Update Fixes 0.1.2 (08/25/2020)

Page > Transformation Rules > Alternative Forms (Add new rules)

Page > Adversaries & Villains > Creating Quick Adversary Stats (Changed Life Point averages)

Page > Actions & Combat > Actions (Increased based actions)

Page > Gear & Equipment > Weapon Qualities > (Add new weapon quality) “Sunder (+30w) – If you successfully strike a target, you can reduce your damage by one-half (1/2) and change its damage type of standard. If you do so, roll 1d4 and inflict that much damage to the target’s armor’s break value. Alternatively, using the called shot action you can declare a target’s weapon and use Sunder against the target’s weapon’s break value following the same rules for Sunder against armor. “

Page > Super Saiyan > Ascended Saiyan (Changes to traits)

Page > Actions & Combat (Add new maneuver Transformation)

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