Spirit Empowerment

Through the gathered power of others, planets or even the stars themselves – you’ve stolen or been entrusted with an unfathomably huge amount of power. Although the burst in power is short-lived and dangerous to control, there’s no doubt about the potency of the explosive power you’ve inherited!

You cannot enter the Spirit Empowerment Enhancement Power freely. To enter this transformation, you must use the Energy Charge Maneuver for an Ultimate Signature Technique with the Genki Advantage. Instead of using the technique, you may use a Transformation Maneuver to enter this form. You still lose access to that technique for the rest of the Combat Encounter as if you used it. You lose all of the Energy Charges but do not lose any Ki Points, each Empower Maneuver that was used to increase the Wound Roll of that technique is instead counted as +1 Energy Charge.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 10
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects. Exhausting,Temporary Form (Level 3), Dedicated Transformation, Armored Form.

Everyone’s Energy. For each Energy Charge you had when you entered this Enhancement Power, increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (FO/SP) of this transformation by +1(T) to a maximum of +10(T). For each Energy Charge you had, increase the Stress Test Requirement of this form by +2. Do not include free Energy Charges from using an Ultimate Technique or those gained from any Profiles or Advantages for the effects of Everyone’s Energy.

Increase your Combat Rolls by 1d6 for each Energy Charge you had when you entered this Enhancement Power to a maximum of +2d6(T).

If you fail the Stress Test to remain in this Enhancement Power, you can instead take Lethal Damage equal to x(T), where x is your current Stress Test Requirement, to automatically pass the Stress Test. You cannot reduce this damage by any means.

Miraculous Finish. Once per Combat Encounter, when you use a Basic Attack of any category other than Simple, Sphere or Spell, you may choose to make that technique a Miraculous Signature. For that attack, you must ignore your Capacity Rate and wager all of your Ki Points. Additionally, you may add a number of Energy Charges to that attack equal to the amount you had upon entering this transformation.

If an opponent has their Life Points reduced to 0 through this attack, they are instantly defeated and they cannot use or be affected by the effects of any traits or abilities that would allow them to regain Life Points or take any further actions in this Combat Encounter.

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