Bug Fixes 0.0.8 (05/29/2020)

  • Page Actions & Combat > Initiative Advantage > (Text change) “If your initiative is ten (10) higher than all enemy combatants in a combat encounter, you will get one (1) additional action to spend during each of your turns.”

  • Page Attacking & Conditions > Attack Types > (Added Text) Incantation (2). A flash of magical energy blasted at a target. A magical incantation attack can only target a single enemy. This is your default magical attack if no other type is chosen. An incantation can be any type of non-specific magical energy determined by you and the ARC.

  • Page Gear & Equipment > Battle Jacket > (Add Text) Add text and information to clarify how strike and dodge work while piloting a battle jacket.

  • Page Gear & Equipment > Battle Jacket > (Add Text) “Size is determined by your Architect.”

  • Page Talents > Energy Slinger > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from second effect.

  • Page Talents > Martial Prowess > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from second effect.

  • Page Talents > Frenzy > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from the effect.

  • Page Actions & Combat > Bonus Momentum > (Changed Text) “If you attempt to attack any target and you do not successfully strike any targets during the round you will gain one (+1) karma point – you cannot gain more than one karma point per round this way.”
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot > (Changed Text) “While piloting a Battle Jacket, add your suits full agility modifier to your dodge rolls.”

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