Hello Z-Warriors!

I wanted to speak for a moment to everyone about how amazing the community is. I would have never imagined fourteen years ago what this game would become. From sitting in the back room of my friend’s apartment writing rules in a notebook for a Dragon Ball Z role-playing game to running a community of hundreds for the internet’s number one Dragon Ball role-playing Game – Dragon Ball Universe.

I would like to thank Luminaire and Vinesauce for their efforts and dedication to editing DBU and keeping all the rules error free.

I want to thank the moderators on our discord, Ferhargo, GSM for keeping the peace.

I like to extend a thank you our collaborators; Harmony, Worst Software, Kota1908, Sir Chris, Gabe/Tomaben, Worm, Avaliab and Oboe. I want to make an extra thanks to Worm for their professional homebrewing and helping other community members bring to their ideas to life.

I would also like to thank our Patreon members who donate to help keep the website up and running; ssj4god, Elik Heavensblood, Zoren and 2shae720.  All donation welcome, never asked for or needed.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the community for their fandom, support, and feedback. I like to thank everyone for allowing me to be part of this project and to lead it.

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  • Keep Training!

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