Update Fixes 0.2.0 (10/27/2020)

Digital Auto Calculating Character Sheet >Now available in the download selection. Please follow guide on how to download and copy. Requires Google Drive.

Actions & Conditions > Maneuvers > Add new text = “You get one free (+1) counter maneuver per round of combat that doesn’t count towards your normal actions. Increase this number of free counter maneuver(s) you have each round by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. However, you may also spend your normal actions as a counter maneuver.”

Introduction > Variant Rules > Added new text block about optional rules.

Core Rules > Dice Creep > New variant rule added

Core Rules > Skill Proficiency > Cleaned up text and add information about skill proficiency ranks.

Earthlings > Beastmen > Bite Trait > This trait can now only be used once per round of combat.

Namekians > Correct some grammar errors.

Gear & Equipment > Gear Kits > Martial Artist > Added one free weapon quality to free weapon from kit.

Gear & Equipment > Ranged Weapon > Add base damage for ranged weapons and optional increases for additional wealth.

Gear & Equipment > Boosters > Power Boosters > Changed text to better reflect booster’s effects.

*Change Character Sheet webpage title to Downloads.

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