UPDATE FIXES 0.3.5 (03/26/2021)

Website > General grammar corrections and alternations.

Page Signature > Energy Focus > Add ki point cost to attacks for balance.

Page Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Change cognitive save from 15 to 10.

Page Appendix > Add more terms.

Page Majin > Elastic Regeneration > Changed action cost from 2 to 1. Lowed Ki point cost from 4 to 3.

Page Namekian > Cellular Proliferation > Removed additional action cost.

Page Magical Abilities > Damage (Effect) > Changed additional dice option.

Page Magical Abilities > Assault (Effect) > Changed additional dice option.

Page Signature Techniques > Creation Cost Table > New table with better information.

Page Android > Overdrive > Change bonus to affect attributes instead of dice score.

Page Talent > Second Wind> Reduce amount of additional actions required for this talent.

Page Actions & Combat > Pinning > Add tail restraint option to this ability.

Page Oozaru > Bulky > Changed this trait to be in line with Giant Form.

Page Talents > Saiyan Tail Resistance > Changed the function of this talent.

Page Talents > Oozaru Focus > Add traits to this talent.

Page Talents > Saiyan Elite > Removed this talent, combined traits with Oozaru Focus.

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