Update Fixes 0.2.3 (01/22/2021)

DBU Website > General grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other small edits. Fixed broken links

DBU Downloads > Added new fillable character sheet by Tytum.

DBU Downloads > Added new link to Roll20 PRO character Sheet by Oboe.

Shinjin Page > Corrected Shinjin page URL from “Trash” to correct wording.

Character Creation Page > Life Points > Changed starting dice rolled for Life points @ PL1 from 3d10 to 5d10. Changed dice rolled for for Life points @ PL2+ from 1d10 to 2d10. *Edited information under Tenacity to match changes.*

Actions & Combat > Bonus Momentum > Changed the core function of Bonus Momentum to give more meaning and celebration to rule.

Actions & Combat > Energy Duel > Added rules for possible tie scenarios while in an energy duel.

Attacking & Conditions > Steadfast > Changed steadfast TN from “Easy” to “Very Easy”

Earthlings > Eye of the Dragon > Made changes to the function of this trait to bring it into better balance.

Signature Attack > Combination & Rapid Fire > Made changes to both attacks to bring into better balance.

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