Talents – W

Weapon Specialist (Talent)
– When rolling to strike with a weapon increase your dice score by three (+3T).
– You can take up two (2) additional weapon qualities on a single weapon of your choice.
Weight Training (Talent)
– Reduce the penalties for wearing, any type of, combat clothes by one-half (1/2). This can cause specific penalties to be reduced to zero (0).
– Increase the amount of experience points you gain from any type of combat clothes by three (+3).
Prerequisite – Strength or Tenacity score of ten (10+)
Wild Counter (Talent)
– When making a Counter Maneuver, if you roll to strike a target(s) increase your natural result by two (+2T).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Willpower (Talent)
– Choose one (1) saving throw. You are especially proficient at using the selected saving throw. When making a check with the selected save you will score a critical on natural results of eight (8) or better.
– When making any check with the selected saving throw, roll 2d10, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower.
Wisdom of the Namekian (Talent)
– Increase the effects of all healing your receive by 1d8(T)
– When restoring Life Points to any other combatant increase the amount they receive by +1d6(T).
Prerequisite – Namekain Race

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