Talents – S

Saiyan Tail Resistance (Talent)
– A Saiyan’s tail no longer causes them agonizing pain when squeezed. An enemy grabbing your tail has no effect. Ignore the rules for grabbing a Saiyan’s tail when your character’s tail is grabbed.
– While using the Alternate Form Great Ape reduce the effect of Bulky by two (-2), this can reduce its effects to zero (0) , at which point you can ignore the ability.
– Increase any single attribute score by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Saiyan Race, Tenacity score eight (8+)
Second Wind (Talent)
– Once per combat encounter you can spend one (1) additional action to perform a Surge Maneuver. You can use either Healing surge or Power surge ability when using second wind.
Prerequisite – Personality score eight (8+)
Sharpshooter (Talent)
– When using a ballistic weapon, your target does not gain any benefits from cover or any bonus to their dodge at long range.
– Before you roll to make a ballistic attack, you can choose to take a negative five (-5T) penalty to your strike roll. If you do, increase the damage of your attack by +1d8(T).
Prerequisite – Trigger Man Talent
Stealth Strike (Talent)
– Once per turn, you can make an Agility (Stealth) check against a target. (See Core Rules – Conceal) If you are successful, the target is considered to have the Guard Down combat condition against your next attack. Stealth Strike count as an instant maneuver and can be used in conjunction with other maneuver
Prerequisite – Stealth Proficiency Rank – Trained
Struggle (Talent)
– If you are out of Ki Points you can make two (2) free basic physical attack a round. These free attacks still require Attack Maneuvers, but they do NOT require you to spend any Ki Points.
Prerequisite – All Attributes five (5+)
Style Expert (Talent)
– Select ballistic, energy, magical or physical attack type. When rolling to wound with the selected attack type decrease the natural result requirement to score a critical roll by one (-1).
– Increase any single attribute score by two (+2).
Prerequisite – Archetype Focus Talent
Surging Strength (Talent)
– Once per round, as an instant action, you may spend an amount of ki points equal to double a transformation’s current stress test value. When you do you will gain the benefits of that Transformation for the remainder of your turn, afterward you will return to your normal state. You do not counting as falling out of a transformation or suffer from stress exhaustion using Surging Strength.
– You can pay triple the cost of a transformation’s current stress test in ki points instead and you can stay in the form for the rest of the round. During subsequent rounds you will follow the normal transformation rules.
– Increase all stress test dice scores by one (+1).
Prerequisite – Tenacity, Potency or Personality score ten (10+)
Swaggering Wager (Talent)
– Once per combat, you may select one (1) of the following restrictions. After three (3) complete rounds have passed, at the start of your next turn, remove the restriction and gain the combat condition superiority to all your actions until the end of your turn. When using Swaggering Wager increase the effects of superiority by an additional (+1d6).
One. You are limited to the amount of limbs you can fight with, you suffer a negative two (-2T) to all combat rolls.
Two. Reduce the number of actions you can perform during your turn to a maximum of two (2).
Three. You cannot wager ki points for any reason and you can not use any signature or magical techniques.
Prerequisite – Personality score ten (10+)

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