Talents – U

Under Pressure (Talent)
– Once per combat, when you fail a stress test, you may spend ki points to automatically pass the failed test. You can spend an amount of ki points equal to your Transformation’s current stress test value multiplied by two (x2) to automatically pass a failed stress test.
– Reduce the number of rounds from stress exhaustion caused by the transformation by one (-1).
– When rolling a Stress Test increase your Dice Score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Surging Strength Talent
Undying determination (Talent)
– When you reach zero (0) life points make a steadfast save. If you fail, nothing will happen. If you pass the check, you will immediately take a out-of-sequence turn. Pause combat and carry out your bonus turn. Increase your actions by one (+1) during your bonus turn. Combat will resume after your turn is finished.
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Fortitude Talent

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