Bug Fixes 0.1.0 (06/14/2020)

  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Power Boost S,M,L > (Added item) Add items to booster list.
  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Energy Booster X > (Add item/changed text) Add item to booster list – change related race staring equipment.
  • Page > Talents > Fleet of Fist > (Change text) Corrected Prerequisite
  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Aura Booster > (Change text) Corrected some text number values.
  • Page > Power Boost > Boosting & Adaptive > (Add text) Add text to clarify rules and limit double dipping.
  • Page > Signature Attack > Efficiency > (Changed text) “Decreases the total ki point cost of your technique. Reduce the total ki point cost of your technique by one-fourth (1/4) its total. You can take this advantage twice. This advantage reduces the finally ki point cost of your signature.”
  • Page > Power Boost > Attribute Bonuses > (Changed Text) Change attribute bonus table to reflect other transformations. Stats with a ‘-‘ no longer befit from adaptive.
  • Page > Talents > Under Pressure > (Added text) Add text to clarity how talent functions.
  • Page > Character Creation > Character Perks > Mixture > (Added text) Add option to increase skill rank or gain skill proficiency.

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