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Potential of Shinjin (Talent)
– Increase the number of times you can use the Racal Trait Celestial Potential per combat encounter by two (+2T).
Prerequisite – Shinjin Race
Power of the Z-Warrior (Talent)
– Once per combat encounter, you can change the natural result of one (1) d10 to the natural result of ten (10). This will causes you to score a critical result.
– You can NOT change a solid dice, however, you can use this Talent to ignore the results of a Botch result. Simple add the natural result value to your dice score when ignoring Botch results.
Prerequisite – All Attributes ten (10+)
Powered Strike (Talent)
– When rolling to strike, you can reduce your strike modifier to increase your wound dice score by an equal amount. Until the start of your next turn your strike modifier is reduced by the same amount.
Prerequisite – Strength or Potency or Spirit score ten (10+)
Practiced (Talent)
– If you are asked to make a skill check, you can add two (+2T) to the skill check dice score.
– When making any skill check, roll 2d10, selecting the highest natural result and discarding the lower.
Practiced Eater – (Talent)
– When using the Majin racial trait Assimilation any target you adsorb is not automatically rejected after three (3) rounds. Instead the target gains one (+1) bonus to their Cognitive saving throw each round they are assimilated until they escape the assimilation by winning an opposed Cognitive check. When a target escapes they count has having been rejected for rule purposes.
– Reduce the damage you suffer when a target is rejected from +1d10 to +1d6, do this for reach tier of power reached.
Prerequisite – Majin Race, Assimilator
Primordial Control – (Talent)
– Increase the attribute bonuses you gain from the Alternate Form Pure Form by one (+1T),
– Increase the dice bonus of Primordial Power by one category higher and reduce the increase to the Stress Test value of Pure Form from Primordial Power by one (-1).
– You can choose to end the Alternate Form Pure Form at will. Additionally, when randomizing for Out of Control you only attack an Ally on a Dice Score of ten (10).
Prerequisite – Majin Race, Assimilator
Pursuit of Knowledge (Talent)
– Select one (1) skill you are proficient with. When making a skill check that involves the selected skill, you score a critical on a natural result of eight (8) or higher.
– When using non-proficient skills you add two (+2T) to your dice score.
Prerequisite – Practiced Talent

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