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UPDATE FIXES 0.5.0 (06/09/2021)

Website > General grammar and corrections Page > Core Rules > Exceptional Save > Added Core rules for exceptional checks and saves. Page > Metamorphosis > This transformation has been reworked and tweaked. *Super Evolution will make a return in the near future as… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.5.0 (06/09/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.9 (05/23/2021)

Page Pure Form > Reworked this form. Major changes and updates. Short update, but as promised reworking all forms for balancing and playability. More to come soon. I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately – we are working on more content.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.8 (05/09/2021)

Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked. Signature Attack > Stat Boosting > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked. Signature Attack > Backlash > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked. Attacking & Conditions >… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.8 (05/09/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.7 (04/29/2021)

Dark Demon > Creeping Corruption > Changes to this trait. Signature Attacks > Disadvantages > Short Range > Only usable with ranged attacks. Signature Attacks > Efficiency > Tweaked this Advantage. Signature Attacks > Energy Focus & Powers > Add text to clarify what… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.7 (04/29/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.6 (04/14/2021)

Page Core Rules > Target Number > Changed starting TN’s from fives (5s) to threes (3s). Changed Tier of Power increase to TN’s from fives (5s) to threes (3s) Page Core Rules > Spirit > Clairvoyant > Removed bonus to all Saving Throws. Other… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.6 (04/14/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.5 (04/13/2021)

Page Core Rules > Super Stack > Added additional bonus to this effect. Page Encounter Creator > New Page > Located under the Adversaries & Villains Page. WIP Page Battle Ground > Battle Backgrounds > Add more backgrounds

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.4 (04/13/2021)

Website > General > Grammar and corrections. Page Saiyan > Raging Hero > Reworked and tweaked this trait. Page Shinjin > Health Modifier > Increase Kaio from 4 to 5. Page Campaign Type > Add planet creation system – Can also be found in… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.4 (04/13/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.3 (04/11/2021)

Page Transformation Rules > Accessibility > Reword and tweaked this rule. Page Transformation Rules > Alternate Transformation Mastery > New rule. Page Actions & Combat > Initiative Advantage > This rule no longer scales. Page Metamorphosis > Unrelenting > Reworked this trait. Page Metamorphosis… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.3 (04/11/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.2 (04/09/2021)

Lots of changes please give feedback where it is needed. I want to ensure I covered everything that the changes below affect. Page Kaioken > Exponential Power > Changes to the Extra Dice, Attribute Bonus and Stress Test Increase for this trait. Page Kaioken… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.2 (04/09/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.1 (04/09/2021)

Page Transformation Rules > Stress Test > Add some change to how to roll Stress Test. Page All Transformations > Stress Test > Increase the Stress Test of all forms, with test, by two (+2). Page Kaioken > Kaioken Table > Increase Stress for… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.4.1 (04/09/2021)”