Downtime is a host of variant rules that you and your ARC can include in a game session or campaign. These rules function to fill your time during a game when your character would not necessary be doing anything important or involved in a major going story hook.

Each time your ARC defines a single play session you will gain one (1) Downtime Point which you can spend to preform downtime activities. You could also earn points by roleplaying effectively, by doing some truly heroic or epic during normal gameplay, or even as an alternative to experience points. Your ARC can even award them simply for showing up on time to a planned game session. Your ARC will ultimately decide how downtime points are gained and when they can be spent.

Wealth Gain

You can spend downtime points to increase or gain wealth. You can spend wealth on all kinds of useful gadgets and gear. (See Equipment & Gear Section)

To gain wealth, you will spend two (2) downtime points and roll a Wealth Check. To make a Wealth Check add together your Insight, Scholarship and one (1) other attribute modifier determined by your ARC and a d10. Your ARC determined attribute will typically be related to the method of making wealth you are preforming. Such as if you are attempting to gain wealth by gambling you might use your Personality score.

Compare your dice score to the results below to determine the amount of wealth you might incur. You can spend one (1) additional Downtime point when you make a wealth check and increase the number of variant dice you gain by +1d8.

Check ResultsWealth BonusVariant


You can spend downtime points to train your mind, your body and perfect your techniques or abilities. To train, you will spend four (4) downtime points and roll a Training Check. To make a Training Check add together your highest attribute modifier, your lowest attribute modifier and one (1) other attribute modifier of your choice and a d10. You can not select your highest or lowest attribute modifier as your chosen attribute modifier.

Compare your dice score to the table below to determine the amount of experience points and character perks you might again. If you roll a successful Training Check you will gain experience dice, you will roll these dice and you will gain an amount of experience points equal to your dice score. You can spend two (2) additional Downtime points when you make a training check to increase the number of experience point dice you gain by +2d10.

Check ResultsCharacter PerksExperience Dice
Note. Your ARC might limit the amount of character perks or experience you can gain using training. 

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