Bug Fixes 0.0.3 (03/27/2020)

  • Page Androids > Stamina Drain > (Text Change): “Increase the number of life points stolen by organic consumption by one-half (1/2) the target’s tenacity modifier for each tier of power reached.”
  • Page Saiyans > Fluff Text > (Text Corrections): “Fixed general grammar issues. No rule changes”
  • Page Super Saiyan > Stacking Power > (Added Text): “Add new section about SSJ attribute modifier stacking.”
  • Page Namekian > Cellular Proliferation Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Majin > Elastic Regeneration Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Talents > Ballistic Specialist Talent > (Change Text): “Select one weapon you own, when using the select weapon you add your full Agility modifier to your strike rolls.”
  • Page Z-Soul > Starting Karma > (Section Added): “Starting Karma Section.”
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