Talents – T

Taunt (Talent)
– Use one (1) action to taunt all enemies with six (6) squares of you. Active Opposition Cognitive saves, you will roll once and compare your results against each target’s result. Target(s) wins they are unaffected, any target that loses is considered a Taunted Target. The effects of Taunt last two (2) rounds. Taunted is considered a Debuff for rule purposes.
– Taunted Target’s damage is reduced by one-fourth (1/4) when attacking any other combatant, but you.
Prerequisite – Personality eight (8+)
Transforming Initiative (Talent)
– Once per combat, when your transformation you gain one (+1) additional action to spend by the end of the current round.
– Once per combat, when you transform reroll your initiative, when you roll your new initiative increase your dice score by +1d8(T). If your new initiative is equal to your less than your current initiative you will gain the combat condition Superiority until the end of the round.
– Increase your initiative by two (+2T).
Prerequisite – Improved Initiative Talent, Overwhelming Transformation Talent, Agility ten (10+)
Trigger man (Talent)
– At the beginning of a combat encounter, after the initiative has been established and before the first round starts, you may make one (1) out-of-sequence ballistic attack without any modifiers. When making the attack the target counts as having the guard down combat condition. This attack cannot be used if there has been a surprise round. The attack also doesn’t count towards diminishing defense.
– Increase the dice score of all wound rolls made for range weapons by two (+2T).
Prerequisite – Gunslinger Talent

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