UPDATE FIXES 0.3.4 (03/25/2021)

Page Core Rules > Agility> Swiftness > Changed to Speed. Reworded text for more clarity.

Page Attacking & Conditions > DOT > Add clarity text for having multiple DOTs are once.

New Page > Appendix > Added an Appendix – This is a WIP and subjected to changes. You can find this page under Campaign & Settings as well as the side menu bar above Legacy Editions.

Signature > Energy Focus > Greatly improved this type of signature.

Talent > Z-Blade Specialist > New Talent  

Talent > Z-Blade Master > New Talent  

Talent > Versatile Z-Weapon > New Talent  

Special thanks to Dazkar for changes to Energy Focus and new talents

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.3 (03/24/2021)

Website > General grammar corrections and alternations.

Page Attacking & Conditions > Attack Types > Physical > Added to rule.

Page Talents > Struggle > New Talent

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.2 (03/23/2021)

Page Super Saiyan > Mastery > Change text for clarity

Page Kaioken > Change Cost of Strength & Kaioken table

Page Godly Powers > Paragon > Changes to bonuses from trait

Page Talents > Ki Deception > New Talent

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.1 (03/22/2021)

Page Kaioken > Cost of Strength > Changed how stress test work.

Page Kaioken > Table > Changed x10 stress, decreased from 4 to 3.

Page Ultimate Evolution > Arcosian Evolution > Changed how stress test work.

Page Ultimate Evolution > Changed stress test requirement.

Page Godly Powers > Paragon > Changed how stress test work.

Page Godly Powers > Changed stress test requirement.

Page Super Saiyan > Ascended Super Saiyan > Change Form to optional Talent.

Page Talents > Ascension > New Talent

Page Oozaru > Unrelenting Rampage > Add Stress Test Value to Stage.

Page Talents > Under Pressure > Changed bonus to attribute from this talent to stress test bonus.

Page Talents > Surging Strength > Changed bonus to attribute from this talent to stress test bonus

Page Transformation Rules > Removed blanket rule for rolling multiple stress test.

Page Power Boost > Reword and reworked the traits of this Alternate Form.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.0 (03/21/2021)

Website > General grammar, structure, and other text corrections.

Website > Transformation Tab change for better organization.

Website > Training System Page > Removed page.

Website > New Page > Downtime > New Page

Page Talents > Make some text change to several talents to include coverage for new/additional Transformation lines.

Page Transformation Rules > Godly Powers changed to Enhancement Forms.

Page Transformation Rules > Primal Form changed to Instinctual Power.

Page Transformation Rules > Stress Test > More than one Test

Page Transformation Rules > Move page under transformation tab

Rage Page > Rage > Changed to an Enhancement Form

Page Saiyan Super > Power Drain > Add new text to reflect change is stress test requirements.

Page Pure Form > Primordial Power > Add new text to reflect change is stress test requirements.

New Page > Ultra Instinct > New Instinctual Power

New Page > Godly Powers > New Enhancement Form

New Page > Kaioken > New Enhancement Form

Page Metamorphosis > Changes format as a whole

New Page > Super Evolution > Alternate Form

New Page > Ultimate Evolution > Alternate Form

Page Ozaru > Changes format as a whole

Great Ape Page > Golden Ozaru > New Transformation

Super Saiyan Page > Changes to S-Cells and format as a whole

Super Saiyan Page > Super Saiyan Four > New Transformation

Super Saiyan Page > Super Saiyan > Change SSJ ToP requirements to zero

Please be mindful this is a large update to DBU and consider everything to be officially, unofficially a WIP that might change based on feedback. Please post and feedback, errors, or grammar corrections you might find in the Discord Feedback channel. Thank you.

Special thanks to all the community members, to our Collaborators, to our Contributors and to Worm whose homebrew rules were are large inspiration for this update.


Hello fellow Z-Warriors! This week we celebrate Dragon Ball Universe turning one year old. I would like to extend a special thank you to all our community members for the support, feedback, and shared fandom. The system would not be what it is today without your continual encouragement and input. We have grown exponentially in the past thirteen years of development and today are the most established, advance, and complete Dragon Ball role playing game on the internet and in the world. As we look towards the future and new content, I encourage everyone to contribute, share and support the system in any way possible.

Thank you, Z-Warriors!

– Keep Training

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UPDATE FIXES 0.2.9 (03/14/2021)

Page Transformation Rules > Godly Powers & Primal Form > Slight change in text

Page Combat & Actions > Parry Maneuver > New option “Counter Attack”

Page Core Rules > Attribute Scores > New Variant Rule

Page Talents > Change the complete layout of the Talents page, you can now look up Talents be first letter or All.

Page Talents > Arrogant > New Talent

Page Talents > Body of the Android > New Talent

Page Talents > Bounce of the Majin > New Talent

Page Talents > Dynamic Pose > New Talent

Page Talents > Ferocity of the Arcosian > New Talent

Page Talents > Heart of the Earthing > New Talent

Page Talents > Improved Taunt > New Talent

Page Talents > Potential of the Shijin > New Talent

Page Talents > Power of the Z-Warrior > New Talent

Page Talents > Taunt > New Talent

Page Talents > Wisdom of the Namekain > New Talent

New Talents inspired by Worm & Leon26900

UPDATE FIXES 0.2.8 (03/13/2021)

Page Fusion > Potara Earrings > Made changes to the bonus dice from Potara Earrings

Page Fusion > Metamorese Fusion Dance > Made slight adjustment to Catastrophic Failure result for Fusion Dance.

Page Fusion > Metamorese Fusion Dance > Critical results on natural results eight (8), instead of nine.

Page Fusion > Character Combination > Add blurb about ignoring double talents or aptitudes.

Page Fusion > Potara Earrings & Metamorese Dance > Changed to last five rounds.

Page Transformation > Primal Form > New type of transformation added – Inspired by Mister Y

Page Transformation > Godly Powers > New type of transformation added – Inspired by Mister Y

(Transformations for Primal Form and Godly Powers coming soon – WIP )

Page Talents > Improved Movement> New Talent

Page Actions & Combat > Movement Maneuver > Clean up text and corrected some errors.

UPDATE FIXES 0.2.7 (03/7/2021)

Z-Soul Page > Add a hard cap to the amount of karma you can gain during a single round of combat. Cap is now three (3)

Actions & Combat Page> Parry Maneuver > Added new option for Parry Maneuver called Direct Hit.

Magic Ability Page> Increase/Decrease > Removed the words “modifier” from effect.

Talents Page > Ruthless Aggression > New talent added.

Signature Attack Page > Penetration Advantage > Add additional effect to this advantage.

UPDATE FIXES 0.2.6 (02/25/2021)

Talents Page > Hyperdrive Talent

Talents Page > Footwork Talent

Talents Page > Kiri Transfer Talent

Talents Page > Weight Training Talent

Talents Page > Inspiring Transformation Talent

Talents Page > Resilience Talent

Talents Page > Restraining Counter Talent

Talents Page > Vital Shot Talent

Talents Page > Transformation Initiative Talent

Talents Page > Made changes to Armor Proficiency, Changed named to Battle Proficiency.