UPDATE FIXES 0.4.7 (04/29/2021)

Dark Demon > Creeping Corruption > Changes to this trait.

Signature Attacks > Disadvantages > Short Range > Only usable with ranged attacks.

Signature Attacks > Efficiency > Tweaked this Advantage.

Signature Attacks > Energy Focus & Powers > Add text to clarify what damage modifiers can be added to attacks.

Signature Attacks > Ki Manipulation > Energy Focus > Attack now using Melee Attack Range Rule.

Signature Attacks > Disadvantages > Obligatory Charging > New Disadvantage.

Signature Attacks > Advantages > Condensed > New Advantage.

Talents > Heart of the Earthling > You can only use this talent once per combat.

Talents > Improved Taunt > Tweaked this talent.

Magical Abilities > Adding Effects > Changed the mathematical symbol for technique points from (+)s to (-)s for consistency with Signature. You will now subtrack the TP cost from your earned points and add ki point cost to your ability.

Introduction > The Rule of One > Add new core rule for minimum cost.

Attacking & Conditions > Combat Conditions > Guard Down > Tweaked this condition.

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