Super Saiyan 4

Combining the wild power of the Oozaru with the furious power of the Super Saiyan transformation and compressing all that might into a humanoid form, you have become a being that surpasses all other saiyans. This could be said to be the true form of a ‘Super Saiyan’ or perhaps it’s the very transformation spoken of in legend? Regardless of such thoughts, one fact is clear: between your overflowing hair, the red marks around your eyes, the scarlet fur wrapped around your body and the increase in height and muscle mass – you are a sight to behold. This is primal power at its finest and you’re capable of directing every drop of this saiyan-power tsunami directly into your enemies. They won’t see what’s coming.

When you destroy a piece of Apparel through the Ripping Apparel rule when entering this Transformation, you regain that piece of Apparel (already equipped) when you leave this Transformation. It maintains the same values it had just before it was destroyed, including its current Break Value.

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), Raging (Level 1), Size Increasing (Level 1), Durable Form (Level 4), High-Speed Form (Level 3), Bright Aura, Strainless, Power High (Level 3), Dedicated Transformation
+4(T) +4(T)+2(T) +4(T)

Utmost Saiyan Power. You gain a stack of Battle Born at the start of every Combat Round, instead of every two Combat Rounds. Additionally, increase the limit of Battle Born stacks to 3 for each Combat Roll instead of 2. If you are the target of the Empower Maneuver, in which a target chooses to give the maximum amount of Ki Points they can (based only on their Empowerment Roll), you may forgo gaining any Ki Points to instead gain +1 stack of Battle Born.

Increase each of your Combat Rolls by +1d4 for each stack of Battle Born on them. For example, if you have 2 stacks of Battle Born on Strike and 3 stacks of Battle Born on Wound, you would increase them by +2d4 and +3d4 respectively.

When you have 9+ stacks of Battle Born, you may use the 100% Power rule for Super Saiyan 4 even if you do not have access to it. Once you leave the Full Power stage of this Transformation, if you entered it through this effect, you lose access to it.

While in the Full Power State, you gain the following bonuses:

  • Increase the Dice Category of all Extra Dice gained from Utmost Saiyan Power by +1 Dice Category.
  • Once per Combat Encounter, when you are successfully struck (hit) by a Signature Technique you may use a Signature Technique as an Out-of-Sequence Action against the attacker. You may choose to either: Increase the Wound Roll of this Technique by 1/2 the damage you suffered from that attack after applying your Soak Value, or activate a Primal Surge Maneuver before you use your Signature Technique.
  • If you enter the Full Power Transformation while benefiting from Miracle Empowerment, reduce the Dice Category by -1 (d6s become d4s) but you retain access to these Extra Dice until you leave the Full Power Transformation, or the Combat Encounter ends.

Super Saiyan Divergence. When you transform into this Transformation, increase your Maximum Ki Point Pool and Capacity Rate by +1/4 of their totals, respectively. This effect applies before any other effects that occur during a Transformation.

Once per Combat Encounter, when using a Primal Surge while in this Transformation, you may regain Ki Points equal to 1/4 of your current Capacity Rate.

Once per Combat Round, when you use the Direct Hit or Guard Parry Maneuver, increase your Soak Value by +4(T) for that attack, before any calculations.

Perfected Oozaru. When attacking an opponent or being attacked by an opponent, you can treat their Size Category as if it was +/-1 Size Category smaller or larger for the sake of the Punching Up and Punching Down rules.

For each Health Threshold you are below, increase your Combat Rolls by +1d6.

If you do not have a tail when you transform into Super Saiyan 4, you gain one immediately and while in the Super Saiyan 4 Transformation, your tail cannot be removed by any means. You will not transform into the Oozaru Alternate Form while in this Transformation, even if you stare at a full moon.

Multiplicative Technique. When you transform into this Transformation, choose one of your Signature Techniques. Until you leave this Transformation, increase the Ki Point Cost for that Signature Technique by +4(T) and gain the following benefits:

  • Increase the bonus to Wound Rolls from Battle Born when using this Signature Technique by x4.
  • Treat every 2 Ki Points wagered on this Signature Technique as if they were 3 Ki Points for the sake of calculating the bonus to your Wound Roll.
  • You may add +1 Advantage to this Signature Technique for free, decided when it is selected for Multiplicative Technique.

All bonuses from Multiplicative Technique are lost when you leave this Transformation.

Super Saiyan 4 Mastery. Mastery for Super Saiyan 4 can be gained twice. Each time you gain Mastery for Super Saiyan 4, increase the Dice Category of the Extra Dice gained from Utmost Saiyan Power by +1 Dice Category (d4 becomes d6 and then d8). When you gain Mastery for Super Saiyan 4, you gain these bonuses in order of Mastery:

  • Primal Saiyan. The first time that you Master Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 4 loses the Power High Aspect and gains the Enhanced Save (Morale) Aspect.
  • Acclimated State. While in the Full Power State, increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/FO/SP) by an additional +1(T) and use your current Tier of Power instead of the Full Power Transformation’s Tier of Power Requirement for the Attribute Modifier Bonus calculation for the Full Power State.

Legendary Trait

Primal Saiyan Legacy. When you use any type of Surge Maneuver, activated in any way, you can elect to use a Primal Surge Maneuver instead. The Primal Surge Maneuver is considered a Healing Surge Maneuver and/or a Power Surge Maneuver for any Traits, Talents or other effects that activate when you activate one of those Surge Maneuvers.

  • Primal Surge. Regain +3d10(T) Life Points and Ki Points.
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