Variant Transformations

Variant Transformations are transformations that act as a different type of an existing transformation. They have different Aspects but have the same Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Tier of Power Requirements, Stress Test and even Legendary Traits if they are a Legendary Form. All of their traits are the same, except for any traits listed below, which replace the existing traits listed in brackets after them and any traits that those traits would already replace for Legendary Forms.

These transformations cannot be mastered as they are considered to be already mastered, but they do not gain any bonuses from mastery that the Original Transformation would grant. Additionally, any Variant Transformations that are Alternate Form or Legendary Forms cannot gain additional stages. They still benefit from any lower stages.

False Super Saiyan

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan.
  • Aspects. Raging, Enhanced Save (Impulsive), High-Speed Form (Level 1), Temporary Form (Level 3)

Slumbering S-Cells (S-Cells). Target one opponent when you transform into this Alternate Form. You may only make attacking maneuvers against that opponent while in this Alternate Form. Increase all of your Combat Rolls against that opponent by +1d4. If you are below the Injured Health Threshold, increase this bonus to +1d6.

You may attempt to enter False Super Saiyan at Tier of Power 1 if you are below the Injured Health Threshold and you have at least one defeated ally (their Life Points have been reduced to 0).

Signs of Power (Raging Power). Increase the amount of Life and Ki Points you recover through Legend Realized by 1/4 of the total (rounded up).

Super Saiyan Rosé

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.
  • Aspects. Perfect Ki Control, God Ki, Controlled Fury, Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), High Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 4), Dedicated Transformation

True Deific Super Saiyan (Deific Super Saiyan). Increase your Combat Rolls by +2d10. If you would score a Botch Result on these Extra Dice, instead of taking a penalty of -5, you instead gain a bonus of +5 to your result.

When you transform into Super Saiyan Rosé, increase your Ki Point Pool and Capacity Rate by 1/4 and increase your Initiative by +3(T) for the sake of calculating Initiative Advantage, even if Initiative has already been rolled. This does not change your place in the Initiative Order.

Natural Divinity (Blue Burnout). While in this transformation, you gain access to the Cosmic Efficiency Racial Trait. While using a Signature Technique with the Aura Foundation, increase all of your Combat Rolls by +1(T).

Dark King

  • Original Transformation. True Demon God.
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Cognitive/Morale), God Ki, Perfect Ki Control, Natural Form, Dedicated Transformation

Dark Factor (Demonic Fury).  The first time you transform into Dark King, choose a trait from the Divinity Unleashed Legendary Form. You have access to that trait while in the Dark King Legendary Form. All damage you deal is increased by +1 Damage Category. If your attack would deal Lethal Damage already, increase that damage by your Power Level.

Royal Presence (Diabolical Destruction). When you first transform into True Demon God, create an Aura Foundation Technique that costs up to 20 Technique Points. This Aura cannot gain any ranks of the Efficiency Advantage or the Inefficiency Disadvantage. This Aura is permanently active while you are within the transformation and you do not need to pay Ki Points at the start of your turn for this Aura. This Aura has an unlimited number of rounds it can be active and therefore cannot gain any Advantages or Disadvantages that influence that and the Aura Gathering Advantage cannot be used with this Aura. If this Aura has the Shield Profile, use the Power Flare Maneuver at the start of a Combat Encounter to decide the Shield Durability of the shield. Additionally, an Aura with the Shield Profile will still end when the Shield Durability reaches 0 but at the start of your next turn the Aura’s effects will reactivate using the same Shield Durability as what you rolled at the start of the Combat Encounter.

When you make a Wound Roll that benefits from the Force Modifier or Spirit Modifier, you may instead add both.

Super Golden Evolution

  • Original Transformation. Golden Evolution.
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), Size Increasing (Level 1), High Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 3), Controlled Fury

Evolutionary Peak (Beyond Final). Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus of Super Golden Evolution by the total Attribute Modifier Bonus of your True Form stage of the Metamorphosis Alternate Form. Additionally, you gain all Meta Traits available to your True Form and gain one Meta Trait that is applied solely to this form.

Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/IN/SP) by +1 each time you maximize your Cruel Intentions. This bonus cannot exceed +1(T).

Golden Ferocity (Golden Physique). Once per Combat Round, if you are successfully struck (hit) by an opponent, you may make a basic attack against the attacker as an Out-of-Sequence Action. Increase the maximum bonus to Wound Rolls from Cruel Intentions to +4(T). When you successfully strike (hit) an opponent, you increase your Wound Rolls by +2(T) instead of +1(T) through the Cruel Intentions Racial Trait.

When first obtaining this transformation, you may choose to replace your benefits from Keratinous Plating with another benefit from Keratinous Plating while in this transformation, and double its numerical effects.

Bio Super Saiyan

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan.
  • Stage. 1
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), High-Speed Form (Level 1), Durable Form (Level 1), Natural Form.

Mixed S-Cells (S-Cells). Increase all Combat Rolls by +1d6. This bonus is increased by +1 Dice Category for each stage of Bio Super Saiyan after the first. For example, in Bio Super Saiyan 3, increase all of your Combat Rolls by +1d10.

Once per Combat Round, when you are making an attacking maneuver, you may spend an additional action on that maneuver to increase the Strike and Wound rolls of that maneuver by your current Mixed S-Cells Extra Dice.

Unlike most Variant Transformations, Bio Super Saiyan follows the typical rules for stages with transformations but only with other stages of Bio Super Saiyan. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/SP) of each stage of this transformation by +1 for each stack of the Perfection Manifested Power.

Bio Super Saiyan 2

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan.
  • Stage. 2
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), High-Speed Form (Level 2), Durable Form (Level 2).

Surpassing Perfection (Aggressive Momentum). The first time you enter this stage of the Bio Super Saiyan Alternate Form, reroll your Initiative. You score a Critical result on a roll of 8 or higher. If you gain Initiative Advantage after transforming, you may gain one additional action for use on this turn.

If you gain a bonus action through the Bonus Momentum ability, treat all of your maneuvers as if they cost +1 action for the sake of Superior Offense. The number of actions required to use each maneuver does not increase.

Bio Super Saiyan 3

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan.
  • Stage. 3
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), High-Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 3).

Endless Evolution (Limitless). Once per Combat Encounter, you may spend 5(T) Ki Points after successfully striking (hitting) an opponent to trigger the effects of Bonus Momentum as if you knocked them through a Health Threshold. Additionally, when making an attacking maneuver, increase your Wound Roll by +1(T) for every Extra Dice gained on your Strike Roll.

While in this transformation, treat your Perfection Manifested Power as if it had +1 additional stack for all traits and effects.

Legendary Super Saiyan 4

  • Original Transformation. Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), Raging, Size Increasing (Level 1), High-Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 4)

Ultimate Saiyan Power (True Super Saiyan). Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses by the Attribute Modifier Bonuses of your Super Saiyan 4 Legendary Form and Increase the Stress Test Requirement of this form to 28. The Attribute Modifier Bonuses gained through Ultimate Saiyan Power do not include the bonuses from Super Saiyan of Legend.

You gain a stack of Battle Born at the start of every Combat Round, instead of every two Combat Rounds and increase the maximum Battle Born stacks to 4 for your Wound Rolls. Each time you gain a stack of Battle Born, you may use a Primal Surge Maneuver but reduce the amount of Life and Ki Points you regain by 1/2 (rounded down).

When you transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan 4 transformation, increase your maximum Ki Point Pool and Capacity by 1/2 of their totals, respectively.

Legendary Oozaru (Unlimited Power). When attacking an opponent or being attacked by an opponent, you can treat their Size Category as if it was one Size Category smaller or larger. These effects do not actually change the Size Category of your opponent.

When you reach any Health Threshold, increase your Combat Rolls by +1d8. This can stack up to +3d8.

If you do not have a tail when you transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan 4, you gain one immediately. You will not transform into the Oozaru Alternate Form while in this transformation, even if you stare at a full moon.

Ferocious Legend (Unstable Power). You gain access to the Multiplicative Technique trait from the Super Saiyan 4 Legendary Form.

Destroyer Form

  • Original Transformation. Ultra Ego.
  • Aspects.  Enhanced Save (All), Size Increasing (Level 1), God Ki, High Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 5), Exhausting

Successor of Destruction (Egotistical Combat). The Natural Results of all d10s you roll on Wound Rolls are 10 except those gained from your Tier of Power Extra Dice, but you cannot score a Critical Result on those d10s.

You gain +1 Hakai Point at the start of each Combat Round. The maximum number of Hakai Points you can possess at any time is equal to 2(T).

Armor of Destruction (Rising Hype). At the start of each of your turns, you may choose to spend 1 Hakai Point to make an energy Wound Roll. Until the start of your next turn, that result is your Armor Durability. Whenever you would take damage after calculating Soak, you can choose for your Armor to take the damage by reducing its Armor Durability instead. If the Armor Durability reaches 0, you can no longer use this effect and any surplus damage is taken by you.

If you are successfully struck (hit) by an attack, you may choose to spend 1 Hakai Point to make an energy Wound Roll. Reduce the damage you took by that amount. If you reduce the damage you took to 0, you may spend 5(T) Ki Points to gain +1 Hakai Point.

Legendary Trait

Karmic Aggression (Rampant Ultra Ego). If a character deals damage to you through an attacking maneuver, you gain Superiority on all Combat Rolls against that character until the end of your next turn. If a character successfully strikes (hits) you but deals no damage to your Life Points, you may immediately make an Out-of-Sequence Basic Attack against them.

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