(Update) Bug Fixes 0.0.9 (06/11/2020)

New Page > Campaign & Setting > Adversaries and Villains > This new page will feature the guidelines on how to create monsters and bad guys for your campaign and games. The page is still under construction and more content is to come. This is a brand new section for the DBU system. Please be aware of balance, grammar and playable issues. Updates and fixes will be applied to the new page and announced by bug fixes.

The first update to the Adversaries and Villains page is quick build rules. These rules let you create an adversary quickly and they are simple to understand. We’ll expand upon these rules as we move forward with the new section.

The next step for the page is to add full stat boxes rules for adversaries.

This page is heavy base on D&D 5th edition rule set and has give Us are great base to modify, develop, improve and expand. Please join our discord server and let Us know your thoughts and feedback!

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