Update Fixes 0.1.3 (09/04/2020)

Added new content to the Gear & Equipment section today. These additions are brought to the community by Sir_Chris666 (discord tag). You can check out the new stuff by following the link at the bottom of the general item list. Sir will be updating this list as time goes on helping to create and extend the items and gear you can use in DBU.

Add some minor changes to Super Sayian Three traits and minor changes to all SSJ stage’s stress test. Added stress test bonus for Sayian tails.


Update Fixes 0.1.2 (08/25/2020)

Page > Transformation Rules > Alternative Forms (Add new rules)

Page > Adversaries & Villains > Creating Quick Adversary Stats (Changed Life Point averages)

Page > Actions & Combat > Actions (Increased based actions)

Page > Gear & Equipment > Weapon Qualities > (Add new weapon quality) “Sunder (+30w) – If you successfully strike a target, you can reduce your damage by one-half (1/2) and change its damage type of standard. If you do so, roll 1d4 and inflict that much damage to the target’s armor’s break value. Alternatively, using the called shot action you can declare a target’s weapon and use Sunder against the target’s weapon’s break value following the same rules for Sunder against armor. “

Page > Super Saiyan > Ascended Saiyan (Changes to traits)

Page > Actions & Combat (Add new maneuver Transformation)


Bug Fixes 0.1.1 (06/30/2020)

  • Page > Android > Power Absorption > Siphon (Add new ability to trait) “You can absorb the energy your target extrudes when they attempt to dodge or are stuck by your attacks……”
  • Page > Android > Cellular Structure > Quick Recovery (Add new ability to trait) “When you perform the maneuver Combat Recovery, roll one (1) additional +1d10, increase this effect by +1d10 for each tier of power reached. Increase your instant, short, long recovery affects by twenty-five percent (25%).”
  • Page > Android > Cellular Structure (Removed text)
  • Page > Gear & Equipment > Weapon Qualities > Artisan (Add text)Artisan only takes up one quality slot on a weapon regardless how many times you select this quality.
  • Page > Character Creation > Tier Of Power > Edited text to clear up confusion on amount of total dice.
  • Page > Gear & Equipment > Weapon Qualities > (Add new weapon quality) “Rending (+30w) – If you successfully strike and wound a target with your weapon the target must roll a corporeal save, TN easy. If they pass, nothing happens. If they fail, the target will bleed an additional three (3) lethal damage at the start of their next two turns.You can purchase this quality a number of times equal to the current tier of power reached plus one. Rending only takes up one quality slot on a weapon regardless how many times you select this quality.”
  • Page > Talents > Vigor (Add effect)
  • Page > Talents > Undying Determination (Add effects)
  • Page > Talents > Resolve (Changed requirements)
  • Page > Talents > Archetype Focus (Add effect)
  • Page > Talents > Style Focus (Add effect)

Bug Fixes 0.1.0 (06/14/2020)

  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Power Boost S,M,L > (Added item) Add items to booster list.
  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Energy Booster X > (Add item/changed text) Add item to booster list – change related race staring equipment.
  • Page > Talents > Fleet of Fist > (Change text) Corrected Prerequisite
  • Page > Gears & Equipment > Aura Booster > (Change text) Corrected some text number values.
  • Page > Power Boost > Boosting & Adaptive > (Add text) Add text to clarify rules and limit double dipping.
  • Page > Signature Attack > Efficiency > (Changed text) “Decreases the total ki point cost of your technique. Reduce the total ki point cost of your technique by one-fourth (1/4) its total. You can take this advantage twice. This advantage reduces the finally ki point cost of your signature.”
  • Page > Power Boost > Attribute Bonuses > (Changed Text) Change attribute bonus table to reflect other transformations. Stats with a ‘-‘ no longer befit from adaptive.
  • Page > Talents > Under Pressure > (Added text) Add text to clarity how talent functions.
  • Page > Character Creation > Character Perks > Mixture > (Added text) Add option to increase skill rank or gain skill proficiency.


(Update) Bug Fixes 0.0.9 (06/11/2020)

New Page > Campaign & Setting > Adversaries and Villains > This new page will feature the guidelines on how to create monsters and bad guys for your campaign and games. The page is still under construction and more content is to come. This is a brand new section for the DBU system. Please be aware of balance, grammar and playable issues. Updates and fixes will be applied to the new page and announced by bug fixes.

The first update to the Adversaries and Villains page is quick build rules. These rules let you create an adversary quickly and they are simple to understand. We’ll expand upon these rules as we move forward with the new section.

The next step for the page is to add full stat boxes rules for adversaries.

This page is heavy base on D&D 5th edition rule set and has give Us are great base to modify, develop, improve and expand. Please join our discord server and let Us know your thoughts and feedback!


Bug Fixes 0.0.8 (05/29/2020)

  • Page Actions & Combat > Initiative Advantage > (Text change) “If your initiative is ten (10) higher than all enemy combatants in a combat encounter, you will get one (1) additional action to spend during each of your turns.”

  • Page Attacking & Conditions > Attack Types > (Added Text) Incantation (2). A flash of magical energy blasted at a target. A magical incantation attack can only target a single enemy. This is your default magical attack if no other type is chosen. An incantation can be any type of non-specific magical energy determined by you and the ARC.

  • Page Gear & Equipment > Battle Jacket > (Add Text) Add text and information to clarify how strike and dodge work while piloting a battle jacket.

  • Page Gear & Equipment > Battle Jacket > (Add Text) “Size is determined by your Architect.”

  • Page Talents > Energy Slinger > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from second effect.

  • Page Talents > Martial Prowess > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from second effect.

  • Page Talents > Frenzy > (Removed Text) Removed word ‘strike’ from the effect.

  • Page Actions & Combat > Bonus Momentum > (Changed Text) “If you attempt to attack any target and you do not successfully strike any targets during the round you will gain one (+1) karma point – you cannot gain more than one karma point per round this way.”
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot > (Changed Text) “While piloting a Battle Jacket, add your suits full agility modifier to your dodge rolls.”

Bug Fixes 0.0.4 (04/05/2020)

  • Page Character Creation > Techniques > (Text Add): “Added text about saving technique points.”
  • Page Character Creation > Character Perks > (Text Add): “Explain gaining a specific perk versus gaining your choice of a character perk.”
  • Page Magical Abilities > Assault & Damage Effects > (Text Add to): “You can take this effect once for each tier of power reached.
  • Page Gear & Equipment > Gear Kit > (Text Add): “Your character’s race will determine what gear kits you can take at character creation; see your race’s starting gear section near the bottom of their page.”
  • Page Android > Overdrive > (Text Change): “Made changes to racial trait Overdrive.”
  • Page Signature Attack > Rapid Fire > (Text Change): “Made changes to rapid fire technique.”

Bug Fixes 0.0.3 (03/27/2020)

  • Page Androids > Stamina Drain > (Text Change): “Increase the number of life points stolen by organic consumption by one-half (1/2) the target’s tenacity modifier for each tier of power reached.”
  • Page Saiyans > Fluff Text > (Text Corrections): “Fixed general grammar issues. No rule changes”
  • Page Super Saiyan > Stacking Power > (Added Text): “Add new section about SSJ attribute modifier stacking.”
  • Page Namekian > Cellular Proliferation Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Majin > Elastic Regeneration Trait > (Removed Extra Text): “Removed repeating text.”
  • Page Talents > Ballistic Specialist Talent > (Change Text): “Select one weapon you own, when using the select weapon you add your full Agility modifier to your strike rolls.”
  • Page Z-Soul > Starting Karma > (Section Added): “Starting Karma Section.”

Bug Fixes 0.0.2 (03/26/2020)

  • Page Character Creation > (Added Text):Add text to life point section to direct players to fill out health thresholds
  • Page Character Creation > (Added Text):Add text to direct players to fill out initiative & speed
  • Page Introduction > (Add Text):Add text about double dipping aptitudes – they don’t stack – E.I direct damage twice on one attack.
  • All race pages > (Correct Text): “Correct wealth values on race pages
  • Page Earthling > Earthling Resolve > (Correct Text): “Remove comma after health
  • Page Earthling > Subspecies > (Correct Text):Remove Heroic Fury and replace with earthing resolve.
  • Page Talents > Weapon Specialist > (Correct Text): Change natural result to dice score. Change bonus value to +3 & change top bonus to +1
  • Page Talents >Ambidextrous Talent > (Change Text) Change bonus for each tier of power from +2 to +1
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot, Energy Slinger, Martial Prowess, Second Wind. Talents > (Remove Text): “Botch and critical rolls still count as solid dice.”
  • Page Talents > Ace Pilot Talent > (Change Text): “Battle jack to battle Jacket.
  • Page Character Creation > Character Perks > (Correct Text): “Increase a single attribute by two (+2), gain one (1) skill proficiency and receive five (5) technique points.”
  • Page Talents > Iron Fist > (Correct Text): Change text to so bonus applies to only physical attacks.