Training is an integral part of Dragon Ball and its sequel shows. Preparing for the arrival of a great enemy, trying to outdo a rival player or NPC, or for the survival of the universe! 

Downtime is a host of variant rules that you and your ARC can choose to include in a campaign. These rules function to fill your time during a game where your character is not doing anything pressing, or preparing with some time before the event, or is just not involved in a major story hook. 

A Downtime Period consists of one or more months of inactivity in the campaign where characters can train, interact, and perform mundane tasks by spending Downtime Points (DT). One Downtime Point is gained for each month in a Downtime Period.

Downtime, no matter what, must always have at least 1 point spent on the activity or training.

Stress is accumulated during training. If training would increase your stress above 100, you cannot perform that training. If you wish to continue training, you must first reduce your stress with one of the Downtime Activities listed at the bottom of this page. Stress is lost at the end of each Downtime Period.

Example One: The party has just completed a major story arc and is looking forward to the World Martial Arts Tournament coming up in three months.  During this time, they plan to train in order to better perform at the tournament. The characters have 3 DT Points to use but say one of the characters wants to obtain a new transformation, they would have to apply a Training Modifier approved by the ARC to reduce the DT cost of that Training Type. For example, they may train under high gravity to achieve this effect. Of course, this would require them to narratively have access to a gravity machine or other tool for providing the conditions for this Training Modifier.

Example Two: The party has just been defeated by a major villain and needs to get stronger fast.  They visit the Lookout to take advantage of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber there. As the Hyperbolic Time Chamber turns one day into a year, characters who enter would gain +12 DT Points to use during that Downtime Period.  They can apply Gravity Training once, but as they get used to the gravity, this modifier no longer applies, and the rest of their training must be without this modifier.

When applying longer periods of Downtime, your ARC may choose to instead represent this Downtime with Milestones. Be careful when applying DT in large amounts, as it may affect the balance of the game.

Training Types

Downtime Points RequiredType of TrainingStressTraining Effects
2DTBasic Training+20Gain +2 Attribute Points to spend immediately. You cannot spend these on Scholarship or Personality.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): After completing this Downtime Activity, gain +1 Potential. Once you have 4, you grow and gain +1 Power Level. ARC’s may have this be the only way to gain Power Levels. 
This optional rule can be volatile, make sure it fits for your style of game.
2DTTechnique Training+20Gain +5 Technique Points, then spend Technique Points to do one of the following:
– Modify one of your existing Signature Techniques as if you were creating it.  You are limited to adding and/or removing one Advantage and Disadvantage each.
– Modify one of your existing Magical Abilities as if you were creating it.  You are limited to adding and/or removing one Magical Effect.
– Create a Signature Technique.  You may add as many Advantages and Disadvantages as you can afford.
– Create a Magical Ability.  You may add as many Magical Effects as you can afford.
– Purchase a Magical Ability from the Spellbook.
3DTTransformation Mastery+40Gain Mastery over a transformation that your ARC says you are allowed to master. Traditionally, you should not be able to select this training option multiple times during a Downtime Period but your ARC may allow you to.
4DTAcquire New Transformation+60Choose one transformation that your ARC says you are eligible for.  You gain access to that transformation.

Training Modifiers

Type of ModifierDT CostStressTraining Effects
Partner+1DT +20In addition to whatever other training you receive, gain the effects of Basic Training.
Mentor+0DT+0Mentor’s effect changes based on whatever training you’re undertaking: 

Basic Training. Gain +1 Attribute Point to spend on a different Attribute.
Technique Training. You may add or remove Advantages and Disadvantages up to three times.
Transformation Mastery. Decrease the Stress gained by -10.
Acquire New Transformation. Decrease the DT cost by -1.

You can only use the effects of Mentor once per Downtime Period.
Dangerous Environment-1DT+20You begin the next Combat Session with -1(T) to all Combat Rolls.  This can stack up to 3 times.  After that Combat Session, it wears off. You may remove one stack of this penalty by using the Resting Downtime Activity.  You can only use the effects of Dangerous Environment 3 times per Downtime Period.
Gravity-1DT+40Gain +2 Attribute Points to spend immediately. You cannot spend these on Scholarship or Personality. 
You start your next Combat Encounter at 50% Life Points, unless you use the Resting Downtime Activity.  You can only use the effects of Gravity once per Downtime Period.
Life Threatening-2DT+40Reduce your Maximum Life Points by 1/4th. After your next Combat Session, this wears off.
You may remove one stack of this penalty by using the Resting Downtime Activity. You can only apply the effects of Life Threatening twice per Downtime Period.

Activity Types

DT Points RequiredType of ActivityStress ReductionDowntime Results
1DTResting-20Chill out, grab a Hetap, and relax.
Remove one stack of penalties from the Dangerous Environment, Gravity or Life Threatening Training Modifiers.
1DTStudy-10Gain a Skill Proficiency.  Increase your Scholarship Attribute Score by +1.
1DTCrafting-10Undergo the crafting process as described in Gear & Equipment, except that you do not spend a Karma Point.
2DTBonding-20Gain +1 Karma Point for every Player that chooses this Downtime activity, up to a maximum of +3.  Increase your Personality Attribute Score by +1.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): Different races interact with training in different ways.  Depending on your race, apply the optional effects below when spending DT.

  • Androids: Dangerous Environment does not increase your Stress. Additionally, increase the Stress Reduction from Resting by +20.
  • Arcosian: Reduce the Transformation Mastery DT cost by -1.
  • Bio-Android: Choose one of the races you selected for the Genetic Splicing Racial Trait. You gain their Optional Race DT Rules.
  • Custom Species: Choose one Training Type, it does not increase your Stress.
  • Earthling: When doing Technique Training, increase the bonus Technique Points gained by Quick to Master by +2.
  • Namekians: You may spend 1 DT point to add the Mentor Training Modifier even if you do not have a mentor.
  • Majin: Life Threatening only reduces DT by -1 but your Maximum Life Points are only reduced by 1/10th.
  • Saiyan: Basic Training and the Partner Training Modifier do not increase your Stress.
  • Shinjin: Basic Training can add to your Scholarship or Personality Scores. Increase your Insight Score by +1 if you did not increase your Insight Score through Basic Training, after an instance of Basic Training.
  • Tuffle: Studying increases your Scholarship Attribute Score by +2 and reduces Stress by -20.
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