Update Fixes 0.7.1 (12/16/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Alternate Form and Legendary Form Transformation Rules. Additional Aspects have been added. Minor balance changes throughout.

Super Saiyan > Mastering Super Saiyan 3 removes the limitation to Blood of the Warrior.

Super Saiyan God/Blue > Blue has been rolled into the second stage of Super Saiyan God as per request. Rules for multiple stages of Legendary Forms have been added.

Metamorphosis > Mastered stages of Metamorphosis retain their Stress Test Requirement but it does not need to be rolled for unless you are also using an Enhancement Power in conjunction with it.

Transfiguration Beam/Assimilation > Limited Transfiguration Beam to base Strike Value and the only Extra Dice allowed are Tier of Power Extra Dice to limit abuse from Bio Androids and certain builds. Assimilated Targets now gain +1 to their Cognitive Saving Throws each time they fail to break free of Assimilation.

Talents > You now gain 2 Talents at Character Creation and +1 Talent each time you reach a new Tier of Power. This is to assist in building unique and interesting characters. Some Talents have been changed to be more effective or inclusive (Brutal Kata, Second Wind and Powered Strike). New Talents have been added (Slow Starter, Master of Martial Arts, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Dramatic Pose, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Team Pose, Desperate Transformation and Pacifistic Warrior).

Actions & Combat > Two new maneuvers have been added (Holding Back Maneuver and Rush Clash Maneuver).

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