Update Fixes 0.7.0 (12/09/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Transformation Rules.  Removed Instinctual Forms category.  Added new Legendary Forms category.  Updated most transformations, and changed category for several transformations as well.

Transformations > Aspects > Added Aspects to transformations.  Added new page detailing aspects for all transformations.

Transformations > Fusion > Changed Fusion Rules.

Races > Races have been updated.  Bio Android added as a new race.

Signature Techniques > Signatures have been changed, added technique types for Auras and the Magical Foundation.  Advantages and Disadvantages have been updated.  Spellbook added.

Gear and Equipment > Updated Gear and Equipment. Removed Wealth.  Separated Vehicles into separate page.

Talents > Talents have been updated.  New Talents have been added.

Z-Soul > Added new information

Downtime > Updated Downtime Activites and Training options

Core Rules > Updated Core Rules.  Split Attributes into a new page.  Combined Strength and Potency into a new Attribute: Force.

Actions and Combat > Updated Maneuvers.

Introduction > Updated Introduction text.

Character Creation > Updated the rules for Character Creation.

Attacking & Conditions > Major changes.  Rage is now a Combat Condition.

Adversaries & Villains > Changes made to simplify this system.

Minions > New system added for Minions.

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