Update Fixes 0.2.1 (11/06/2020)

Character Creation > Tier of Power > Added new section ‘Cost of Power’ – this section explains the increase cost of base ki points for attack, technique and ability types.

Shinjin Racial Trait Preview – WIP

Celestial Potential (Shinjin Trait). Your natural potential is unlocked from birth and you are more adept than other species. Once per combat encounter, you can reduce the negative effects of a single botch dice result by one (-1). Increase the number of times you can use Celestial Potential during a combat encounter by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. As an example, at tier of power three you can reduce the negative effects of up to three (3) separate botched rolls during a single combat encounter.

The effects of Celestial Potential stack with the effects of the Manifested Power Unlocked Potential.

Cosmic Efficiency (Shinjin Trait). You have absolute control of the flow of Ki throughout your body. This natural affinity allows you to use your ki in the most effective and efficient way. When using Ki Points for any reason, reduce the amount of required points by half (1/2) your Spirit modifier, to a minimum of two (2). This stacks with other talents and traits that also reduce Ki Point cost. However, regardless of the minimum required from other sources you must always pay at least a minimum two (2) Ki Point requirement. This minimum is increase by three (+3) for each tier of Power reached.

Cosmic Efficiency is always applied last after all other Ki reducing abilities, traits, or other such capabilities.

Far Seeing (Shinjin Trait). Part of your natural divinity as a Shinjin lets you can see past the natural barrier of reality and into the celestial. When making any of the following skill checks increase your natural result by 1d6, increase this bonus by +1d6 for each tier of power reached. Far seeing affects the following skills: knowledge (Any), Creature Handling, Clairvoyance, Perception, Use Magic, and Investigation.

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