Ultimate Evolution

  • Race. Arcosian
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. Twenty- Six (26)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. None

Arcosian Evolution. You can use Ultimate Evolution with any Metamorphosis Form. If you use Ultimate Evolution in conjunction with a Metamorphosis Form increase the stress test requirement of Ultimate Evolution by one-half (1/2) the current required stress test of the Metamorphosis Form being used in conjunction with it. As an example, if you are using Metamorphosis form Partial Suppression increase the cost of Ultimate Evolutions stress test by ten (10).

While using Ultimate Evolution in conjunction with a Metamorphosis form ignore the other form’s stress test value and only use Ultimate Evolution stress test value when you are required to make a test.

Brilliant Offensive. When you use the trait Brutal Assault increase the Extra Dice you gain from the trait to d10s, this includes dice receive from each tier of power reached. Moreover, you can add your full-strength modifier to wound rolls when you use the Arcosian trait Prehensile Tail.

Magnificent Keratinous. Increase the effect of your Keratinous Platting ability by two (+2), this includes the bonus receive from each tier of power reached. Additionally, when a target attacks you or you attack a target with any type of physical attack inflict two (2T) lethal damage to the target. Add this damage after all other damage modifiers have been calculated – this effect can stack with Keratinous Bio Suit.

Flawed Fortitude. At the start of every round, you must roll a stress test. If you fail the test you will lose or drop out of Ultimate Evolution, however you are NOT subjected to Stress Exhaustion from this type of failure. While using Ultimate Evolution, at the start of each round, before you roll a stress test increase the stress test requirement of the form by one (+1).

Mastery. You can master the powers of the Ultimate Evolution transformation. Mastery is a modified form and typically comes with great discipline and training; some ARCs will give this out as a plot point. When you master Ultimate Evolution remove the stress test increase per round from the Flawed Fortitude trait. Additionally, Ultimate Evolution gains the benefits of Bodily Fortitude trait from the Metamorphosis transformation line.

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