Great Ape

Great Ape, or Ozaru, changes your Saiyan character into a great ape with unmatched strength and power. This form is massive and increases your physical attacks sharply. When you use this form, you will transform into a giant anthropomorphic ape. With a more monkey-like appearance than an ape, the form looks like a large gorilla with a trail and the head of a baboon with red eyes and jagged teeth. Like how a werewolf works, during a full moon, your character will uncontrollably change into the great ape form so long as they look at the full moon. This process is unstopped so long as your character has a tail. If at any point your tail is removed for any reason you will lose access to this form. If your tail is lost during transformation the change will stop. You will still lose your maneuvers and still suffer stress exhaustion.

  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Saiyan
  • Stress Test.
  • Tier of Power. Zero (+0)
+4 +3
  • Indomitable. All targets count as being impeded (impediment) against your combat rolls. All physical and energy-type attacks count as direct; however, you can only use standard attack-types, no signature techniques. Also, increase your melee attack range to nine (9) yards.
  • Agile. Large, but slow. Your speed is reduced by two (-2), to a minimum of one (1). Increase this effect by one (-1) for each tier of power reached.
  • Hearty. Tough and robust, temporarily increase your soak by two (+2). Increase this effect by one (+1) for each tier of power reached. Treat all direct damage, regardless of its source, as standard damage.
  • Rage. Unlike other transformations, the great ape form does not have a stress test. Instead, you’ll make a cognitive save every round: TN medium or fifteen (15) whichever is lower. If passed nothing happens. If failed, randomly assign a number, one-ten, to your allies in the combat scene. Roll 1d10, you will use all actions to make attacks against the resulting ally, physical attacks if within melee range and energy at range. Roll 4d10 and add your power level: this is the amount of Ki points that must be wagered per attack. If the value exceeds what is possible for your capacity or ki points, divide the amount by two (2) until it doesn’t.