An Absorbed Character is removed from Combat for the duration of the absorption, but on their position in Initiative, they may roll an Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw against the Majin that absorbed them. If the Absorbed Character loses, they gain +1 to following Cognitive Saves to escape Assimilation (this effect is cumulative) but remain absorbed. If the Absorbed Character wins, they are ejected from assimilation and can take their turn as normal.

    For each Absorbed Character after the first, reduce your Cognitive Saving Throws by -1(T). If one character escapes from Assimilation, all other Absorbed Characters may immediately attempt an Opposed Cognitive Save against you to escape.

    If a character(s) is ejected from Assimilation, receive 2d10(T) Lethal Damage and suffer from Stress Exhaustion. You cannot reduce this damage by any means.

    At the end of the Combat Encounter or if the Majin character is defeated, all Absorbed Characters are ejected, but you do not suffer Lethal Damage from ejection through this method.

    Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): At the end of the Combat Encounter, instead of ejecting all Absorbed Characters, you may make a final Opposed Cognitive Save against any Absorbed Characters to escape Assimilation. If you lose, they are ejected but their Life Points are reduced by 1/2. If you win, they are permanently assimilated and can only attempt to escape Assimilation when another Absorbed Character successfully escapes Assimilation, unless they escaped due to the current Combat Encounter ending or the Majin being defeated.
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