Divinity Unleashed

Empowered by the divine energies of the heavens, and emboldened by the purpose given them by their positions, some Kaio ascend to divinity and tap into the true essence of creation. With this vision manifested in their form, they attain a state of holy perfection: Divinity Unleashed.

  • Race. Shinjin (Kaio subrace)
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Cognitive), Battle Uniform, Perfect Ki Control, Dedicated Transformation, High Speed Form (Level 2), Durable Form (Level 4), God Ki

Otherworldly Revelation. When you first transform into Divinity Unleashed, gain 20 TP to be spent immediately on the creation of a Signature Technique or the purchase of a Magical Ability from the Spellbook, ignoring their Prerequisites (This may include Advancements).

You gain a separate Ki Point Pool equal to the total Technique Point cost of all of your Magical Abilities, Advancements and Signature Techniques added together. This includes all Signature Techniques or Magical Abilities you gained without spending Technique Points, such as through the Arcane Affinity Racial Trait or the Spirit Control Talent. You may only use the Ki Points from this Ki Point Pool once per Combat Round and only to:

  • Pay the Ki Point Cost of the second Signature Technique or Magical Ability that has been used again due to the effects of the Circle of Light Trait or True Divinity Trait.
  • Pay the additional Ki Point Costs of the Circle of Light Trait’s effects.
  • Add a Ki Wager onto one of your attacks. This isn’t limited by your Capacity but you can only use up to 1/4 (rounded down) of this separate Ki Point Pool’s maximum amount for any singular Ki Wager.
  • Transfer to another character through the Empower Maneuver. Increase the maximum amount of Ki Points you can transfer due to your Empowerment Roll by 2x.

Cosmic Flow. Once per Combat Round, when you restore only Life Points or only Ki Points (either to yourself or to an ally), you may restore the other by an equal amount. If an opponent is currently suffering from a Negative Combat Condition you inflicted when this effect activates, gain Superiority on all Combat Rolls until the end of your next turn.

If you would use the Empower Maneuver and target another character, they may regain Life Points equal to 1/2 of the Ki Points they gained to a maximum of +10(T) Life Points (using your Tier of Power for the calculation).

True Divinity. Once per Combat Round, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent with a Signature Technique, you may force them to make an Opposed Cognitive Save against you. If they win, nothing happens. If they lose, they suffer from the Slowed Combat Condition until the end of their next turn. If you are using the Divine Halo Enhancement Power in conjunction with Divinity Unleashed, you may use the effects of True Divinity an additional time per Combat Round.

Whenever you inflict a Negative Combat Condition on an opponent or gain a Positive Combat Condition, regain 5(T) Ki Points and increase your Combat Rolls by +1d4. This effect stacks, up to a maximum of +1d4(T).

Heavenly Wrath. Whenever you inflict a Negative Combat Condition on an opponent, restore Life Points or Ki Points, or successfully use a Parry Maneuver to avoid damage, you may increase either your Dodge or Wound Rolls by +1d6 until the end of your next turn, to a max of +1d6(T).

Divinity Unleashed Mastery.  When you gain Mastery for the Divinity Unleashed Transformation, you gain the following effects:

  • Sacred Body. Divinity Unleashed gains the Natural Form Aspect.
  • Divine Knowledge. You gain 12 Technique Points that must be spent immediately to add any number of Advantage(s) or remove any Disadvantage(s) from any of your Signature Techniques.

Battle Uniform

Category. Standard Clothing
Grade. High

Divine Apparel (Apparel Quality). Increase the listed X number on your Apparel Grade by +1(T).

Lord of a Sector (Apparel Quality). All allies within 3 squares of you increase their Combat Rolls by +1/4 (rounded up) of your Personality Modifier.

If your base Size Category is lower than Medium, it becomes Medium.

Legendary Trait

Divine Ascension. When you first gain access to Divinity Unleashed, you may choose a Magical Ability you have access to (this choice occurs after the effects of Otherworldly Revelation). Once per Combat Round, when you use that Magical Ability, you may either:

  • Use the Empower Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action. Increase your Empowerment Roll by 1/2 of your chosen Magical Ability’s Ki Point Cost (before any reductions).
  • Increase the Combat Rolls of all allies within 3 squares of you by +1(T) until the start of your next turn.
  • Use the Power Up Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.
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