Training is an integral part of Dragon Ball and its sequel shows. Preparing for the arrival of a great enemy, trying to outdo a rival player or NPC, or for the survival of the universe! 

Downtime is a host of variant rules that you and your ARC can choose to include in a campaign. These rules function to fill your time during a game where your character is not doing anything pressing, or preparing with some time before the event, or is just not involved in a major story hook. The average amount of Downtime to be gained is 4 to 6 Points.

Downtime, no matter what, must always have at least 1 point spent on the activity or training.

Training Types

Downtime Points RequiredType of TrainingTraining Effects
2DTBasic TrainingChoose your highest base Attribute Modifier and your lowest base Attribute Modifier (excluding Scholarship and Personality), and then roll a d10 with those Modifiers added on. You do use your Extra Dice from Tier of Power.

If you fail, you get nothing. If you pass, you get +1 Attribute Points and if you excel, you get +2 Attribute Points to spend immediately. You cannot spend these on Scholarship or Personality.
To Pass: TN Hard
To Excel: TN Very Hard
3DTImage TrainingAkin to Basic Training but you automatically Pass and can spend the Attribute Points on Personality or Scholarship, but not on Force or Tenacity.
3DTTechnique TrainingYou can spend Technique Points to modify one of your existing Signature Techniques as if you were creating one. You are limited to adding or removing one Advantage and/or Disadvantage.
You may also create a Signature Technique using this system, as you would normally. Some ARCs may only allow you to create additional Signature Techniques through this Downtime Activity.
4DTTransformation MasteryRoll a Stress Test for your transformation and track the numbers rolled. If you fail, you gain +5 to mastery and regain 2DT points. If you succeed, gain +10 to mastery and roll another Stress Test under the same conditions but increase the Stress Test by +1. You can do this up to a maximum of five times in one training session.
Once you have 100 Mastery, that form is mastered.
4DTAcquire New TransformationFor any Alternate Form or Legendary Form that you are 3+ power levels above the Tier of Power requirement (e.g. Tier of Power 3 means you must be Power Level 13):
Roll a Stress Test for your transformation and track the numbers rolled. If you fail, disregard the number rolled. If you succeed, track the number rolled after subtracting the Stress Test. Roll once per training session.
When the tracked number is equal to the Stress Test, then you have acquired this transformation.

You and any Mentor you might have must either have the transformation or be aware it exists. Your ARC must give permission for you to gain a Legendary Form through this method.

Training Modifiers

Type of ModifierDT CostTraining Effects
Partner+1DT Add the effects of Basic Training to any training type you do. If you’re doing Basic Training, double the effects.
Mentor+0DTDepending on the type of training, apply:
Basic Training: Lower the TN by one stage.
Image Training: You can apply the Attribute Points to Force or Tenacity.
Technique Training: If you are learning one of their techniques, decrease your technique’s overall Technique Point cost by 5.
Transformation Mastery: Gain +10 additional Mastery.
New Transformation: You may engage in this Type of Training even if you don’t have the Power Level requirement, as long as you have the Tier of Power required of the transformation in question.
Your ARC decides what characters qualify as a mentor.
Time Dilated+0DTYou can choose one type of Training that costs 3DT or less. Do that for free in addition to your other Downtime Activities.
Dangerous Environment-1DTIf you fail a roll for Training, you suffer from the penalties of passing through the Bloodied Health Threshold, as if you failed your Steadfast Save, without having to pass through it. You can’t receive this penalty twice.
Dangerous Environment can only be applied to a Type of Training that involves rolling.
Gravity-*DT Choose a number between 1 and 4. Reduce your DT Cost by that amount but increase any TNs (including Stress Tests) involved in the Type of Training by double the number chosen.

If Gravity’s reduction of DT would reduce it below 1DT, gain +1 Attribute Point for each DT point that would go below 1DT.
Gravity can only be applied to a type of Training that has TNs (including Stress Tests).
Life Threatening-3DTYour Maximum Life Points are reduced by 1/4.

Activity Types

DT Points RequiredType of ActivityDowntime Results
1DTRestingRemove the negative penalties from the Life Threatening Training Modifier or the Dangerous Environment Training Modifier.
1DTStudySelect a Skill. Roll that Skill with its bonus, but do not add any Attribute Modifiers. 
If you fail to pass a Hard TN, you increase the Skill Proficiency by one tier. 
If you pass, however, increase the next TN you make by +1 for the next time you select this Downtime Activity, stacking with each success, and resetting on a failure.
2DTBondingGain +1 Karma Point for every other player that chooses this Downtime Activity. Up to a maximum of 4.

Your ARC may allow you to become more familiar with NPCs affiliated with your party during this time.
2DTCraftingUndergo the crafting process as described in Gear & Equipment, except that you do not spend a Karma Point.

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