Talents – V

Versatile Z-Weapon (Talent)
– When using a Energy Focus Signature Technique, you can give your attack one (1) additional Weapon Quality. Moreover, at the start of each turn when you pay the activation cost for your Energy Focus attack you can change any of its Weapon Qualities.
– Increase Strength and Potency scores by one (+1)
Restriction. Energy Focus Signature Technique, Z-Blade Specialist
Vigor (Talent)
– When you reach a wound threshold, your soak value is increased by two (+2T).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Vital Shot (Talent)
– When using any ballistic weapon double the maximum range the weapon can be shot.
– Once per round, you can spend one (1) additional action when making an attack to hit your target’s vital point. Roll 2d10 and select the highest result, add the selected result to the Strike roll for the attack. If you successfully strike the target, roll 2d10 and select the highest result, add the select result to the Wound roll for the attack. While using Vital Shot you gain the combat condition Guard Down. You can use Vital Shot in conjunction with the Dead Shot talent by spending one (1) additional action when you strike your target with Dead Shot. This additional action does NOT gain the effects of Dead Shot itself.
Prerequisite – Dead Shot Talent, Insight Twelve (12+)

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