Bug Fixes 0.0.4 (04/05/2020)

  • Page Character Creation > Techniques > (Text Add): “Added text about saving technique points.”
  • Page Character Creation > Character Perks > (Text Add): “Explain gaining a specific perk versus gaining your choice of a character perk.”
  • Page Magical Abilities > Assault & Damage Effects > (Text Add to): “You can take this effect once for each tier of power reached.
  • Page Gear & Equipment > Gear Kit > (Text Add): “Your character’s race will determine what gear kits you can take at character creation; see your race’s starting gear section near the bottom of their page.”
  • Page Android > Overdrive > (Text Change): “Made changes to racial trait Overdrive.”
  • Page Signature Attack > Rapid Fire > (Text Change): “Made changes to rapid fire technique.”
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