Great Ape, or Oozaru, changes your Saiyan character into a giant ape with unmatched strength and power. This form is massive, and increases your physical attacks sharply. When you use this form, you will transform into a gigantic monkey-like creature, whose form is like that of a gorilla with a tail and the head of a baboon. With red eyes and jagged teeth, you are a ferocious sight to behold. Similar to a werewolf, when your gaze lands on a full moon, your character will uncontrollably change into the Great Ape form until the light of the full moon fades. This process is impossible to stop once started so long as your character has a tail. If at any point your tail is removed, for any reason, you will lose access to the Oozaru form. If your tail is lost during transformation the form will end, and you will still suffer from stress exhaustion.

The Oozaru Alternate Form is unique in a few aspects. You cannot enter this transformation normally. You can only use a Transformation Maneuver to enter any stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form if there is a full moon visible, a Fake Moon created by the Magical Ability of the same name in the Spellbook (see – Fake Moon) or something temporarily acting as if a full moon (under your ARC’s discretion).

While you are in any stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form, you cannot exit this transformation unless you lose your tail, you are defeated or the source of your transformation (the full moon, typically) is destroyed. This includes transforming into any other Alternate Form or Legendary Form transformations (except Super Saiyan 4, through the Pathway to Beyond trait). If you are in the Golden Oozaru stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form or you are using an Enhancement Power in conjunction with either stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form and you would fail the Stress Test, you do not return to your normal state but rather return to the first stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form. You still suffer from Stress Exhaustion but it does not affect the first stage of the Oozaru Alternate Form.

Oozaru (Stage One)

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stage. One
  • Stress Test. N/A
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects. Size Increasing (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 1), Armored Form, Rampaging (Level 2), Dedicated Transformation, Bulky Form.

Furious Beast. If you fail a Cognitive Saving Throw for Rampaging or gain Rage, you increase your Wound Rolls by +2(T) until the end of your next turn. If you would be treated as if in Rage through the Raging Aspect, instead gain +1(T) to your Wound Rolls while benefiting from that Aspect’s effects.

You may ignore the penalties from one instance of Super Stack. At the Golden Oozaru stage, you may ignore the penalties of two instances of Super Stack.

This transformation cannot benefit from the Natural Form Aspect.

Rampaging Assault. The Oozaru provides a variety of new methods of attack, brought about by its feral mentality and tremendous size. You gain access to the below abilities:

  • Oozaru Mouth Beam. Reduce the cost of Basic Beam attacks to 2(T). You must use Basic Beam instead of Basic Sphere attacks through the effects of Rampaging if your target is outside of your Melee Range.
  • Crush in Hands. While you are in a grapple that you initiated, you may target the Grappled character and spend One Action to crush them in your hands. Make a basic Physical Attack against them but increase the Wound Roll by +1(T) for each Size Category you are larger than them.
  • Boulder Toss. Once per Combat Round, when you use the Terrain Lift Maneuver, you may use the Throw Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action. Additionally, gain Superiority to all Athletics Skill Checks.

You cannot use Enhancement Powers, Signature Techniques, or Magical Abilities while in the Oozaru Alternate Form.

Golden Oozaru (Stage Two)

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stage. Two
  • Stress Test. 20
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 3+
  • Aspects. Size Increasing (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 2), Armored Form, Rampaging (Level 3), Dedicated Transformation, Bulky Form.

Hulking Mass. When you target an opponent with an attack, you may treat them as if they were -1 Size Category smaller. This effect does not actually change the Size Category of your opponent. If you do not benefit from Punching Down when attacking an opponent, increase your Wound Rolls by +1d4(T). Additionally, if you deal damage past the Soak Value of a target, that target suffers from 1d10(T) Lethal Damage at the start of their next turn.

Pure Ferocity. When you are knocked through a Health Threshold, you may increase your Strike and Wound Rolls by +2d6. This effect is cumulative up to a maximum of +6d6.

Pathway to Beyond. When you succeed at the Saving Throw for the Rampaging Aspect, you may attempt to make the Stress Test for the Super Saiyan 4 Legendary Form. 

Oozaru Mastery. When you gain Mastery for a stage of the Oozaru transformation, that stage gains the following benefits:

  • Beastly Power. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (FO) of this transformation by +2. Additionally, if you have mastered the Golden Oozaru stage, increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (IN) by +2.
  • Primal Control. Remove the Rampaging Aspect from the transformation. You no longer suffer from a penalty to your Dodge Rolls due to your Size Category. Additionally, you may use Enhancement Powers, Signature Techniques and Magical Abilities in this stage of the Oozaru Transformation.
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