Bug Fixes 0.0.1 (03/26/2020)

  • Page Earthlings > Quick To Master Racial Trait > (Added text): “Quick to Master effects all technique points you gain including those you gain at character creation.”
  • Page Character Creation > Getting Started > (Added Text): “Each time you gain a Power Level your experience points will reset back to zero (0).”
  • Page Character Creation > Beyond Power Level Twenty > (Added Text): “There is no limit to how high your power level can be.”
  • Page Super Saiyan > (Added Text): “Attribute bonuses from each stage stack with the previous stage, so if you are Super Saiyan three your attribute bonus will be six (+6).”
  • Page Talents > Close Range Shot (Talent) > (Corrected text): “Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).”
  • Page Character Creation > Tiers of Power > (Added Text): “The only dice from tiers of power that can score critical and botch results are d10s. See (Core Rules)”
  • Page Character Creation > (Added new text section): “Saving Throw Proficiencies. Each race is proficient with a specific saving throw. When making a save that you are proficient with increase the natural result requirement to score a critical roll by one (+1). Your requirement can’t become lower than seven (7) while using aptitude.

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