Legendary Super Saiyan

It’s said that once every thousand years, a legendary figure amongst Saiyans will be born and terrorize the universe as an unstoppable force capable of destroying everything. You are that legend. Your body swells with bulging muscles as you stand head and shoulders above the competition, your hair spiked up into a glorious emerald gleam while a seemingly endless amount of energy pours out of you.

To gain access to the Legendary Super Saiyan Legendary Form, there are three paths:

  • 1) You only have access to the first stage of the Super Saiyan Alternate Form at Tier of Power 4 and your ARC allows you to attempt the Stress Test for Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • 2) You have access to both the Super Saiyan Alternate Form and the Wrathful Enhancement Power at Tier of Power 4 and enter the Rage Combat Condition while using both transformations simultaneously. Your ARC may allow you to attempt to make the Stress Test for Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • 3) Your ARC has agreed to give you access to the Legendary Super Saiyan form from Character Creation. You cannot transform into this state until you reach Tier of Power 4 but you are freely able to do so upon reaching that Tier of Power. If an ARC would allow this, they should be cautious of the character becoming too powerful at the start of Tier of Power 4.

Traditionally, only one character in a campaign can gain access to Legendary Super Saiyan. There can be some exceptions to this; each universe can have their own Legendary Super Saiyan and as they appear every thousand years, the use of time travel can allow for multiple Legendary Super Saiyans to meet at a time.

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 24
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), Raging, Rampaging (Level 3), Size Increasing (Level 1), Durable Form (Level 3)
+3(T) +3(T)+1(T) +3(T)

True Super Saiyan. When you transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan Legendary Form, or by spending One Action on your turn, choose a stage of the Super Saiyan Alternate Form you have access to. You gain the Attribute Modifier Bonuses and traits of the Super Saiyan Alternate Form up to that stage.

Increase the Stress Test Requirement of Legendary Super Saiyan by +4 for each stage of Super Saiyan you are currently benefiting from through True Super Saiyan. For example, when benefiting from Super Saiyan 3, the Stress Test Requirement for Legendary Super Saiyan is 36.

The Attribute Modifier Bonuses gained through True Super Saiyan do not include the bonuses from Super Saiyan of Legend.

Unlimited Power. You gain a stack of Battle Born at the start of every Combat Round, instead of every two Combat Rounds. Decrease the limit for your Dodge and Strike Battle Born stacks to just 1. If you had more than one stack of Battle Born benefiting Dodge and Strike, move those stacks to Wound. Your bonus to Wound rolls from Battle Born has no limit. 

At the start of each of your turns, you must make a Morale Saving Throw, TN Hard. If you succeed, nothing happens. If you fail, you must spend One Action to use a Power Surge Maneuver.

Overflowing Power. When you use a Power Surge Maneuver, make a basic Explosion Energy Attack centered on the square you are on as an Out-of-Sequence action. You cannot Ki Wager on this attack and allies within range are also considered targets.

Unstable Power. At the end of every Combat Round, take Lethal Damage equal to your current bonus to Wound Rolls from Battle Born and 1/10th of your current Ki Points. Damage from Unstable Power cannot be reduced by any means.

If your Life Points are reduced to 0 by Legendary Super Saiyan’s traits, your power explodes and you destroy the current planet you are on. You may spend 2 Karma Points to avoid this effect of Unstable Power.

Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery. Mastery for Legendary Super Saiyan can be gained up to three times. Each time you gain a mastery, reduce the level of the Rampaging Aspect by -1, reduce the Stress Test Requirement increases from the True Super Saiyan trait by -1 per stage of Super Saiyan and you gain one of the following benefits (you choose):

  • Controlled Movement. For the Unlimited Power trait, increase your maximum Battle Born stacks for Strike and Dodge to 2 but limit your Wound Battle Born stacks to 6. You no longer receive Lethal Damage equal to your Wound Roll bonus from Battle Born through the Unstable Power trait.
  • Controlled Energy. You no longer use a Power Surge Maneuver through Unlimited Power. Instead, you may spend One Action to use a Power Surge Maneuver. You can only use this effect a number of times equal to your current Tier of Power and only once per Combat Round. You no longer receive Lethal Damage from your current Ki Points through the Unstable Power trait.
  • Controlled Power. You lose access to the Overflowing Power trait. Instead, you gain the Rising Saiyan Power trait described below.

Rising Saiyan Power. Once per Combat Round, when you use a Power Surge Maneuver, you may make a basic attack against one target as an Out-of-Sequence action.’

Legendary Trait

Super Saiyan of Legend. All of your transformations that require the Saiyan race receive a bonus of +1(T) to their Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/FO/SP) and gain +1 level of the Durable Form Aspect. If the transformation has multiple stages, only the first stage gains the bonus to their Attribute Modifiers. This bonus still applies to later stages through the rules of Stacking Power (see – Transformation Rules).

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