UPDATE FIXES 0.5.3 (07/17/2021)

Website > General grammar and error correction.

Core Rules > Scholarship > Medicine >  Change healing power from d6 to d8.

Core Rules > Spirit > Concealment > Changed this skills name from ‘concealment’ to ‘ki concealment’.

Tier of Power > Website > Changed the phase “for each Tier of Power” to reflect new Tier of Power rules. See Character Creation > Tier of Power & Cost of Power for extended details.

Tons of minor changes to ToP effected traits, abilities, talents, and other such aptitudes. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in numerical values, length, and strength.

Combat & Actions > Maneuvers > Reduced the number of free Counter Actions you gain from ToP.

Giant Form > Tweaked this Transformation, change to Enhancement Power. Added Mastery

Oozaru > Add new trait Gargantuan and removed Indomitable trait. Combined Bulky and Dense Strength Traits. Added Mastery.

Appendix > Removed this page. Was not turning into what was wanted.

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