Spirit Empowerment

Through the gathered power of others, planets or even the stars themselves – you’ve stolen or been entrusted with an unfathomably huge amount of power. Although the burst in power is short-lived and dangerous to control, there’s no doubt about the potency of the explosive power you’ve inherited!

You cannot enter Spirit Empowerment freely. To enter this transformation, you must use one of two methods: 

  • If you use the Energy Charge Maneuver for an Ultimate Signature Technique with the Genki Advantage and succeed at the Clairvoyance Skill Check for Genki 3+ times, you may enter this Transformation. Instead of making the Attacking Maneuver to use the Signature Technique, you may use a Transformation Maneuver to enter this Transformation. You lose those Energy Charges and that Signature Technique cannot be used for the remainder of the Combat Encounter.
  • You may use the Transformation Maneuver to enter this transformation if you have been targeted by the Empower Maneuver at least 3+ times since your last turn and are currently benefiting from Miracle Empowerment. If your Miracle Empowerment would end, you automatically fail the next Stress Test for Spirit Empowerment.

For each Energy Charge Maneuver you’ve lost to use a Transformation Maneuver (first option) or each Empower Maneuver you’ve been targeted by since your last turn (second option), you gain +1 Spirit Power.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 10
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects. Exhausting, Temporary Form (Level 3), Dedicated Transformation, Armored Form.

Everyone’s Energy. Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (FO/SP) by +2 and your Soak Value by +1 for each Spirit Power you possess. Upon successfully entering this Transformation, you gain +1(T) Spirit Power. You can only have a maximum of +3(T) Spirit Power.

You may spend 1(T) Spirit Power to use a Power Surge Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action. If your Spirit Power would be reduced to 0, you immediately leave the Spirit Empowerment transformation and suffer from Stress Exhaustion.

Reduce your Life Points by 5 at the start of each of your turns for each Spirit Power you possess while this Transformation has the Exhausting Aspect.

Miraculous Finish. Once per Combat Encounter, when you use a Basic Attack Maneuver you may choose to make that Attacking Maneuver a Miraculous Signature. For that attack, you must ignore your Capacity Rate and wager all of your Ki Points. Additionally, for every 1(T) Spirit Power you possess, gain +1 free Energy Charge.If an opponent has their Life Points reduced to 0 through this attack, they are instantly Defeated and they cannot use or be affected by the effects of any Traits or abilities that would allow them to regain Life Points or take any further actions in this Combat Encounter.

While in the Spirit Empowerment Transformation, you cannot use the Energy Charge Maneuver or the Empower Maneuver.

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