Variant Rules

Variant Rules. In this section you will find all the different variant rules listed through the DBU RPG.

Alternate Attribute Generation Variant Rule
Rolled Attribute Generation. At character creation, you can roll your starting Attribute Scores. Roll a set of 7 d8s. Record the dice results and assign each result to one of your 7 attributes.

Point Distribution. At character creation, you can gain 12 Attribute Points to spend on your starting Attribute Scores. All scores start at 2 and no single score can exceed 8 before applying Racial Attribute Bonuses.
Limitless Capacity Variant Rule
Limitless Capacity. The following variant can be used in place of the standard Capacity Rate method. This option gives you the ability to use as many Ki Points as you wish. Instead of the regular Capacity Rate rule, you can spend Ki Points freely during your turn as well as the entirety of combat, up to your total Ki Point Pool limit.
Experience System Variant Rule
Experience System. In this variant, your character starts at Power Level 1 and increases in power by adventuring and gaining Experience Points. To figure out the number of Experience Points required for you to advance in Power Level, simply multiply your current level by 90. Each time you gain a Power Level, your Experience Points will reset back to 0.  See the table below for examples.
Power LevelExperience Points
+1PL * 90
Easy Game Difficulty
Easy Game Difficulty. This variant rule gives you more Life Points, which allows your character to sustain more damage than normal. When using this variant rule, you will roll +1d10 in addition to the normal d10s you roll for Life Points at character creation and for each Power Level. Additionally, increase your species’ Health Modifier by x2.
Pure Progression
Pure Progression (Optional Combat Condition). With this rule in play, during each Combat Encounter you gain combat experience every second of a fight; your powers and strengths growing exponentially in real-time. While in a Combat Encounter, whenever you fail a Strike Roll or a Dodge Roll, increase that respective Combat Roll by +1. This bonus stacks, and can increase your Combat Rolls by up to +3(T). After the Combat Encounter has ended, if playing with Experience Points, you gain a bonus amount of Experience equal to the total amount of increases from Pure Progression during the encounter, multiplied by x10. This represents the combat experience and increase in power gained through Pure Progression during combat.
Tremendous Power Variant Rule
Tremendous Power. You can have as many Enhancement Powers activated as you wish, there is no limit. However, upon activating 2 Enhancement Powers, and for every additional Enhancement Power activated thereafter, increase your overall Stress Test requirement by +5. Moreover, each time you are required to take a Stress Test, for any reason, you must pay 1d10(T) Ki Points for each additional Enhancement Power to maintain all the different powers and forms activated. If you have more than 2 Enhancement Powers activated and you fail your Stress Test, not only do you suffer Stress Exhaustion, you will also suffer 2d10(T) Lethal Damage for each one.
Average Life Points Variant Rule
Average Life Points. Whenever you gain Life Points in this Variant, instead of rolling d10s, you take a 6 for each die you roll.  For example, at Character Creation, instead of rolling 5d10, you simply have 30 Life Points, plus your Racial Health Modifier and your Tenacity Score.
Stress Test Variant Rule
Uncoupled Stress Tests. Ignore the Limit Breaker rule for Personality. Decrease all Stress Test Requirements by -1(T).
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